Friday, August 18, 2017

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

This Was Her Finest Hour

I never thought it would be possible for one person to totally destroy a political party through one piece of political stupidity but Materia Tuerei has proved it can be done.

Tonight's Colamr Brunton poll delivered the execution of the toxic greens.

All I can say now is that a Nat/NZ1st coalition would be preferably to a Labour/NZ1st coalition. (cough cough splutter)

But wait.

There's a lot of water to flow under the bridge before there is an election.


and her soft cock poodle (now lone) leader.   In just over a month you have taken the Greens from a position of kingmaker to out of Parliament.

For that you deserve a gold medal in the clusterfuck Olympics.

I mean who thought this would happen.   Bit like the Bahamas trashing Team USA's  4x400 metre relay team in the 2012 London Olympics.

Our good friend Psycho Milt will be crying in his cornflakes but defending the indefensible is never a good look.


Labour, Winston First and the Greens are all committed, to a greater or lessor degree, to imposing a tax on something they don't own and, in doing so, are opening the doors to Maoridom to demand a slice of the action they they don't own either.

This policy made on the hoof and with no-one prepared to put a number on it has the potential to severely undermine our agricultural and horticulture industry (and that's just for starters).

OK, this isn't an issue for Labour as in their lexicon farmers are all 'rich pricks' and they know they are about as welcome in rural New Zealand as a pork chop in a Synagogue.

Consider this ... in another life Mrs Veteran and I owned a small holding of prime market gardening land just outside Pukekohe.    In farming the land we drew our water from the town supply.   Our next door neighbours were not so fortunate.    They had their own bore.    Under Labour's policy our water would not be taxed while our neighbours would be.   Perhaps some apologist from planet Labour might take the trouble to explain the equity in that.   Silly me, I forgot, tax town supply and you're taxing Labour voters ... question answered.

But I repeat yet again ... this has nothing to do with helping to preserve the environment and everything to do with auctioning off your birthright to Maori in search of votes.



I understand anyone who admits or suggests Simon 'Bill' English may not be the next elected Prime Minister will be liable for a good kicking.

But he has an unusual ability to give his opponents and their allies in the Media Party mud in quantity to throw at him.
He mismanaged Todd Barclay's  clearly  'beltway' contretemps. Buying or even attempting to purchase peace will inevitably become sticky,  just like "The Tar Baby" as Aarron Smith is being forced to confront today.
Elevation by appointment from a predecessor, even one so protected as Sir John Key, has an air of denial of due process. Those still standing and willing to continue may well have a contrary opinion to that of a departing General.
The National Party who have consigned too much of their foundation declarations to file thirteen, have a long tradition of moving on from losers and in 2002 Simon was a biggest loser by any measure.
Yes he presented a very laudable and in the minds of many, marketable traits as 2ic and finance guru in the Key Government, but there were many measures taken, that dismayed some who remember and hold dear, the noble and still appropriate words in the first declaration of the people who formed National from The United party under George Forbes and The  Reform party led by Gordon Coates in 1936, to gain the treasury benches in 1949 under Syd Holland.

“To promote good citizenship and self-reliance; to combat communism and socialism; to maintain freedom of contract; to encourage private enterprise; to safeguard individual rights and the privilege of ownership; to oppose interference by the State in business, and State control of industry”. 

Not quite Declaration of Independence but not bad as an initial statement of intent for an emerging right of center political movement formed from previously warring factions clinging by their fingertips, sometimes with support from the natural enemy, NZ Labour, who in 1935 buried both the United and Reform Parties.
The two electorally devastated groups who realised divided they fell, joined up a year later as National, first under Adam Hamilton then Holland.

Note there are no references to separatism, need for the state to save the country, need for social advance by government intervention. It was classic "do what you can do for your country".
I am guessing they assumed within the social rules of, self reliance, personal responsibility, sensible approach to advancement by work and enterprise, and personal pride, with established care for the disadvantaged, such matters would follow.

I am wondering if Mr English or any of his current supporters and colleagues  have recently critically read those principles as flirting with the left becomes survival mode under MMP
Dodger and a growing number of his acquaintance and close circle are more than a little dismayed at where our country is headed.
A two state solution although a little more achievable under a majority in NZ  who see having an elite race based group reaching out for every opportunity as nothing to worry about when compared to the zero chance of succeeding in Modern Israel, it is not the way forward here.

Immigration from lands with very divergent cultures with an accompanying total lack of any desire to integrate , merely wanting a  new land to continue traits that failed miserably where they came from and led to a search for better.

Minimalising sometimes destructive outcomes from a softening approach to crime against the law abiding, driven by costs and modern thinking opposing imprisonment as a legitimate sanction.

Taxes targeted at sectors of commerce arbitrarily designated by political parties have no place in a society that claims success as a multicultural democracy.

Shameless vote  buying replacing strategic economic planning where tax relief for 'families' holding down what should be natural wage growth, becomes entrenched in the economic fabric while those artificially low wages are then targeted by raising minimum wage levels by fiat with no regard for value of labour, cost of living and social desires, merely sustaining further Bureaucratic stupidity.

Picking winners whether potential political support, commercial activity, or any other judgment based guessing might have an attraction but is garbage best left to the more desperate. Mr English with a foray into the widely assumed and accepted independence of the Reserve Bank Governor has just handed his opposition  another baseball bat over criticism of LVR settings

John Key was in a very good position to make known a preference for who should follow him but I remain unconvinced as a voter, out of the beltway, he was entirely correct and am still to be convinced.

Scaremongering generated by assessing the quality of the alternative is not a great basis to decide what a fickle electorate might wish to see happen. It will only dilute  thinking that should be more strategic.

When  an alternate leader is given brownie points for youth, TV presence, and alleged good looks, another is similarly talked up because of manipulative skills and longevity, while a third potential leader for our country is disgraced due to admitted welfare fraud and replaced by a shadow, we should all be very worried.

If  NZ's very own Mr Joyce is the best National could appoint as campaign director after his clear and damaging failure in managing an already serious series of failures in Northland that led directly to  Lazarus for Johnnie Walkers best mate, The National Party needs to have a total review of their process and look seriously at a reassessment of the thinking from 1936.
Should that result in different principles from a discovery that out of date thinking is no longer fit for purpose, then set out a new one.
At least that will have a potential to proclaim what they pretend to believe for consideration by the voter.


State TV has appointed Mike Hosking as their man in the middle for the upcoming "debates" (advisedly) in the lead up to the September Election.

A decision that has aroused opposition from many,  even to a petition calling for a change of facilitator of over 40k signatures.

Hosking has never claimed to be a Journalist and too much of the chorus of discontent has emanated from that quarter,  he does have a degree of ability as a host in Radio and State TV underpinned by his holding of the leading breakfast  position for Newstalkzb in a very cluttered landscape.
Hosking also holds a half share in fronting the State TV slot that follows the evening infotainment hour, loosly described as "current affairs"

He is too often claimed to have a right of center bias which may well have a basis but politically motivated, not imho, conservative beliefs yes and so far that is not criminal.
Sans a university parchment he has climbed up through the ranks of radio in the main, on merit and his appointment to fill the hole left by Paul Holmes had an air if inevitability about it.

As a leading light in a stable of sometimes variable talent his appointments were also largely predictable.
For evidence to support the socialist view of his credentials or lack thereof, and his open approach to current affairs his post 8.00am  slot this morning was pure class.
As a slap in the face of the whinging glass half empty brigade he interviewed a young man who has done what countless others have done unheralded and rarely publicised in complete contrast to the over-riding meme that it is just too hard for young citizens c2017.
His subject left school at 17, went to work and joined Kiwi saver.
By 24 years of age he owned a house near Templeton on the outskirts of Christchurch at a cost of under 400k.
Did he have trouble finding work, no.
Had he always had a job, again no, he had times when by choice he did not have work.
Had it been hard, yes in particular when trying to convince Bank loan managers he was a suitable risk to become a borrower.
Had he missed out on things, yes but he had set goals so such expenditure had to either fit in or it caused an interruption to his basic aims.

So by dedication, sticking to a goal, and running his life within a disciplined parameter he had overcome much of the whining drivel that most modern journalists and their fellow socialist luvvies have signed up for as daily parade of failure for the missing million.
That young man was not so different from many of my peers and mates in  doing without to get ahead.
Hosking, in making that young man a featured part of his Thursday Breakfast show, punched a big hole in what many if not most of his critics have as a belief system to prop up their much more clearly defined and exhibited left of center bias.
No one owed that young man anything but there were sufficient opportunities and options available to allow him to succeed

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Not a shrink just the dosh.

Back in May 1948, on Saturday the 22nd, I was traumatised by a 6.4 quake near Hanmer Springs a few Kms West of my home followed five minutes later by another quake of 6.2 centered a bit further away to the opposite compass point near Cheviot, both at around 12 000 meters deep I was very very scared in fact so scared  I have no recall of much on that day.

No body died but many houses had bricks  from internal chimneys crashing through roofs and ceilings then smashing floors.

Now sudden noises make me scared all over again.

I know Ms Ardern is going to find more money for recovery for traumatised children, someone said 30 millions and so now I am well into my second childhood, please help me.

ps I am Maori, old, cant work, no friends and it was very wet here on Monday, that was so scary as well.

Second Test Failed

Where are all the lefties who loudly proclaimed Donald Trump as unfit to be president due to lack of experience?  They seem extraordinarily quiet in the fact of Miss Jacinda's latest faux pas.

Will someone please tell Miss Ardern that it is neither smart nor prime ministerial to call the foreign minister of your largest trading partner a liar when your own lot has been caught out interfering in her country's political affairs.

Would that someone also give her some rudimentary lessons in diplospeak - the language wherein 'false claims' is the common euphemism for 'lies.'

If it comes to a cat fight, Bishop will gobble her up and spit out her remains in five minutes flat.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

How The Media Reports

In a pretty significant move, North Korea has backed off it's announced plan to attack Guam.

This is he first time in recent weeks months or years I can recall Mr Kim Jong taking a step back.  Here's how the event is being reported:-

The Wall Street Journal

North Korea pulled back its threat to attack a U.S. territory, after days of trading increasingly bellicose rhetoric with U.S. President Donald Trump, and hours after China took its toughest steps against Pyongyang to support U.N. sanctions.


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been briefed on a plan to fire missiles towards the US Pacific territory of Guam, state media says.
But the report said he would watch US actions before making a decision on "the enveloping fire at Guam".
Last week, the North said a plan was being drawn up to fire four missiles into the sea off Guam, where US bombers are based.

New York Times

Story ignored.


Washington Post 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un appeared to take a step back from the brink of nuclear war Tuesday, when state media reported that he would “watch a little more the foolish and stupid conduct of the Yankees.”

NZ Herald

Repeats Washington Post piece.

It's pretty easy to see which media organisations are not at all keen to give the Americans any credit. 
Perhaps it is just possible that tough language is the only language bullies understand.


Barnaby was bad enough.

Poor old Deputy Prime Minister of Straya, leader of the Nationals in Federal Politics, has been caught up in the turmoil of citizenship rules as to who can sit in the big house in Canberra.

Not only did the framers of the foundation of Federation over a century ago write down that prospective MPs and Senators need to be true Aussies they also proscribed foreigners and persons holding Dual citizenship.
In a country few equal as Immigrant settled hence with built in opportunity for doubt.

Since last year when the self made natural leader of the Liberals who managed to take a substantial majority he took over from Tony Abbott, to a knife edge one seat plurality in the lower house, he also failed spectacularly to make any progress in reducing the blocking of an intransigent Senate. He did manage to remove some ratbags who Julia Gillard managed to garner support from by using verging on  corrupt means, including manipulating a treasonous Liberal elected  MP to become her Speaker, thereby removing an opposition vote in the hung parliament of  2010.
Turnbull did manage to strengthen other cross bench Senators though under banners held aloft by Xenophon and good old Pauline Hanson who aren't averse to side with the Green/Labor cabal along with sporadic support from other assorted "independents" playing their various games.

Nine months on and still emerging are cases of dodgy citizenship for MPs, first to fall were two Green Senators
First NZ born Scott Ludlam followed within hours by Queensland Senator Larissa Walters born in Canada of Australian parents and brought to what she always regarded as her homeland as a baby.
Well too many of the ruling coalition made too much of that because very soon a cabinet minister, National MP Matt Canarvan had a phone call from his Australian born mum who gave Matt a heads up that he might have a wee problem. Mum had taken advantage of her parents Italian heritage and  become a dual citizen, Honest Matt claims  total ignorance from him she had included her son in her move.
Then the latest bit of embarrassment from the ongoing saga has Deputy PM Barnaby in the poo because he has a New Zealand Dad. So what, Barnaby was born in Toowoomba a city in the Darling Downs in the same delivery suite his Mum emerged into the world from and on his mums side claimed five generations of True Straya.  The guy raises an Australian flag outside hisNew  England home every day he is there.
However all of no use because good old NZ awards its citizenship to all born of their male citizens and Barnaby is therefore a dual citizen

We have heard far too much mainly due to Crim hugging by Kelvin Davis, recently elevated to temporary Deputy to the eighth leader since Lange, going on about Australia deporting Bad Buggers back to NZ. It is clear by and large Australian leaders place a much higher value on their citizenship than many others, NZ included. It appears a NZLP source blew the whistle to create Barnaby's situation that is now rather serious. In fact it is bugger  with a capital B.

While too many of our media are indulging themselves in kicking a Turnbull problem while it bleeds they are perhaps missing an important, to me anyway, relevant fact.
With serious constraints for our young people wishing to advance themselves via an OE in UK, US,  Australia and elsewhere, opportunities for entry are increasingly fraught but it seems lil ol NZ is an  easy mark.
Perhaps that is the real issue that WE face.

Hell the pricks in Aus immigration could deport old Barnaby back here to a warm welcome from our shiny new Deputy PM.

Meanwhile with a Lower house advantage of one seat Mal is hanging tough and the disputes are being sent to the High Court for a ruling,
Mal, well he trundles on to his execution by a thousand cuts and sadly for Straya his likely successor is almost as loathed, that as they say, is another story


Raging like a bushfire, Straya has a stoush because pairs of blokes want their own Mothers in law  plus pairs of sheilas wanting to be married in an apparent flipping the bird to the way marriage evolved over time as an appropriate  social construct for creating, raising and protecting children.
Lots of pinhead dancing though and the stoush is being sustained because the Libs went to the last election with a promise to have the matter resolved by a plebiscite involving all voters, a move prevented after the election late last year by Labor and some cross bench idols in the senate, and now being whiteanted by a few queer Libs and a Labor party wanting to destroy more of Turnbull's credibility by forcing a vote in the parliament on same sex 'marriage' in total rejection of the electoral pledge.
Of course such "breaking" of electoral commitment is normally cause for hanging, this time it is somehow different

Now for ordinary straight couples being declared "married" by a reformist statute after a qualifying time of living in sin, by-passing the need for a bit of paper with easily avoidable contractual obligations, merely proclaimed by a celebrant or a padre ,  was imho a step forward in social progress in an increasingly secular state. Not a biggy certainly for a society that has had the good old registry office option available since, well it seems for ever really.
However for all  the others, gender confused and LGBT citizens needing all the trappings and expense of a "wedding" to give an additional degree of status to a couple who are biologically denied child creation within their relationship, is somewhat unnecessary by many still.
Of course as nearly all the shills, desirous of a fundamental and in the eyes of many a corrosive step to destruction of "the Family", jostle for relevance, there is an elephant involved.

Another marker for  modernity for the elite over there, is highlighted and displayed by  the embracing of ethnic diversity, no better exposed  than by Islamic immigration by many with a desire to change everything once held sacred in their chosen new homeland. Diversity disappears quick smart to be replaced by their way or the highway.
The clerics who lead the Islamic drive to enter the Lucky Island to our west have a rather extreme view of poofs and dykes, So extreme in the view of many adherents, such deviants need to be beheaded or if that is a bit messy,  blindfolded and told to escape by running to freedom. Too bad they are running from a second floor window and no safety net in place.  That's for men discovered with such deviant desires.  For the sheilas so inclined,  buried up to their necks alive and have their  brains pulped with a barrage of stones. All quite effective in that recidivists  are very very rare.
With areas of Straya  becoming enclaves of muslims with a  minimal inclination to assimilate, how will same sex hitching be viewed in Sharia. Those hell bent on being so politically correct it seems a road block too easily avoided by  mental  gymnastics but still having a religious impediment difficut to ignore without a degree  of deliberate intent.
Not much debate around such inconvenient matters it seems, Same sex coupling and Sharia are a bit of a hurdle however viewed.

Mind, the increasing disregard for sanctity and honourable attitude apparent in some views on modern marriage, I wont be surprised when someone wants a Marriage ceremony to cement their relationship with their horse, dog or even car.

Monday, August 14, 2017

North Korea - The End Game

Dr Kissinger's analysis is astute.

He sees an end game whereby the current regime is displaced by the US, Japan and South Korea and China is guaranteed control of what is left of North Korea.

The most significant development is the announcement by China that in the event of a North Korean attack on the US or any of its territories, China will remain neutral.

My guess is the US will quietly let China know that it cannot wait to be attacked before acting and that in the event it attacks North Korea, it will happily agree to China taking control of the country, with heaps of food aid from the US for the North Korean survivors..

I don't see any need for the US to deploy nuclear weapons.

Such a result would be a major triumph for President Trump.


So, you've made it clear you're going to tax water and give some of that tax to Maori to compensate them for something they don't own.

But you won't tell us the rate of that tax.   You are asking for the electorate to give you a blank cheque and, in doing so, you're  treating voters with contempt.   Whats so wrong with the great unwashed having the information to allow them to make an informed decision?

The answer from Labour ... we won't give you the number because if we did it would provide an attack line for National.   What piffle ... what arrogant socialist piffle.

Consider this ... What would be the reaction if National had gone into the election promising tax cuts but refusing to put a number on them ... answer, their announcement would have been treated with derision and quite rightly so. 

We're entitled to hold Labour to the same standard ... hold on, silly me ... I forgot,  informed decisions and Labour are a dirty word.  What are 'they' hiding ... what won't they tell us?   C'mon Labour, honest up.

Updated #1 ... this policy (so called) made up on the hoof and which taxes something the Government doesn't own unravels by the day.   Consider this ... water taken from the aquifer and bottled and sold will be taxed.   CocaCola NZ which takes its water from the town supply is exempt (for now).   Fizzy drinks not taxed, pure water taxed ... and this from a Party which rabbits on about childhood obesity.   

Even God Makes Mistakes

Yes, that's right.

It is reported widely that Hillary Clinton is set to become a pastor.

She has all the right attributes for a televangelist.

  • Recently crucified one black day in November 2016.
  • Expert at shaking down millions from mugs.
  • For enormous fees she'll offer her services to the likes of Swaggart, Shuller and Tamaki.
  • For decades has led a life of celebacy.  Her husband was unable to be in two places at once.
  • She will spend endless hours confessing her sins.


This am on Hosking, 'Simon Says' proclaimed National favoured Tradeable rights as a mechanism

Sort of like the Allocated "water right to extract" lawfully awarded to a title of land in the Ashburton Borough area of The District council by the Regional Council subsequently traded to a company who desired to extract and bottle water from  a plant established on the 4 Ha block.

That is so clear Simon, now what does Santa Findlason say as regards our earlier settlers, oh that is right he suggests that any mechanism that creates a value on water that might be interrupted on its entirely predictable return journey from the atmosphere will require the whole ToW to begin again because Iwi, that shadowy but difficult to engage extra layer will need some of the action preferably in negotiable permanent folding paper.
Gravy with that Sir/Madam.


Any chance Cindy or any other of the recently elevated to expert status on water could come up Alzheimer's Valley and take most of it away, it is becoming somewhat tiresome and I understand there are foreigners lining up to bottle it.
Untreated, slightly discoloured but clearly full of essential vitamins and minerals and so Green it would take your breath away but now it is not breath it is freakin dihydrogen oxide and very much in surplus to current requirements.

ps Dont send Dodgy Parker his current form suggests he would struggle to merely spill a glass half empty of the stuff.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Yesterday a much respected Vietnam veteran (NCO) dropped by our place.   He was returning from Whangarei where Professor Ron Paterson, the person appointed to head the review into the Veteran's Support Act 2104, had been conducting a workshop into how the Act might be improved.

To say that my friend was disappointed in the meeting would be an understatement.   He said the Professor was met with a barrage of abuse, none of it constructive.   My assessment is that most veterans are happy to get on with their lives and are grateful for the additional assistance available to them from Veterans' Affairs New Zealand (VANZ) ...  acknowledging that of course, VANZ can always do better.    A small minority believe that each and every ill that has ever befallen them is directly attributable to their military service and that they deserve to be compensated for those setbacks in life with lotto style numbers.    They were the ones who dominated the meeting.

It is unfortunate that the vocal minority steals the limelight.   In some respects veterans are their own worst enemies in attempting to overplay their hand.   My informant said that he asked the Professor what he had learned from the meeting.   His reply ... "not much".    Sad, really sad.

Ho Ho Ho

The Week That Was

Last week President Trump's approval rating rose by eleven points which is a more than significant increase. (Rasmussen uses a rolling three day index.)  Coincidentally, this happens to be the same week in which the US, Australian and NZ media dialed up to max plus one their strident portrayal of trump as a maniacal war monger.  Funny that

(If the media's idol Obama was still in the White House, by now he would have sent his dope Kerry over to Pyongyang with a forty foot container stuffed full of US currency along with blue prints for a miniature nuke and instructions for fitting same to an ICBM.  This would be portrayed as Obama's Great Negotiation to go alongside his outstanding Iran deal.)

What does that tell you about the media?

There was a slew of stories (opinion of course) written by armchair generals, of how Armageddon would unfold.  Every one of them had a nuclear holocaust as its central theme.

What does that tell you about the media?  A great example of the reporting being directly contravened by concurrent events or, more precisely, events contradicting the chosen narrative..

For what it's worth, I can't see how a nuclear attack on North Korea could be anything but enormously counter-productive.  If you nuke the embedded artillery threatening Seoul you destroy half of the city at the same time and kill off the other half with radiation poisoning.  Isn't that the doctrine of 'destroy the village to save the village'?  I suspect the US, Japan and South Korea between them  possess sufficient specialised high explosives to bet rid of the threat without recourse to atomic weapons.

But hey, look on the bright side.  If the Norks Nuke Los Angeles the Democrats lose half a million voters.

Yes that's it.  Here's tomorrow's next headline from the New York Times:-

"Trump Colludes With China To Nuke Democrats"

Saturday, August 12, 2017


So, you've made it clear you're going to tax water and give some of that tax to Maori to compensate them for something they don't own.

But you won't tell us the rate of that tax.   You are asking for the electorate to give you a blank cheque and, in doing so, you're  treating voters with contempt.   Whats so wrong with the great unwashed having the information to allow them to make an informed decision?

The answer from Labour ... we won't give you the number because if we did it would provide an attack line for National.   What piffle ... what arrogant socialist piffle.

Consider this ... What would be the reaction if National had gone into the election promising tax cuts but refusing to put a number on them ... answer, their announcement would have been treated with derision and quite rightly so.  

We're entitled to hold Labour to the same standard ... hold on, silly me ... I forgot,  informed decisions and Labour are a dirty word.  What are 'they' hiding ... what won't they tell us?   C'mon Labour, honest up.


Amidst all the sugar bashing and anti big corporates meme, Southern Bottlers possibly the largest producer of Plastic bottled water in this country will not incur the proposed Tax on Water because they draw urban water supplies.

I thought, obviously in error that Coca cola were public enemy number one in the later Battle of The Bulge now it seems such murdering bastards are to be exempted from inclusion with the robber barons who turn water into overseas funds by using cows

Clearly the Tooth Fairy didn't want her luvvies in Manurewa paying higher retail for their Fanta Coke etc but Milk, now that will be different.

You couldn't make this stuff up let alone find a media to publicise it for no charge.


Even Helen Clark in her more desperate moments resisted bringing The Melons into executive roles.

With more and more useful idiots crying out for a NEW direction by adopting GP c2017 covert communist policy desires, Me Tu gave the NZ voters a clear unequivocal heads up as to their actual unsuitability to be in government.

Stuff reports the Green  Party have rejected an overture from Kennedy Montrose Graham to be readmitted to caucus. One of only two current MPs with sufficient regard for the rule of LAW to demand the resignation as Co Leader  of Me Tu following her appalling admission of law breaking two decades ago.  Still arrogant and sans any admission of wrong doing in her desperate to feed her spawn activities, committing multi year, multi offence  frauds of gaining benefits by deception.
It took a threat from a normally very supportive RNZ checkpoint researcher seeking her comment, to make her see the lies had become too great in dragging in  her "Family ".  Close people she was so cavalier about tossing under a Bus about to be revealed by some who had had enough before she elected  to remove her ample arse from the next Parliament.

Now the people wait to see how Joe and Josephine Voter see it.
Clendon and Graham have their characters largely intact if not enhanced.
Jimmy 'Two Mums' Shaw is another matter entirely, fight with pigs in mud and getting very soiled is assured

ps on a related matter,  guess who popped up again on state TV infotainment last night for a third night running, none other than a very recognisable but as yet untainted by Me Tu's disaster, Red Russel, ex Banana Bender Communist. What would be the odds of that, come in  "Staffy". (Mark Stafford delivers odds in rugby match buildups)

Top That, If You Can

It is being reported that thanks to Madame Turei, the Greens have hemorrhaged environmental voters to TOP and socialist voters to Labour, leaving just a few commies at home.

They have effectively destroyed the facade which for years had the public conned into believing the Greens were an environmental party.

Thus it could be said that the Greens have Topped themselves.


The ARU from its bed in ICU has decided to cut the Perth based  Western Force from Super Rugby!

Western Australia has a much longer tradition in Rugby Union than the other candidate facing execution, The Melbourne Rebels and has in its corner a mining magnate who is backing a probable Supreme Court challenge.

Melbourne and wider Victoria have a spectacular history in sport, hell two flies on a window will draw a crowd in seconds, but not in union. Aussie Rules began in that state and still dominates today with clubs such as Essendon, Hawthorn, Collingwood, Carlton having tribal affiliations that make The Bloods and The Crips look pale as far as Passion is concerned
Yes Melbourne has great creds as a sporting mecca but again not for Union. The ARL club based there has succeeded beyond all expectations but it was created by money and was eventually tripped up when The NSW based ARL discovered creative accounting systems that underpinned their very quick success in winning allegedly the toughest competition in world sport.
 Western Australia has greater credentials for continuing as a leg of the Super Rugby experiment with a burgeoning South African population added to an already numerous NZ ex pat mob. Also en route from NZ and The Eastern states that host The Reds in Queensland, The Warratahs in Sydney and the scratch mob formed by the rejects from those two set up in Canberra who have been by far the more formidable outfit aptly named The Brumbies on the haul to The Republic

Going into Melbourne with the Rebels has caused a hiccup in Rugby development in the Lucky country. This year in an unenviable record setting new low standard, the Five ARU franchises have failed to win a single match against the five NZ teams. The Brumbies in a daft conference system gained a "Home Quarter Final" when their points gained in round robi were behind the Fifth NZ, Team The Blues.

Rugby Supremo Bill Culver has fallen on his sword but years too late, his last Hurrah being remembered as he slipped on the blood soaked floor as the removal of West Australia's franchise from Super Rugby.

Will the very strong rugby presence in WA end up Following The Kings and The Cheetahs from the now reduced South Africa Conference to play in Europe and accept the time zone facet.


Raymond Sinclair 'Ray' Tait, Distinguished Flying Cross, Chevalier (Knight) Legion d'honneur, Patron of the Russell RSA, passed away quietly yesterday.  

Ray was one of the last (if not the last) Bomber Command aircrew alive in New Zealand.   He flew with 75 (NZ) Squadron RAF and completed 36 missions over the Ruhr, Germany's industrial heartland and heavily defended.   On two occasions two out of the four engines on his Lancaster were shot out with the aircraft limping back to England.

After the war Ray became a farmer before retiring to Tapeka Point in the Bay of Islands to indulge his love of sailing.   Ray was a gentleman and a gentle man.   He was both knowledgeable and introspective.   He will be sadly missed by all.   His funeral is at Russell on Tuesday.    

Friday, August 11, 2017


The Australian Regular Army, in an attempt to narrow the gender imbalance, has put a hold on recruiting male soldiers.   Other branches of the ADF have closed off a number of trades to male recruits.

Far be it for me to criticize their decision but I will.   What arrant political pc bullshit.     I say this to the military hierarchy ... grow some balls ... stop being rolled by the feminazis.

And I say that as the rather proud father of one of the Navy's first female seaman officers.   Our daughter received no armchair ride and never sought it.   She was, I suspect, all the better for that.


It will only happen after the 23rd of September if the gods are willing.

Ngai Tahu enjoy a significant advantage over other commercial wannabees with their Tax Exempt status, based on a questionable Charitable constitutional aim created by our ruling elite.

It will be interesting should the so far very vague, so far targeted at public enemies at rates yet to be set , Tax on commercial Water users, be applied beyond the public enemies so far listed.

Say frinstance Generators sold by the awful corrupt Nats, using gazillions of liters of water to make electric. That could be a target almost as attractive as Turnbull's outrageous tax attack on the Big Five Aussie Banks.

Bbbbut should that come to pass then what about the water that tourist operators pass through the many hydro jet propelled boats propulsion systems. Flows that will be damaging many organisms in the clean green pristine waters of rivers and lakes  including The Shotover River that hosts Ngai Tahu's iconic Shotover Jet. An operation that seems to be a main event for pollies and other troughers to entertain visiting dignitaries.(pssst dont mention the fact they make truckloads of dosh doing it to boot)

So much to be decided and so little time, hang on that is the big attraction, I forgot, silly me.
Taxing bastards who put our water in plastic bottles and make enormous profits is all that needed to be said, eh. Oh and the evil greedy nasty Dairy farmers, they would never vote for us anyway.
Those with a passing knowledge of history know Dairy as a sector were a vital contributor to the election of the Savage mob who spawned the current chardonnay mob who seek to rule from Ponsonby cafes.


Viv is a contributor at Larry Pickering's Pickeringpost and today has a salutary little fable about what Premier Jay Weatheral has created  for his people in South Australia.

Having embarked on a collision course with economic disaster over sustainable energy, the price of electricity is not merely higher than almost every other populated place in the world it is dearer  by multiples.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Increasingly Irrelevant with errors and overt bias galore.

As is her wont, Swmbo is trying to get a handle on the days activities by watching the State funded TV infotainment hour.

I now know someone wants to mine, for commercial advantage, Iron Sands from the Sth Taranaki bLight!!!

I am also aware that for the second night running Greenpeace has again become "news" with an item fronted by the one time Poster boy for Queensland Communists who spent time in NZ  as a Co leader of a Party hoping to compete for seats in the Parliament now reduced to one unco leader
Also during this prime time for Advertising, a coincidental advert  employing  remarkably similar branding for that currently in deep sh*t  party, has Greenpeace advertising time in situ. Gee isn't that odd.

Then in a self promotion blurb for an investigation as to should "fitness facilitators" be forced to "PAY" to use public parks in pursuit of  a small attempt at self reliance.

Of course it wont be very long before another Hi Vis jerkin adorned clip board bearing neo fascist  wants to put a dog walker through interrogation as to are they making filthy lucre from walking some other person's dog in a designated  no fee dog exercise area funded by long suffering ratepayers.

WE wonder at the activity of Cell Phone toting "Beggars" polluting our streets???

A couple of years ago a local Plod, going by the moniker Gadget, threatened with an as yet not disclosed why, "ticket",  for a grand father with a past as a law abiding petrol head, now retired, who had his 4yo grandson on an otherwise totally vacant recreation ground in a very basic toy mini go cart under close supervision.

Tomorrow night will there be a next episode of how we are going to hell in a hand cart because we don't exercise, oh hang on it will be sugar first, maybe that will be next week's big item!