Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Another dodgy Conservative poll

If this is correct, it gets Steve Taylor into parliament.  Believe me, that *will* be fun.  And National should be seriously worried at being associated with him.

But unfortunately for him, and his party, it's not true.  

If you remember, Colin Craig was winning Rodney also in 2011....until he lost by 13,000 votes.

Some Light Relief

In a curious turn of events, Sydney's art gallery faces a mutiny by its volunteers over a decision to replace some of them with salaried staff.

Oh for the good old days when salaried staff went on strike over decisions to replace them with volunteers.

Of well.  Perhaps Rudman will ride to their rescue.  He gets most things arse about face.

Hone Harawira will win TTT

And it will not be close, in fact he will increase his majority by a few thousand votes.
I would love for this not to be true.
If he loses then Internet Mana will not be in parliament and the thought of Rosa Klebb having to go away and lick her wounds is an exciting prospect.
But they will not lose.
A poll by Maori TV last night claims Kelvin is within 1 point. This poll is a nonsense.
Everything I know about the electorate in the North tells me this. Young Maori in Whangerai and further north just do not have landlines. They cannot be polled. My experience of dealing with around 150 mainly Maori families over the last year demonstrates clearly that as well as not having land lines most of them cannot seem to keep the same mobile number for more than three months. Polling these people would be like trying to herd cats.
The money that has been spread around to get out the vote and the sheer number of people working the campaign for him with signage, t shirts, placards and painted cars is amazing. The local facebook pages are riddled with his supporters. Kelvin is sadly the right man at the wrong time. He started late, is unsupported and underfunded.
I say sadly because if he did win it would deny one of the head office nobodies at the top of the Labour list another turn at the trough.
Maori were 46000 of the 151000 counted in the census before last up here. A strong, competent, honest and trustworthy member of parliament representing them is vital for everybody in the north. They are not going to get that with Hone.
Ngapuhi will never stop squabbling amongst themselves long enough to collect their settlement money while the Harawira family hold sway.

In response to Psycho Milt

I read this post and thought rather than a comment that would get lost I would treat you all to a whole new post.

I have followed the events of the last few days and wanted to write down my thoughts on what we have been told and my opinion on it.
First up.
I always expected that they had the ability to listen/ read anything and everything we do. So Snowdens weak premise last night was actually quite comforting.
But here is the rub, data collection is not surveillance. There is no team of cardigan wearing Harry Palmers closely monitoring my download history or porn tastes.
Having the ability to look at it is wise and proper in today's world.
But I can continue to satisfy my weird tastes in porn and downloading Wes Anderson movies safe in the knowledge that if they want to actually look at and action any of my activity they have to jump through some pretty big hoops upto and including getting judges and the prime minister to agree.

That the media have allowed a USA traitor a platform is worrying. Almost as worrying as how Assange looks after hiding in the broom cupboard from charges in Sweden. He reminded me of a long caged bear at the zoo. Quite mad.
Snowden is truly lucky he is American and committed treason against America. If he was Russian and done the same I suspect he would have tasted polonium by now which  makes Putin granting him sanctuary even more galling.

Kim Dotcom.
Never has something so big, been promised to so many  for so long, by somebody so big only for it to turn out to be so small. Your email is fake, you are a crook and you need to go now.

David Fisher wrote a piece in the Herald this morning that basically called Kim Dotcom out as a liar and fantasist, he then doubled down on this with an interview with Plunket. Startling turn around by somebody who has been accused by many (including me) of being a paid shill for the German.
I hope that his actions this morning have proved me wrong on this.
I have apologised to David Fisher personally a handful of times over the last wee while and did so again today.

Despite my comfort over what our security services are doing I am left with a niggling doubt in my mind. A doubt that was put there by Psych Milt a few months ago..
It went something like this;
"so you are comfortable that John Key can order somebody to delve into your online activities? Would you say the same if Helen Clark was still prime minister?"

Of course the answer to that question is of course a resounding.. Hell NO.

So we maybe do need to have a public debate on what our spies are doing, but all participants in this debate need to watch a couple of the beheading videos first. A timely reminder on why we have them in the first place.

DotBomb - Winners and Losers

The outright winner by far from last night's gathering of skulduggers, charlatans, frauds and traitors is the National Party.  Thousands of hitherto complacent supporters who may have stayed home now will make sure to vote.  I hope Mr Key publicly thanks DotKrim for his priceless electoral assistance.

The other two big winners are a strange pair.  John key and Sue Bradford.  Both vindicated.

The losers' list is encyclopaedic but at the very top must be The Herald and scribber David Fisher whose reputations, if he ever had one, are left in tatters.  Not far behind come John Campbell and Andrea Vance.  It is no coincidence that the ratings of these three journos' respective organisations have been tanking.

Where to from here?

Make sure you get out and vote.

After the election I hope there is some form of formal inquiry into this whole tawdry DotKrim affair.  One in which people can be supoenad and required to give evidence under oath.   Special care should be taken to discover who was paid what by the Corpulent Crook and what conflicts of interest ensued from those payments.

DotKrim's residency should not be revoked.  Instead he should be charged with criminal activity his passport should be taken from him so that when he is extradited the Yankswill know where to come and get him.

Lies and the appalling suckers who fall for them

There are already various posts up on right-wing blogs along the lines of "Is that all you've got?", for all the world as though providing solid evidence that the Prime Minister has had the GCSB illegally carrying out mass surveillance and lying about it was some trivial "gotcha."

I'm not going to outline the PM's scam here, but I am depressed at how few people seem able to figure it out, given that it requires only a vague acquaintance with computers and network security to do so.  Keith Ng gives a good outline of it on Public Address.  The short version is:  the PM's released a bunch of documents showing some cyber-security operation called "Cortex" never actually went ahead - he's released nothing whatsoever about whether the mass-surveillance operation called "Speargun" went ahead.

Greenwald and Snowden, however, have released documentation showing that "Speargun" went ahead, the relevant quote being:

(TS//SI//NF) New Zealand: GCSB’s cable access program SPEARGUN Phase 1; awaiting new GCSB Act expected July 2013; first metadata probe mid 2013.

Key said he would resign if it was shown he was lying about mass surveillance.  This evidence clearly shows he was lying about mass surveillance.  The fact that he hasn't been able to release any relevant evidence to the contrary means if he had any integrity whatsoever he'd be drafting his resignation letter right now.  But then, he was most likely lying when he said he'd resign, just like he was lying when he denied the mass surveillance.

Was That A Glimpse As To How They Succeeded.

After weeks of hints the sky would fall five days out, was that it!

Following the 2011 election on January 20th 2012 New Zealand became aware we were host to an obese German with convictions for internet fraud, hacking and piracy, wanted in the US to face trial on charges of internet based  malfeasance over Music and Film copyright.

Tonight after a build up that would challenge almost any event scheduled in this country for a one night stand, we were to be able to witness livestream  the predicted destruction of John Key and his National led administration and thereby allow a new Justice Minister in a friendly Cunliffe led government to overturn an extradition order by our courts.

We were  to witness a one time minion in The Troughmaster Generals Alliance party host a collection of misfits struggling for relevance tell us how we should govern ourselves from next Saturday's scheduled General Election
The  bought and owned passage to power for the Internet Mana Party, John  Hadfield who is himself under threat in his Te Tai Tokerau race based seat from a NZLP man of the future Kelvin Davis, tonight  revealed in a Maori TV poll to be only 1% in arrears,  Hadfield, turned up apparently as a reluctant near late  scratching. clearly under owners orders.

The more shameful charade was the German Schmitz, who had been shouting the odds for weeks he had the goods on Key and had assembled a bunch of even more dubious bastards to assist in the coup. Julian Assange of Wikileaks infamy by video link from the Ecuadorian Embasy in London where he is sheltering under diplomatic immunity from Swedish Police wanting to interview him over a rape investigation.
 Edward Snowdon enjoying similar protection from Vladimir Putin of Russia from US government justice over leaking state secrets.
 Robert Amsterdam a Canadian lawyer assisting Herr Schmitz avoid his extradition.
  To complete the assault on our democracy by a bunch of mercenaries, a journalist named Glen Greenwald who was apparently secured to give some order and gravitas to proceedings.

What has been trumpeted as the end of the road for John Key and his very popular government turned out a little below the hype.
Schmitz claim Key "knew" him prior to the raid and subsequent court appearance in January 2012 did not register, the main evidence being a dodgy and widely regarded as fraudulent, email, suggesting Key was acting for Hollywood in allowing Schmitz entry to NZ, to facilitate extradition  to the US was demonstrated as pathetic.
Claims from the consortium of the star chamber witnesses that Key and his administration had run surveillance on the citizens communications had all the credibility of a kindergarten sandpit scrap.
The whole thing degenerated to a point where the aftermatch presser became a shouting match led by an increasingly discredited Herr Schmitz who ended things with walkout.

The Dot Com Bomb was described as a damp squib, my take was a washout Guy Faulks following torrential 200 mm of rain in four hours, totally ruining an anticipated  November fifth  night of fun.

I see further eroding of the hydra support as the only outcome and a strengthening of the National led right of center parties.
A Kelvin Davis victory in TTT leaving a sub 4.9% IMP languishing in the wilderness as a bonus.
Then next year an overweight foreigner being escorted to the US to face his accusers in Virginia State courts as the icing on the cake.
Not a good return on a suggested NZ$ ten million investment, eh.

The greatest tragedy in this whole charade is the almost total subversion of our once vaunted Forth Estate who almost to a man/woman have sold their professionalism and integrity in  reporting the whole circus without any question or investigation as our fragile democracy was assaulted by a bunch of arrogant pricks.
Sheesh even simple old Bazza Soper has finally realised that he might have been "used"

People often ask how did Germany descend into the abyss that bottomed out with the demolition of the Nazis.
It started in chaos and manipulation of a nation where good people were reduced to impotence and lost any will to stand up for right, in short a majority were seduced by a minority and watching the almost hysterical efforts of many in the Auckland town hall was a glimpse as to how it can happen.

I am still confident good will prevail next Saturday and that effort by a bunch of arrogant foreigners could only assist in that result.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Where Are The Real Crooks Hiding And Who Are They?

Not Bernstein, Woodward, and Katherine Graham, The Post owner, they sought the facts and they brought a President to book.

Following weeks of reef fish frenzied feasting on everything on the fringes of what this campaign is about, is there a glimmer that there is massive truth being ignored by the MSM around who exactly David, 'the padres son', is, and it may not be  all beer and skittles,  not quite all cut and polish as in diamonds, possibly much more about a "paste replica".

His elevation over The Shearer who maintained a Labour vote around where it needed to be to threaten National, all things being equal in the low  30s,  is but a distant memory.

Under the oh so supposedly democratic leadership vote system adopted by the NZLP that handed massive advantage to the trade union wing for transparent but very pragmatic reasons, David Cunliffe prevailed in the face of publicly acknowledged  low support from his Caucus colleagues, the ABC wing.
He managed this, while  employing a  significant secret donor scheme, working under the radar using a Trust scheme, unlawful in national politics, created by one Greg Presland who has inhabited "The Standard" as Micky Savage for years.

Among the speculation as to the ID of the two donors who wished their money returned and no revealing of their identity there has been  much murk in the waters while the reef fish went out after Judith Collins and in turn, John Key.
Forget all about Herr Schmitz, Girly Hager and his saga, Glen Greenwald,  Lawyer Amsterdam, and applaud the socialist left's abandonment of the principle that money should not be able to buy an election in NZ.

Herr Schmitz is looking increasingly dodgy, he has achieved little with his reputed $4 million spend on IMP, his supposed $5 million offer for information, and goodness knows what he has spent on Hagar, Whaledump, Assange, Greenwald, Amsterdam, the myriad of sycophants such as Campbell TV3, Fisher , Rudman and Co at the Herald, Smalley at Newstalk ZB and Dann at TVOne,
It seems so far to be smoke and mirrors with the solid rump of NZ voters concentrating on the issues.
trade, lower unemployment, improved welfare delivery and culture, improved health care, confidence  and the freakin economy, the biggest waste of dosh since CC's efforts three years ago and for similar reward.

Recent days has seen instances of rumor around Cunliffe's version of marital fidelity,  ongoing questions around the ID of the secret donors, and today at Slaters blog from a guest poster at 0900hrs, a compelling dissertation on potential conflict of interest for Mr c's missus Karen Price and her Law practice in the Climate change arena, along side   Hubby's policy moves in the ETS/carbon trading zone.
Recall the astounding chest beating and general conniptions around Key's blind Trust possibly trading in Tranzrail shares nearly six years ago, today's  post at whaleoil makes that pale into the insignificance it always was.

If you have any desire to learn more, it is at Slaters blog as  I seriously doubt you will see it anywhere else along with any idle chatter about a certain constitutional lawyer of Asian extraction or another "lady" said to occupy a high  place on Craig's list of suspects.

People have confused what we have witnessed during the increasingly shrill screeching from Herr Schmitz and his confetti flinging bunch with the very different saga exposed by Bernstein and   Woodward over 40 years ago in the run-up to the 1972 US presidential elections.

Bernstein and Woodward with the backing of the Washington Post exposed corrupt activity conducted on behalf of possibly the most crooked US President ever, while this current bunch of amateurs are attempting to corrupt our fragile systems of government and electoral law.
Oh the irony of such claims.

Guess what, front and center over 40 years later another of German extraction is trying to manipulate history,  then there were Erlichman and Haldeman, how did that end again?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

My experience in "mass" surveillance

Following on from my post below, I have some personal observations and experiences in surveillance that I want to share.

During my time in the police, I trained as an electronic monitor.  This meant I was the "eyes and ears" on operations where we had authorised bugging devices in the houses, phones and cars of suspects of organised criminal enterprises, or drug syndicates.  On some occasions, there were discrete cameras placed on or near the property.

It was very hard to obtain these warrants.  The OC's had to obtain sufficient evidence to satisfy a High Court judge that there was an organised criminal enterprise going on, or a drug operation in existence (for Class A & B drugs).  There were a few occasions where the judge knocked us back, and the threshold to obtain a surveillance warrant was extremely high.  Once it was obtained, I came into the picture by recording what I was hearing and seeing with each phone call, conversation, or happening.  It was a 24/7 operation.  I worked often through the night without sleep.  On some occasions I was very close to the actual property/s concerned, and on others, it was done from a distance.

During the monitoring and recording, there were a lot of occasions where I heard and saw stuff from innocent parties.  Phone calls were made by people who didn't have any idea I was  listening to them. People visited properties who had no connection to the dregs who were involved in the crimes we were investigating.  I was, in a funny way, involved in "mass surveillance" of entirely innocent people.  Some operations went on for months, and so I came across hundreds of people who had no connection to the crime/s being investigated.  They were "innocent" bystanders.  I heard their conversations.  I knew who they were.  They weren't "persons of interest", but their movements were monitored and they were "surveilled".

Although this was on a much smaller scale to the 5Eyes network and alleged mass surveillance that Greenwald, and to a lesser extent Kim Dotcom allege, the principle they are complaining about is the same.

Did I feel uncomfortable about recording and monitoring innocent people?  Nope.  Do I feel bad about it now?  Nope.  Did anything ever happen to the information recorded from them?  Nope.

And, do I think these innocent civilians were "wronged"?  Nope.  And that's simply because of the "A Few Good Men" argument.  What's that you ask - oh, simple.  From one of the greatest movies ever, expertly acted by the best actor ever, Jack Nicholson:
Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who's gonna do it? You? You, Lt. Weinburg? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for Santiago, and you curse the Marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That Santiago's death, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to.
That might be melodramatic, but the tenor of it is apt. 

It's for the greater good I did that stuff, and 5Eyes is no different.  And you just have to trust those that have this power to administer it properly.  That doesn't mean there should be checks on that power, but the balance has to be in favour of the greater good over civil liberties - and I am very much in favour of civil liberties.  After all, I consider myself to be (practically) a libertarian.

Those who complain about this evil necessary can't complain about the "greater good" argument because it's exactly the argument they use for the hacking of Cameron Slater's computer and leak of his private correspondence over six years.  

Yes.  They bleat and moan about mass surveillance on the one hand, yet on the other hand they partake in it against the "enemy" over a prolonged period and publish the result in a book just before an election.

Mass state surveillance = bad.  Private surveillance/hacking to usurp democracy in an election = good.    

Five eyes nowhere as dangerous as these six eyes

These ones here that is:

MMP is about coalitions whether you like it or not.

You can either have this six-eyed coalition, or the one we currently have.

If you want to return the one you currently have, you must vote Act.  If you don't, then according to today's iPredict snap results after the release of the Greenwald "facts", you'll get this six-eyed coalition and a prime minister who has about 8% support across the country.

That's why I was out in the rain all day today delivering mail.  Someone's gotta do it!

Are we having fun yet?

John Key certainly doesn't seem to be.  After a couple of weeks of steadfastly claiming he neither knows, nor is accountable for, what his staff get up to, he's reduced to calling Glenn Greenwald "Dotcom's little henchman."

I realise that half the population is of below-average intelligence, but just how subnormal would you have to be, not to recognise that as cringe-worthily bad propaganda?  Greenwald has a much higher international profile than Dotcom, and certainly has a lot more international respect for his work.  He's spent more than a year taking the story of mass surveillance by 5-Eyes participants around the world.  The idea that he's Dotcom's "henchman" and is being "paid to make claims" damaging to Key is so ludicrous even at first glance that you can only assume Key's directing his comments at the nation's special-needs voters.

There is actually genuine cause for concern if Greenwald's claims are true.  In the last few weeks we've been offered clear evidence that NZ politicians who have access to intelligence services data will misuse it for political gain, and that cabinet ministers will release private information about suspected troublemakers to attack bloggers so they can be dipped in shit.  That's probably the tip of the iceberg.  All those who think the wholesale collection of citizen's communication metadata by the government is OK because terrorism should think again - preventing terrorism is the least of the uses our politicians would put that information to, and the current government has seen to it there's no credible oversight of what it does with intelligence data.

One pre- election post

I was sitting at my kitchen table this morning looking out the window...

and I saw....

Freedom and opportunity

And I thought to myself..

Shit, we are truly lucky.

We have those two things in spades in this country.

They are our most cherished possessions and to be selfishly guarded, as they have been handed to us with great cost.

Because there are plenty out there whom, for whatever reason, would strip these from us tomorrow, if given even an eighth of a chance.

The human race is exactly that. A race run over generations

People that want to deny us the opportunity to even participate freely, are the ones we should do our very best to avoid. They want to steal our freedoms and with them our opportunities.

That is the true greed of this world. To take what is ours for themselves.

We need a government whose mandate protects us from these forces.
These threats are real, insidious and highly dangerous.

What we don't need is a government that seeks to protect us from ourselves.

And therein lies the fundamental problem of the left.

They negligently ignore the true threats to us because they are so busy attempting to manipulate us to their failed ideology, to their way of thinking, to force our agreement that they know best...

The tell tales signs are written all over their faces - irony, selective judgement, hypocritical thinking,
ignoring reality, demanding fairness, plastering labels on anything that moves, manipulating words....

There is a new word for people will do anything to "win" at any cost..


We thought foolishly there was only one
but they come in all shapes and sizes

Remember this when you vote

Saturday, September 13, 2014


If voters are to make informed choices about the worth of various policy announcements then it is important that they be properly costed along with an indication as to where the money is coming from.     This election is replete with examples where the detailed analysis to support policy proposals is entirely lacking.

Take for instance Focus NZ ... a Northland based outfit comprising a bunch of grumpy old men.   Their flagship policy is that NZ Superannuation should be tax free.  By my calculation the cost of implementing this would be in the order of  $1.74b per annum and increasing each year.   Likewise, the Mana Party policy of winding back the age of entitlement to 60 would see another 200,000 persons being eligible at an estimated additional annual cost of $4.378b.    In neither case have those 'Parties' attempted to show the impact of the policies on the Government books.   The only options are increased revenue, increased borrowings or the reallocation of existing funding.    This has to be spelled out. Anything less is unacceptable

So, how to improve on this?   I would advocate that, as a condition of a Party being allowed to appear on the ballot paper, all their policies be forwarded to the Treasury in advance for analysis and costing and that when they are released (at the discretion of the Party) then the Treasury analysis is included.

Simple really ... injects rigor into the process and gets rid of policy on the hoof.   Serious political Parties have nothing to fear.   They will/should have done the work.    Rag tag third/fourth/fifth ego trips may .... but tough.

Friday, September 12, 2014

They Seem To Have Disappeared......

....... all the ghoulish know-alls who pronounced Oscar Pistorius guilty of murder, that is.

Here is an excellent piece of commentary from Larry Pickering

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Three Twenty-first Century Hoaxes

  • The world is warming and Man is the cause.

  • Poverty exists in New Zealand.

  • Islam - the Religion of Peace.

Funny thing, you know.  These hoaxes are all promoted by the Left.

Who Won The Final Leaders Debate?

Thus sayeth the headline over at Whaleoil.

Who cares?

Most people have tuned out.

Wonder what Ruddliffe will do after the election?


National, NZ First and the Maori Party are holding fast on the entitlement to NZ Superannuation being held at age 65.     Labour, Greens and ACT (and I suspect many National supporters) argue for a managed increase over time to age 70.

In researching my previous post (comparing parties veteran's policies ... or lack of) I was fascinated to note the Mana Party is advocating the wind back of the age of entitlement to NZ Superannuation to 60.    You can read it here

What is not clear is whether this applies only to Maori and there is no attempt to provide any financial analysis. The latter is about par for the course.    Hone aka John Frum and the cargo cult is alive and well and the sad thing is that many in Te Tai Tokerau lap it all up.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Things Not Too Good Up North?

Judging by the inernecine warfare going on in the Dot Krim party and said DotKrim's pre-emtive backdown on his big bomb, I wonder how their internal polling in Te Tai Tokerau might be looking?

Hone for the chop?

Maybe all the dirty politics is coming home to roost where it belongs.

Go Kelvin!!!!!!!!!!

So good they should be Wall Street traders

Another industry that the Greens want to fund by taking money off taxpayers.
 The Greens would give game developers up to $9 million to create and commercialise their products if it became part of the next government, co-leader Russel Norman said today.
If the Greens are so good at investing “our” money, why aren’t they all working on Wall Street? Hell, Russell Norman seems to know so much about investing money for return, he could become the top trader at Merrill Lynch and then come back and enter politics and become Prime Minister.

And I thought the Greens were concerned about child obesity? Why are they keen on “investing” your money in Playstation games that will lead to more kids sitting on their butts doing nothing?

I've lost count of the number of industries that the Green think are "winners".  Maybe they all, but I can tell you all one thing: The economy will be the loser if a green government picks winners left, right and centre.

I knew the Greens were space cadets, now it's Green space invaders.


Clearly I have an interest in how our various parties see our veterans.   To that end I thought it would be useful to compare party policies.    I am not interested in rhetoric such as 'we owe our veterans a debt of gratitude etc' ... talk is cheap.    I will confine this to commenting on specific proposals contained in the respective party manifestos.

National Party ....  #1 Maintain the Veteran’s Pension at 66 per cent of the average wage, meaning payments increase faster than inflation over time.   #2  Increase the travel grant to help veterans with the cost of attending a commemoration associated with their service from $2000 to $2500.   Comment .... #1 is a given. #2 overdue but welcomed.

Labour Party .... #1  That all veterans entitled to superannuation and who have served in an overseas deployment where they were at risk be eligible for the Veteran's Pension. Comment .... Already legislated for with the passing of the Veterans Support Act.

NZ Greens ....  Rhetoric.   No specific proposals.

NZ First .... #1   Ensure that all veterans who meet the eligibility criteria receive the Veteran’s Pension.  #2   Ensure the Veteran's Pension maintain relativity PLUS an additional 10 per cent in recognition of their sacrifice.  #3   Renew full annual government funding to RSA support services to help veterans gain access to health and social services.   #4   Increase the radiation related health conditions listed on the Veteran’s Affairs Presumptive List, to include all cancers.   Comment .... #1  Already legislated for with the passing of the Veterans Support Act.  #2  Not sure if this is in addition to the 5% already paid or inclusive of.   #3   Already in place. This year the Government gave RNZRSA $150,000.   #4   I could support this.

Conservatives .... No mention.

ACT .... No mention.

Maori Party .... No mention.

United Future .... No mention.

Mana Party .... No mention.

Internet Party ....  No mention.

It is a sad commentary that six parties contesting the election do not think our veterans important enough to rate a policy mention.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The News They Don't Want You To See

On the very same day Phil Goff finally confesses to lying to parliament, the media and Uncle Tom  Cobley about his interference in the OIA process, TVNZ features a picture of the same sanctimonious idiot and a Labour Party press release on the National Party's defense policy.  Not even a mention of his confession.

Phil Goff was interviewed by the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security today, and in the process admitted on oath to unlawfully delaying an OIA request:

Goff stated he had not been briefed on the Israeli tourists, when he clearly had been. He then tried to suppress the evidence he had been briefed. And now he claims it was wrong for the Government to release information which contradicts him. And this is the man who got up in Parliament and read out extracts from a highly confidential note take by an MFAT staffer at a meeting with National MPs and US Senators.

Remember, this is the fellow who sucked up to Yassir Arafat, spat on our troops returning from active duty in Vietnam and leaked the contents of a confidential MFAT briefing for political point scoring.

Funny thing is, if the media bloodhounds applied the same standards to Goff as they applied to Judith Collins, he would no longer be an MP.

Have Another Idea.

"Maybe we could have more wards and one councillor per ward,'' she said, acknowledging that such a move could lead to a slightly bigger-sized council."

Long standing "I know best" socialist mayor of The Peoples Republic thinks a bigger Council and more Community Boards " MIGHT" make for better decision making around the city rebuild.
One thing for absolute certain Liaranne it will cost more, for another it will delay what is already bogged down and for a third many more will just take their money and bugger off.

Here is a radical alternative view.
Remove the socialist driven community boards entirely. They are dominated by experts in spending OPMs that have absolutely no knowledge around commercial reality or ability in good decision making.

Take your already overpopulated Council and the bunch of useless seat warmers who run the place to a site where they concentrate their energies on core business; sewerage, water supply, roading and refuse, then stand back and let those willing to risk their money to rebuilding the city.

The City that so many laud and remember with such fondness was built by earlier risk takers, some succeeded and some failed but the ratepayers did not have to bail out the failures.
A well established fact in the wake of the quakes was that the city administration that grew from the well intentioned but totally misguided  vision of what a city can do, failed sensationally when the deal was completed.

Please, what is the need to rebuild QE2 complex when many of those former residents have decamped west or gone for ever.
Why build a multimillion dollar playground in the CBD when the only kids are visiters to see where "Dad" is working.
Why talk about a rail system for a CBD that will never be anything such as it once was.
To consider a sad bunch of "dont forget about me"  wanting to somehow convince someone with money, desire and a view of the future to build more white elephants is nonsense.

Why does that socialist numpty think even for one minute she can conceive and deliver anything other than another total ballsup?

Oh that's right she is a socialist and that is different.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Tuesday humour

A tough looking guy is at Auckland zoo with his kids when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion's cage.

Suddenly, the lion grabs her by the cuff of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to slaughter her, under the eyes of her screaming parents.

The guy runs toward the cage and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch.

Whimpering from the pain the lion jumps back letting go of the girl, and the guy brings her to her terrified parents who thank him endlessly.

Nicky Hager, also at the zoo visiting his family (the simians) has watched the whole event. Nicky 
Hager addresses the guy and says, 'Sir, this was the most gallant and brave thing I've seen a man do in my whole life.'

The guy replies, 'Why, it was nothing, really, the lion was behind bars. I just saw this little kid in danger and acted as I felt right.'

Nicky Hager says, 'Well, I'll make sure this won't go unnoticed. I'm a journalist, and tomorrow's paper will have this story on the front page...
So, what do you do for a living and what political affiliations do you have?'
The guy is embarrassed but replies, 'I'm an SAS grunt just returned from Afghanistan and an Act  Party supporter'. 

Nicky Hager notes all this down then leaves.

The following morning the guy buys the paper to see news of his actions, and reads, on the front page:


How Predictable!

From Richard Prebble's 'The Letter' - listed as a rumour:-

"4.  There has been a huge bust up inside Internet/Mana. Hone has gone to Sydney!! Internet/Mana is not a happy ship. There are rows about spending. Who are working as volunteers – the Maori, and who are getting paid exorbitant money – the Pakeha. The Maori elders do not approve of the coalition with a German fraudster."

Cameron Slater fills a void.

One thing Hagar's saga and whaledump has revealed is that despite the loathing and denigration he does reveal "news" some would like to remain beyond public view.
Traffic at the "irrelevant" Blog is in the stratosphere

That his private communications have been  splashed all over the media without a second thought for his rights, and the salient fact that the revelations have been mercilessly employed in a so far devastating failure to damage National, the public perception is that Cameron Slater is Public enemy number one.

That is entirely misleading, all that is revealed so far is he is the most exposed.

There is a nest of vipers residing at The Standard and at least three of them, Prentice, Smith (hey Clint, and Mr c's Trust(y) legal adviser Presland, are in direct daily contact with the two faced moron who can talk from  both sides of his gob at the same time, can deliver a personna to fit any situation although they are complete phonies when scrutinised by an independent observer. A classic being when he climbed onto a Mana campaign bus at the Otara markets three years ago and in a totally false imitation of the local vernacular delivered a broadside against " a greasy little fella in a Blue suit" in  a reference to the then PM.

Now another bastard lefty has morphed a pathetic little blog into a grander sounding The Daily Blog and signed up a veritable stable  of Lefty hacks from the last quarter century as contributors to give the reincarnation some gravitas.
However the main man remains Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury from his origins at Tumeke ( English translation, 'Too Much') Blog.

There has been much denigration and  many insulting attacks on Slater for his Blog Whaleoilbeefhooked,  by righteous pricks who claim to be above the sarcastic, OTT language and what they see as unjustified posts.
In the lead bunch of manipulators and a fading light in disseminating alternate news is the aforementioned Bradbury who has been in hard left politics for years, was an adviser to the formation of the internet party, and never takes a step back when challenged or proved to be in error.
One such matter was exposed by Slater this morning when he published the "fact" that Martyn Bradbury of a redacted address but with sufficient reproduction of detail to prove the bastard was also enrolled to vote as Martin Bradbury.

To support his revelation Slater Published a photo Bradbury happily used for publicity when he early voted last week, but with the face of little miss  Bradbury obscured to ensure her privacy.

Now this is the response published by Bradbury on The Daily Blog:

By the way – leave my daughter out of your filth you stinking corrupt maggot sleaze ball.

Very nice Bradbury, your explanation doesn't answer any of the undoubted attempt to provide false information to the electoral commission, an offence that can carry gaol time.
You would have been equally derisive and condemning if a Nat supporter was caught out similarly.
You are a total cunt and many of your witterings prove the case beyond any doubt.
Many who follow the letter of the law around registering and casting their vote would not be at all surprised if multiple voting was intended and hiding in clear sight would fit your ghastly persona.

Note also, the Ballot Paper being used for nefarious purposes in clear breach of electoral law.

Cameron Slater is not alone in the list of those, more genteel people would rather not see involved in news and communications and I have published it here because it is almost a certainty it will receive little or no publicity accessible anywhere to the great majority of voters in spite of the independent audits of blog readership.

The Jolly Joker

Clueless Cunliffe has not the faintest idea how to deal with ordinary people.  Now he's given National yet another free hit.

This guy will go down as the master of the unforced error.   When asked when had he last used public transport, he couldn't remember but suddenly had a brainwave.  Hang on, I used it this morning.  The Crown Limo.

Just as well he wasn't visiting Auschwitz in 1944.  He would have laughed with the inmates as he congratulated them all on getting away with free state funded funerals.

Problem with that is???

Recent political spin from xxxx commie usurper of the environmental lobby group is trumpeting the "saving" of the waterways of his adopted nation.

He is going to force the fencing of waterways and to highlight the matter he went to the very edge of a small stream and toyed with a freshwater Koura and was it a cockabully?

When you have implemented such stupid policy and discovered the as yet unannounced ramifications, such a photo opportunity will be but an historical incident no longer practicable.

You see Commie Cobber, when blackberry, gorse, broome, ragwort, thistles, briar and other invasive weeds take over the established riparian strip, the stream/creek/river will be beyond access let alone be visually available.
Yes keeping concentrated densities of cattle from such places is environmentally desirable denying goats and sheep from vegetation control actions and removing the weed control will be a disaster for access and will have unforeseen repercussions in changing the environments the fencing is deemed to protect.

Take my Tangata Whenua, for instance, thousands of acres of rugged foothill country supporting stock levels around 3/5 SU to the Ha, grazing in low densities and relying on many Kms of very small steeply running creeks some only seepages for stock water, fencing is practically, financially and farmingwise plain unadulterated bollocks.
However  abandoning the entire area, and that is the only other option,  to weeds and vermin will only be an environmental disaster already evident across much of the land exchanged for freehold title under the Tenure review process.

So much of the land assigned to DOC is now being considered for re stocking and reoccupation so as to enable someone to care about it again as DOC have neither the money, the manpower or the resources.

So Commie Cobber and interventionist, your pathetic attempt to garner support for your great cause is just more total bollocks.
The more sensitive and highly productive land along waterways is progressively and practically being protected by voluntary effort backed by systems such as Fonterra have instituted, a stick policy where they will decline to collect product from those refusing to institute change.

National's repurchase policy to protect such streams might be marginally better but allowing a custodian to operate within principles invoked by awareness and education has far and away a better chance of making change for the good.

Garbage such as the uninformed populist crap xxxx was portraying will do precious little .

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Yes, he's a potential coalition partner for National but for me, United Future Leader Peter Dunne has completely lost the plot.

First there was his choice of Helen Clark as one of the two NZL politicians he admired the most (the other was Peter Frazer) and the second was his naming of Barak Obama as the o'seas politician he had the most respect for.

FFS.   Helen Clark was a control freak whose legacy was to hand over to John Key an economy out of control (and lets not mention the $840,000 she stole to fund Labour's 2005 election campaign) while history will look back on President Obama's two terms as a time of lost opportunities ... someone who talked the talk but failed to walk the walk.  

One might also suggest it was not overly bright of Dunne to exclude John Key from his list when he is only in Parliament because of Key/National's grace and favour.    Is he serious when he sez he rates Clark over Key?

But for me and the third strike and you're out was to see Dunne align himself with the likes of Harawiri, Minto, Harre and Turei in calling for a boycott, disinvestment and sanctions against the State of Israel and then compound the stupidity by having his Chief of Staff argue that this was a personal decision by Peter Dunne and was not United Future policy.   FFS, Peter Dunne is United Future in exactly the same way Winston First is New Zeland First.

Sorry Peter.   You may be coming back but, for me, your times up.

Sunday Joke

I haven't posted one of these for ages and this one in a newsletter from mrspdms employment really appealed to my sense of humour. Two elderly men were chatting and one said. It was my 80th birthday yesterday and my wife gave me an SUV!! Wow - that is amazing said the other, imagine an SUV, what a gift. Yep - Socks, Underwear and Viagra.

MMP Blossoms and Some Flowers Decay.

What Labour Party?

Speculation arises as the NZLP seems rooted in the mid 20s as a percentage of voters and comparisons are indulged in, as to how that relates to Ben glish and his Guinness Record Book Result of 20.9% in 2002.

While some of the then shifting sand votes went to Labour, 2% the big movers were a race based xenophobic policy of ex National Winston First moving up 6% to 10% and ex Labour Peter "I'm easy" Dunne who went up over 6% from one seat to 8 seats as a result of a major boost from a bloody worm and ACT holding steady on 7%.
So National on its disastrous 27 seats, down 12, watched two personality cults Peters and Dunne pick up 15 seats.

This time around we still have personality cults present with balance of power potential but there is little solace for the grand old NZLP in that a significant proportion of their leaked vote is heading to the GP who have morphed from an environmental party to a hard left socialist party scrabbling over the remnant socialist bone.
The Maori vote now lies with Maori nationalists and much of the diminished union rump is divided and blurred as to whether they support a rainbow, all things to many, party that has inherited the name NZLP or the newly emerged socialists using the now tarnished green mantle as a successful camouflage disguise.

There is now some speculation that the remnant NZLP might split into a bunch anchored to the fading union rump and the rainbows and feminists. Another New New  Labour perchance.

Whichever way it is analysed things are far less positive on the left c2014 than the right endured in 2002 and the splintering looks increasingly embedded than that which Ben glish delivered to Brash.

Personality and philosophical differences leave the task for someone to recreate a unified left of center party as a counter to the National bunch as a dominant coalition leading group around which to form a stable acceptable alternate administration.

Are we to witness something akin to Italy since the mid 1950 with a change of government as an annual event along with the accompanying confusion and aimless populist appealing elections that have zero regard for any future for our nation

This discussion totally disregards the very smelly and media fueled interventions of a convicted manipulative foreign national with residential qualifications and his determined attempt to subvert our fragile democracy as I fervently hope he will be enjoying the good graces of a US Federal Penitentiary sometime very soon after the election in two weeks.
I sincerely hope we are mature enough to see that for what it is, after all, it is Spring and the blossom of a new season proliferate.
The Flowers I gathered yesterday for swmbo smell really nice.