Thursday, July 28, 2016


As most wait for the super city response to the proposed draft unitary plan,  the little brain jumps in at the deep end in his ongoing search for the mirage that is the missing million voters.

"Affordable Housing" what the hell is that. Angry has no idea but he wants more to be provided in the unitary plan.

Here is the news you moron, what will come with the review of what will happen to the basic property  rights that will be freed up with the draft if it survives the collective idiocy of the statists who will finally decide.  People will build what they understand the market wants, to enable a mansion or  build one shitty conglomerate with five one room studios with a dunny in a wardrobe, some people will still not be able to buy a dwelling.

Yes years of mismanaged  administration has created a bubble in house prices. Scarce land, poor infrastructure and  a desire for many to come home or migrate to our beautiful country, have come together in a perfect storm, the absolute last thing we need by way of a response is to create slums where ferals with zero personal pride and an entitled attitude to be placed in a cheap house that will be a tip in weeks.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


from those who might claim that the two 'men' who slit the throat of Father Jacques Hamel as said said morning Mass at his church in Rouen were just mixed up individuals.

The fact that one of them, Adel Kermiche, had been twice arrested for trying to get to Syria and join IS; that after they killed Father Hamel they 'preached' a sermon in Arabic from the alter; that on exiting the Church they were screaming "Allahu Akbar"; that IS has claimed them as 'theirs' ... all of this is to be disregarded.   Islamic terrorism does not exit.

Well, go to it if you will.   Defend the indefensible.   Meanwhile my thoughts and prayers are with Father Hamel's extended family and to the people of Le Belle France.

Updated ... I see the attackers also managed to knife a Nun who is fighting for her life.     An octogenarian Priest and an elderly Nun and all in the name of radical Islam ... not bad for those big brave Yoofs.


Two reasons .... (1) I'll be 'wetting' myself in the pool at the Westin Denarau along with my Vvet mate from Perth, putting the world to right and doing our level best to boost the share price of Fiji Bitter (while our better halves compete for Gold Medals to see who can decimate our creditcards best) and (2) the 'Games' leave me cold.

The final straw for me was the decision by the International Olympic Committee to bow to political pressure and disregard the call by the World Anti Doping Agency for Russia to be banned from the Games following the publication of the McLaren Investigation which exposed beyond reasonable doubt (the criminal standard) a state run doping programme in Russia that undermines everything that Olympic sport is supposed to represent.

It is stands right now every medal won by a Russian competitor will be tainted.
The Games are tainted.    The whole Olympic ideal has been prostituted in favour of political expediency and greed which starts with a flawed bidding process and ends with the host country having to shoulder the cost of white elephant stadia replete with cost over-runs and back-handers to every man and his dog.

My solution ... the world community to build a permanent Olympic facility in Greece (the birthplace of the Olympics) and hold the games there.    Enforce the doping protocol with a vengeance.   Any athlete found guilty of doping should be banned permanently from the Olympics.    Their team (i.e the discipline) to be banned from competing at the following Games.    No ifs, buts or maybes.     Do that and I'm 'interested'.    Continue as is and more Fiji Bitter beckons.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Predator free by whenever???

Serious reductions in populations maybe.

Back in the day there was a call to arms to "GET THE LAST RABBIT". Every district in the lower rainfall areas had a "Rabbit Board" that met once a month usually in a local hotel where a bunch of farmers many of whom had a passion equal to an Israeli General to succeed as like the general, losing the war was the end finito as rabbits can breed exponentially and when food sources diminish there seems to be a serious lag in fertility drop.
There is very little conservation in the DNA of rabbits, they can eat just about any living vegetation including the bark of Matagouri, Pine trees and Briar all woody plants.

My earliest images of the rolling country across almost all of the McKenzie basin includes swathes of tussock now, unless under irrigation it is a moonscape of dust, briar and hyracium.
A few years later on a trip through, near Tekapo I thought the rolling hills had been cultivated, on stopping the car and getting out to inspect, the whole hill erupted in white tails as thousands of rabbits moved.

They never got close to that last rabbit and it took Calici Virus to make the latest attack on the numbers and that was done in an illegal act of importation of the banned substance as the cuddlies were never going to allow its introduction. Increasing pockets of immunity are now providing another round of concern.

Yes DOC in their OTT dreamworld might  have some success in reducing numbers but eradication will never happen unless a catastrophic infection vector can be introduced and good luck with that.
As numbers decline the survival instinct and Darwin will combine to enable the very low numbers to withdraw and  return when the next revision of the policy removes its foot from the throat.

twenty eight million will soon be eaten up with the committees and study groups who meet to talk about it and make it $280 000 000 and it will take a little longer. then try $3 000 000 000 and I am certain eradication wont happen, maybe a nuclear strike will work but I would still bet on a stoat and his missus surviving even that.

Yes DOC have managed eradication on small islands and some mainland locations behind a "Predator Free" fence but any of those will break down eventually as one pregnant female of any of the target species  is all it will take. Those successes have come at eyewatering costs and using lots of very cheap inputs.
Look at the regular outbursts as 1080 is employed as a tool, then there will be the many arguments over bykill and other collateral problems.


I thought the sight and sound of Ted Cruz being booed off the stage at the Republican Convention last week would be hard to beat but I was wrong.

But watching 2,000 Bernie Sanders supporters march through downtown Philadelphia on the way to the 'Philly' Convention Centre where the Democrats are meeting and all the while chanting "Jail Hillary" and clearly I was wrong  ....  you expect bruised egos from the losers in any sort of race, political or otherwise, but the underlying nastiness evident at both political conventions is evidence yet again of a paradigm shift in US politics.

I still think Hillary will be hard to beat but the CNN Poll released a few hours ago which shows Trump leading Clinton by 3 percentage points (48% to 45%) will be a considerable boost to the Trump camp.  

Monday, July 25, 2016


With his announced decision that he will be walking away from his Hutt South seat to stand as a List only candidate  in the 2017 election.    In doing so he has anointed himself to be Speaker in the event that pigs fly.

One suspects he is reading the tea leaves.   Hutt South has become 'gentrified'.    Once fortress Labour their majority has been steadily whittled away to the point where Mallard won the seat last time round by just over 700 votes while, in the Party vote, National creamed Labour by almost 7,000 votes.

Mallard has acknowledged National's Chris Bishop as an effective campaigner who has an established profile in the electorate and an office deep in the Labour Party heartland of Wainuiomata.      It is common wisdom that a good electorate MP (and Mallard is a good electorate MP) can attract a personal following of about 5%.   Without those votes Bishop would have probably won last time round.   Now they're up for grabs,   This seat will be one to watch on election night.

As for Party rejuvenation ... go figure.


It was a while ago now but there was a TV advert for butter where an inquiring young mind asked his Mum what was Butter made from to be told Cream from a pasture fed cow and a little salt. child then asked what was Margarine made from, Oh go ask your Dad he's the chemist.

The quadrennial Olympic circus starts in a few days and I simply do not care any more as the first person a competitor needs on their team is a freakin chemist.

Now performers need to have every advantage to win and diet, hydration, fitness and every aspect of preparation  must come together to prevail.
Sheesh how many NZ watchers were convinced when that Ukranian Lardo beat Valerie Adams four years ago, there was as much visual evidence for anyone with a passing interest to suspect it was a crock. Either the dumb bitch was too tight to have a chemist available or he/she /it  was a moronic retard.

World anti doping agency released a report recently that put the microscope on, in particular the Russian Federation.
Now their findings did not center on incompetence, idiocy, naivety or rat cunning by individuals it laid out a compelling case against a systematic national construct to have Russian competitors indulging in performance enhancing substances and a massive state enabling coverup that included the Russian security services up to their smelly hairy armpits in full on assistance during the Sochi Winter Olympics, even detailing their systems and actions.

Today when the IOC could have made a difference and stepped away from the scandalous behaviours we have witnessed from FIFA and other corrupt outfits that have tarnished almost all top level international sports administrations it was just another cop out

Did they do what was right, hell no they side stepped it and caved into Vlad the Exhaler, and the cacophony of very loud voices of sponsors.

I am an undisguised sceptic and I struggle to accept that Jamaica with its population just over half NZ's can field a formidable men's 400 metre relay team that can defeat the US with its access to the same genetics and in far greater numbers.

So to the grand egoes of the IOC and I include our very own Mike Stanley in that, you have no balls so retrieve them and bugger off, leave the space for people who can and must get the place cleaned up.
History is littered with mugs who thought they could survive drug abuse in their search for Olympic Gold and died doing it.

Our young athletes deserve better.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


The rather predictable news that the so called 'Auckland Peace Squadron' will be out in force on the Waitemata in November trying to block a US Navy ship from entering the harbour comes at no great surprise.

No matter that the ship will be part of an international naval flotilla comprising ships from over a dozen countries, including most Pacific rim states along with the United Kingdom and France, here for the sole purpose of participating in 'Operation Neptune' ... the ceremonies to mark the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Royal New Zealand Navy.

No matter that none of the ships will be nuclear armed or powered.   No matter that New Zealand's anti-nuclear legislation won't be compromised in any way, shape or form.   It's nothing more than some good old fashioned American bashing from a disparate group who see the United States as the embodiment of everything that is wrong in the world today.   For them Venezuela and North Korea represent the good guys standing up to the evil Uncle Sam.

And the media will of course lap it up ... and should anyone put themselves at risk and get hurt in making their protest then it will all be John Key's fault.   Much like the driver fleeing from police pursuit and crashing his/her car ... and it's all the police's fault.   Sigh.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


As events in this weeks atrocity in mainland Europe are eeked out of every official pronouncement, there seems to me to be some glaring omissions.

He had Iranian and German papers and it was Friday.

Now I know I am being very naughty but an Iranian is likely to have some links to Islam and Friday Prayers are sometimes what sends these peaceful lovely young men out to do things that are almost always totally unexpected.

Now if one was a mastermind of the ongoing carnage that seems to happen all too often on Friday, would it be too great a stretch to consider they might just consider there might be negatives should this weeks perp be launched from the local mosque and a bit of separation could be tactically advantageous.

Anyway he was probably just the next hungry yoof wanting to know where the nearest " Alley Snack Bar " is.


Had they prevailed and it was a genuine attempt to rein in a megalomaniac Islamist reinforcer with a dream of another caliphate based on Turkey, the Turkish Military who have been a traditional protector of Modern Turkey that emerged from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire, they could have been heroic, as it stands now the unannounced numbers will be facing Erdogan's concept of Justice.

Increasingly it appears the country that stands astride the notional boundary between Europe and the Orient whose leaders over the first eighty odd years of Mustapha Kemal Ataturk's  dream of a secular democratic nation that could bridge the cultural gulf that the Bosporus represents is another casualty.

Whether it was a genuine attempt at slowing Erdogan's Islamist goals or a cynical manipulation along the path of his deliberate and long term goals it will matter little.

Turkey has "PARTIALLY WITHDRAWN"  from its obligations and commitments under the European Human Rights convention.
I guess those in control must subscribe to the "little bit pregnant" school of semantics but for those who are to suffer for their part in the rather inept effort it appears executions will be a part.

It will be an interesting watch of the appeasers and enablers as they wrestle with such a two fingered salute to modern western democratic notions of trial and punishment.
It is beyond the living memory of Stalin's Purges of the ruling elite prior to WW2 that left his military so  dangerously exposed to Herr Schikelgrueber's conniving  duplicitous invasion of the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa. However a little reading of history will acquaint even the most simple that far too many foreign observers accepted what was in reality state murder of many innocents who were considered a threat by an increasingly paranoid soviet dictator. And Dictator is a fair summary of what Erdogan is being seen as today.

Is it time for the West to inform Mr Erdogan what he is doing is beyond their standards and end Turkey's increasingly comical ideas of becoming a nation in the comfortable security of the EU and for NATO to  tell them now they seem destined to be just another Islamic dunny so  they are on their own.



What ever your position on the mania that is Trump, it must be apparent to anyone with more than a million functioning brain cells that his drive for President of the US of A has turned out far better than most predicted.

A very partisan media have been a promotional asset as they continue to add numbers daily to those totally fed up with their shaping of world events as they continue to promulgate opinion in spaces that many still search for "News" as it used to be regarded.

Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Pauline Hansen, and in a very minor way our very own phenomena as delivered by the Peters Party have all embraced what has been so spectacularly successful for Trump.
He has picked the scab off a festering sore that is not of a "Silent Majority" more of a "frustrated fellowship,"  voters increasingly feeling alienated and ignored by political operatives and their slavish media enablers who all clearly understand they know best while delivering laws and bureaucracy that smothers, suffocates, frustrates and ultimately thwarts the natural drive for a citizen to better themselves.
Encapsulated in one word Welfare!

A Roc (right of centre) in my immediate circle, delights in reminding moi that I am just another bludging beneficiary, a charge that is entirely accurate but my pathetic defence is that since 1935 successive socialist governments, in their what began as a much needed safety net for those whose circumstances left them in need (as opposed to want), have purloined ever expanding money resources that a prudent member of society might accumulate for old age that is then  dispensed  as vote bait as and when necessary.
Unfortunately what locusts see as necessary has become burdensome and a significant contributor to the pus under the scab Trump has scratched.

One of the entrenched and entitled insiders, in a rather spectacular 'self immolation' at The Republican Convention in Cleveland Illinois took what could have been an opportunity for retrenchment and restocking for another tilt four years hence, at POTUS, to indulge his clear entitled view of his ego to put one last kick in the testicles of his nemesis.

In a graceless  self serving oration where he declined mostly to even mention Trump by name and ended without any form of endorsement of the person who won clearly the right to run under his party banner in pursuit of the ultimate prize,  Ted Cruz merely reminded everyone they might just have dodged one bullet while walking infront of many who do not want Trump either.
As a described Christian, his effort left many of what I accept to be admirable traits of the tenets of that faith in his dressing room before going out and destroying any chance of another campaign in front of the assembled who will be needed as foot soldiers.
Contrast that to Sanders with a fulsome  concession and endorsement for Clinton  after prolonging what was clearly the inevitable and made a serious strides to heal and restore the Democrat party even though he like Trump was a johnnie come lately to the party chosen as a vehicle for a move to the top job. Cruz OTOH was a lifelong Republican who had clawed and mauled his way to where he became regarded as the one most likely to succeed whether deserved or not.

Oi Eddie there is no I in team and your pathetic justification for your treacherous effort in the quadrennial opportunity to reach your fellow Republicans, that Trump crossed an imaginary red line with his alleged attack on your current squeeze Heidi, was just that, pathetic.
You might not have made any similar swipe at Trump but someone with your access to "Help" would have made arms length snide remarks about any and all opponents, such as those that emerged on Trumps love life and current super model  'trophy wife' Melania.
Listen to the band they are still playing the Trump March while you Eddie have sunk back into the primeval swamp that spawns almost all "pollies", he won you lost eat that.

Friday, July 22, 2016


has it that a certain deposed leader of a once great political Party now polling around the mid 20s mark has taken up with a new bit of 'fluff' after having jinked his better half (or had her jink him).

Problem for him is that said bit of fluff has one of those names that his Party have dumped on as causing all the problems in the Auckland housing market.

That won't endear him to his colleagues but then, when you're sixth from the bottom in the caucus ranking, it probably doesn't matter too much either.

Hat-tip to one of our regular readers for the heads-up.

Friday's Fulmination

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Thursday, July 21, 2016


Even I am surprised at the result .... National up 10% to 53.0%;  Labour down 2.5% to 25.5%; Green down 3% to 11.5%; Winston First down 2% to 7%; Maori Party down 1.5% to 0.5%; ACT up 0.5% to 1%; Mana  down 0.5% to 0.5%; Conservatives down 0.5% to 0.5%; United Future did not register.
Projected seats (assuming no change in electorate seats) ...  National 64; Labour 31; Green 14; Winston First 9; ACT 1; Maori 1; United Future 1 ... total 121 seats.
And all of this against a continued media driven barrage by the media about how NZL is going to hell in a handcart.   Some handcart.   Happy daze.


ComRes interviewed 1,000 people on behalf of BBC Radio 5 to see how they felt about the Brexit result 30 days on.

61% of those interviewed said that referenda should not be used to make major decisions on Britain's future.

12% said they had fallen out with family or a friend over the issue.

81% said that referenda could get people who don't usually vote interested in politics.

A higher proportion of Brexit voters said this was the first time they had ever voted.

5% of first time voters voted 'Remain'.

9% of first time voters were for Brexit.

Opinions will be divided on what that tells us.


Two unidentified North American men are near the top of the list of candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize.

One it is stated in his summary of support claims his Glock 9mm has been left in his den loaded on his desk and it has not moved or threatened any person for nine weeks and counting.

The second candidate is  a long haul owner driver who has put his  rig on blocks in its secure home base and vowed to leave it there to  reduce alarm and fear amongst  citizens just doing random stuff within the law

Meanwhile it is  rumoured  an Afro American policeman is trying to start a movement with "Hashtag lawful behaviour  matters", my sources are claiming that a rival outfit "Hashtag Kill the Cops" is getting more hits but some police wives and partners (ones they sleep with) are upset and trying to get Twitter to review its policy on harming good people.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Off The Air

Adolf will be away for ten days or so from tonight, pretty much out of range of the internet.

Lapping up the sun and soaking up the Fiji bitter.

Poor Legbut and David will have nothing to do.


For whatever reason I get to travel a lot.   Hotel living and Koru Lounges have long lost their glamour (if they ever had any to begin with).   What I do know is that the Bay of Islands Airport on touch down is something to be looked forward to.

For most of my travelling someone else picks up the tab.   My hotel room is charged back to whoever although I pick up the tab for other hotel expenses.
As it happens I avoid hotel meals and mini bar drinks like the plague so when I come to check-out it's very seldom that I have something to pay.

On check-in you are inevitably asked to present your credit-card which is then swiped.   When they do that it attracts a debit of $1 which is deducted from your account when you come to pay it.    But when you have nothing to pay ... the debit stands.  'They' do not automatically reverse it unless you ask ... bloody cheeky and, for the Hotel, it's money for old rope.  

A dollar is neither here not there.   It's the principal/principle that matters.


It is just plain murder
There is no 'honour' in killing someone  in what the nutters call an honour killing.

So a sister dresses a bit provocatively, a brother drugs her then murders her "to restore family honour"

No you sick bastard you murdered an innocent beautiful young woman and you can claim absolutely no honour in your deed.

Right up there with tossing blindfolded Homosexuals off a third story window, stoning a rape victim for adultery, treating marriage as a convenience and either supplementing a first wife with some home help or divorcing a wife who no longer appeals, all have no place in New Zealand Society.
Get a life, have a look around for your pride and beliefs for some inspiration and cease calling some murders as somewhat lesser crimes because the perpetrator follows some goat shagging sect preacher.

This is not some Somali, Pakistan Afghani shithole, so cease with the headlines and fairy tales that Honour has any justifiable place in our wonderful beautiful free country.


At the Republican convention Trump's trophy wife, a bit of eye candy I must say,  gives a speech.

I would suggest she had no part in creating its content and It would be wrong to believe she was not coached intensively in its delivery.

The daft media including our very own man child have leapt onto the Plagiarism apparent on Michelle Obama's efforts eight years ago.
There are only some ways to repeat what many saw as a masterpiece from Barry's chick so why would not some repetitive quoting not be a good move.
It is not as if good ole boy Billy will be able to follow that line and Hilliarys best friend and Saudi financed bit on the side wont have anything like the appeal to Trumps demographic.

Some suggested that the Clinton Foundation (please do some research on where that is funded from) is out spending Trump many times over but the daft Media give him endless click baits and just watch how many times "Trump" occurs in what pass for "News reports" on any given hour.
Entirely free and repetitive, priceless.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016



bland fluent talk indulged in to avoid addressing a difficult subject or situation directly:
"a simple admittance of ignorance was much to be preferred to any amount of flannel"
synonyms: smooth talk · flattery · blarney · blandishments ·

Tim Flannery is an academic who has created an undeserved status as a "Climate Change" advocate in The Lucky Country strangely it seems appointed by one Juliar Gillard to chair a Federal Commission on the matter
Just how difficult it must be to maintain such an oxymoronic, if not plain moronic, undeserved status is mind boggling in the extreme.
Flannery managed to convince many he was the guru when in spite of a serious deficiency in formal study of Climate, his achievements include Paleontology, Biology, Environment with his Phtt coming from a study of Roos, a big fat zero on climatology
As numbers grow of those who find the whole Global warming / Climate change /adverse weather event proliferation  a scam, people such as Professor 'Flannel' are exposed as the charlatans they always were.

Now I am in a group that those with their snouts deeply immersed in the sloshing mush love to try and denigrate with terms such as "Denialists" as if questioning the lack of clothing on emperors is really bad some how and nothing allowed as scepticism. I do not and never have denied that the world is warming, cripes not to notice that we can no longer skate across the Thames in January would take a special state of retard, but I am far from convinced that burning carbon particularly as fuel for travel and moving goods is going to lead to Armageddon any time soon. Wheras I do have some concerns around deforestation, veganism, and other fad manifestations.

Back in 2007 Flannel said this;

So even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and our river systems, and that’s a real worry for the people in the bush. If that trend continues then I think we’re going to have serious problems, particularly for irrigation.

This winter in NSW they have enjoyed well above average rainfalls with Sydney's Main Dam at Over 98.8% full, most of the state has enjoyed over 200% above average rainfall for June with some inland areas enduring over 400 % in what is claimed to be the wettest on record.

I have no knowledge of what rainfall is, currently in the Central North Canterbury Drought area that is approaching a third summer of serious rainfall deficit.
I can state that the first season I farmed on my own account in the heart of that area back in 1969/70 June to June we had only 13 inches or 325 mm when an established district average as compiled over many years by local  Ted Whyte ran at around 24 inches or 600mm.
The next 12 months delivered 16 inches or 400mm and it was five years before we approached Ted's average. in any one year.
They were indeed challenging seasons and it would have been so easy to despair it would ever come right but with a very diversified set of farming objects and systems we made money, paid tax and paid off most of our borrowings in those first five years.
That said we lived on the production of seven fresian cows, a vegetable garden and the smell of an oily rag, of course we were deeply in "poverty".

Maybe another meaning for flannel could be used by the army of brigands and charlatans who are still feasting on taxpayer funded slops:

a small piece of towelling used for washing oneself.
synonyms: facecloth · cloth · washcloth · washrag · washer
To wipe their chins for the dribble and then remove the egg that they seem blissfully unaware of.

Hattip Andrew Bolt.

Chickens Roosting

I knew the South Australian economy was in trouble but I hadn't realised how much until today. 

No wonder busiesses are closing and dumping thousands of people onto the unemployed list.  No wonder no new businesses are being established.

From The Austrralian:-

 (The only paper worth reading.)

"It is unusual for any story related to South Australia to appear on the front page of this newspaper. But when wholesale electricity prices in that state reached more than 30 times the prices recorded in the eastern states last week, the broader interest in the issue is obvious.
To give you a feel for the figures, last Thursday at 1.45pm, the wholesale power price in South Australia was recorded at $1001 per megawatt hour, compared with prices of between $30/MWh and $32/MWh for the eastern states. At one point, the maximum price in the state hit $1400/MWh.
Unsurprisingly, several companies operating in South Australia, including BHP Billiton and beleaguered steelmaker Arrium, warned state Treasurer and Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis that they might temporarily close their plants because of the high and erratic electricity prices.
But more worrying still are the medium-term prospects for the state: the chairman of the Energy Users Association warns that “large end-user customers are feeling the pain. As large customers roll off their energy contracts and need to renew those contracts, they are faced with significantly higher prices in South Australia”.
Electricity contracts for delivery next year and in 2018 are priced at between $90/MWh and $100/MWh in South Australia, compared with between $50/MWh and $63/MWh in Victoria, NSW and Queensland."

These are the Labor loons who say a coal fired power plant at Whyalla could not compete with wind farms.  He conveniently forgot to  mention the massive government subsidies which support the otherwise grievously uneconomic wind farms.

A Basket Case

Every now and again, when I remember, I have a look at grocery prices in NZ and Australia.

Yesterday the old boy across the road was raving about some lunatic TV programme which had it that Australians were flocking to NZ  because the cost of living was lower there than in Australia.  Accordingly, This morning I spent half an hour or so on the net looking at Coles and Countdown supermarket prices.

Now you know why I don't watch the junk which passes for TV news and current affairs.

Try telling Auckland ratepayers their cost of living is low.  Their house prices are approaching those of Sydney and their rates are going up by leaps and bounds.

Anyway, here's the food basket which shows what you get in Australia for $144.84 costs $168.41 in NZ.  So much for TV news.

Supermarket prices Aust/NZ

             Aust            Coles

NZ   Countdown
Item  Quant Price $   Price
Bananas 1kg 1.5
Navel Oranges 1kg 2.2
Strawberries 1kg 14.3
Rock melon each 4
Potatoes 5kg 7
Carrots 1kg 2.5
Cabbage each 3
Rump steak 1kg 22
Leg ham 1kg 19
Leg roast 1kg 9.5
Shoulder chops 1kg 10
Premium mince ikg 15
Toilet paper 1 x 4 5
Cheese 1kg 9
Margarine 1kg 5
Milk 2l 2.5
Nutrigrain 800g 8.14
Eggs doz jumbo 5.2


Monday, July 18, 2016


As the Gilbert and Sullivan inspired coup d'├ętat  or should that be Suliman, continues to be revealed as rather an inept and seriously questionable charade I am left asking if it was not all about an acceleration of the Erdogan grand plan to Islamise the remnant of the Ottoman Empire we call Turkey.

Already a member of NATO, the alliance that grew to oppose the Warsaw Pact the two military and political groupings that followed WW2 and the descent of the Iron Curtain from the Baltic to the Mediterranean to divide the capitalist west and the communist East, secular Turkey set up in the washup of WW1, became the southern cornerstone of the Western bloc. Sitting astride the entrance to the Black Sea and Russia's naval access to the Med plus its very near proximity to the Soviet Union's underbelly, Turkey became pivotal in the 'cold war'.

Once the heart of the Ottoman Empire established around 1300 AD the Sultinate/Caliphate expanded across Nth Africa to Spain, included The Levant, modern Israel and Jordan, Egypt, Arabia and the Horn of Africa, and was finally stopped in the conquest of Europe at the gates of Vienna by what became The Habsburg Empire.
Already crumbling, the end of the Ottomans came when after aligning with Austria/Germany in WW1 in a last throw of the dice to regain the Middle East and the now liberated Balkans it all ended in dust and Turkey survived as a secular state under Ataturk in the early 1920s.

The history of the Ottomans and modern Turkey is littered with some serious genocidal actions against Kurds, Anatolians and other ethnic and religious entities that made up the historic groupings and Ataturk's legacy was a  very rare stability. With a very strong military,  the second largest in NATO, that leg of the power structure is significant so a military coup was always within arms reach.

Erdogan began his reach for power in the 1990s with a successful tilt at Mayor of Istanbul, finding some impediments with opposing political movements in still largely secular governed Turkey he then launched a movement that saw him ascend to Prime Minister under a President for 11 years. Mr Erdogan sought to advance his clear Islamisation agenda winning that Presidency and then slowly  expanding the Presidential powers to executive status while his divergent ideas on democracy became increasingly subverted as he drove to a reinstatement of Ottoman government powers in a journey to the century of secular Turkey as a state in 2022.

It is easy to think of this mangled Coup in terms of an agenda to fulfil his vision  with his very quick response to three thousand of his military now under arrest and facing increasingly dire retribution and it seems having no death penalty might be a myth. He has also acted with alacrity in removing an equal number of the Judiciary and other public officials from their power.
All in all as things stand after Fridays Coup the Erdogan forces seem a whole lot better organised than the plotters which is a little unusual in that the alleged plotters normally have a longer time to plan things and the threatened government are supposed to be surprised and somewhat dysfunctional.
Erdogan seems to have been indeed very fortunate and the plotters equally inept.

As for his so called dream of membership of the EU it will be rather problematic should executions be carried out, although they might get away with a few  "accidents" but 3000/6000 ?

Why Is It So?

Today's  Herald runs a breathless story by a useless reporter who lacks the brains to ask 'Why is it so?

(Does anyone remember the remarkable professor Julius Sumner-Miller whose catch phrase was 'Why is it so?')

Image result for julius sumner miller

Apparently there are many high end residential properties in Auckland which have remained empty for many months and in some cases years.   I read the article, hoping for enlightenment but there was none.  Just some dreary statistics regurgitated by a tired scribe.

Of course there had to be a sensational picture.

A Spanish-style, turret-topped Herne Bay house at 81 Sarsfield St has stood empty for years and is now being demolished. Photo / Jason Oxenham

Auckland's most high-profile empty mansion is the Spanish-style, turret-topped Herne Bay house at 81 Sarsfield St, which is thought to be worth about $15 million. It has stood empty for years and is now being demolished.

It's pretty easy to figure out why so many high priced properties are vacant.  Nobody wants to buy the bloody things because the rice is too high.  Pretty simple really.  And as for the property pictured above, it's not worth $15 million or any where near it.  It is worth land value less demolition costs.

Malcolm Dot Turnbull (Updated)

It has come out in the wash that Malcolm Turnbull had to bankroll his appalling election campaign because all the party's traditional 'big hitter' donors told him to fuck off.  They didn't think much of him or his policies, particularly his dopey raid on private superannuation funds.

In passing, no one yet has explained to me exactly what his scheme was going to do but Jim Bolger could have told him, no matter how smart it was, it was always an electoral dog.

Now it becomes clear why the Liberals campaign did not use it's best attack dog, Tony Abbott; did not use its many effective attack ads; failed to mention Labor's Achilles heel of union corruption and illegal immigrants, instead concentrated on shouting what a fine fellow is Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull was paying for the campaign so he demanded control.

Well he was such a fine fellow that he actually lost the election but the Victorian Premier won it back for him by stupidly attacking volunteer fire fighters during the campaign.

Today, Turnbull is to announce the makeup of his cabinet.  If he persists in leaving Tony Abbott out of the cabinet then it is goodbye to the Liberal Party I knew and worked for.


Turnbull has left Abbott on the backbench.   What a fool.


Michael taking ?

Is it now possible that three "blokes" can take off their Y fronts, put on their nice shorts in the girls changing rooms, head onto the track and fill the three podium spots in the "ladies" 800 meters?

Sunday, July 17, 2016


With the nice Mr Corbyn being challenged for his job by Owen Smith and Angela Eagle (notwithstanding the death threads made against her and the attack on her constituency office) I thought I had better bone up on the rules governing the election (or re-election) of their next leader.

Fascinated to note that, with an eye to the main chance, Labour's National Executive Committee has decreed that all those who signed up as registered supporters last year for 3 quid (and a one-off vote) are now being given, along with anyone else, the opportunity to re-register (and vote) for the princely sum of 25 pounds (about NZ$46).    They have a two day window to do so (tomorrow and Tuesday).

I guess that will appeal to the Chardonnay swilling set ... I mean, what's 25 quid between 'friends'.     Not so sure about Labour's working class supporters so called though.    Some might argue that 3 pounds to 25 pounds in one hit is rorting on your own.   Others might opine that perhaps the NEC have come up with their own solution on how to deal with Corbyn.

Whatever ... happy daze.


When they came for my Dachshund, no one remained to care

They came and banned hunting foxes with hounds and I did nowt as I havn't riden to hounds for many years.

They banned dogs from public space because Muslims are offended by close encounters with canines, I did nothing  I had no love for Islam.

The NSW government has given up on managing the dog racing industry and will ban it and close down  the massive infrastructure, and I did nothing as I only bet on certainties.

A bar in Wellywood became egged on face when a staff member asked an Autistic child and his dad to sit outdoors, in Windy Wellington that can equate to a chiller, because they had the boys "comfort dog" with them. Now had it been a "seeing eye dog" it would never have happened.
I have great empathy and understanding for the principle around a support dog for whatever reason as the proven benefits are significant and those dogs although not trained to a level such as seeing eye, drug dogs, and other dogs trained to support and augment human activity, most  are so much better to be around than many of the species of the human race. Again I did nothing as it was someone else.

As swmbo and self become more restrained in personal activities with accompanying health issues around aging, the company of our two little 'furkids' bring great joy, comfort and security with their unconditional love and companionship. There are costs and constraints but it is a massive pleasure for us.

That bureaucracy and officialdom could for any of many justifications deny us the simple pleasure is a sobering but very real threat, maybe I should have spoken up when the pseudo socialists went after the great tradition that was Fox Hunting.