Saturday, April 19, 2014

Goff should run for Epsom

If the Labour Party is not telling truckies to truck off out of the fast lanes, or holding hands with terrorists, then like five year old children, they're crying and bleating about electoral boundary changes:
Snobbery and a false rumour that a boundary change would take some homes out of the Auckland Grammar zone and affect property values are believed to be factors in the strong opposition by voters in the well-heeled Epsom electorate to being moved into the more working class Labour electorate of Mt Roskill.

I never saw Peseta Sam Lotu-IIga crying over spilt milk in Maungakiekie.  He'll probably just get on with the job of convincing people why they should vote for him ahead of some union lackey.  But Goff should know better:
Not being arrogant, but I would like to think that perhaps I could not simply match John Banks, Richard Worth and Rodney Hide, but I could perhaps do a better job.
Goff could match his "non-arrogance", and show the people of Epsom he could do a better job than David Seymour, (who will win the seat) by standing in Epsom as the Labour candidate.

But he won't do that, because people would vote for him.  And that wouldn't be the tactical thing to do for left voters who try to usurp electoral mandate by voting tactically for the National candidate.

Go on Phil, show us how good you really are or claim to be.  Wash your hands of Arafat and show New Zealand a millionaire Labour MP man living on 20 acres in Clevedon can win Epsom.  

Friday, April 18, 2014

Those Poor Bastards .......

..... at TV 3.

How it must have hurt them to write the headline and the subtitle.

National has jumped to 48.5 percent in the latest Roy Morgan poll, despite the Oravida saga.

Adolf has corrected the subtitle.

National has jumped to 48.5 percent in the latest Roy Morgan poll, despite all we did to create a scandal over the so-called Oravida saga.

They Don't Know What They're Missing ...

....the Aussies, that is.

Adolf just wandered around the back yard this morning and picked a whole big bunch of young puha.  That's Milky Sow Thistle for the pale faced lefties who like to call themselves Maori.

Now some salted pork to go with it.

Pretty good tucker, eh boy?

Profoundly Disturbing

I never thought I would live to see the day ........

.......... when Jews would be required to be registered or face deportation.

So it might be a false flag operation but the fact that it took place is chilling, to say the least.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An Appalling Pile of Tripe......

,,,,from the usually reliable John Armstrong.

Is the Maori Party now in debt to National?

Well, in a word "NO."

Mr Armstrong builds a pseudo story on flimsy assumptions.

The first:-

It remains to be seen, however, whether voters get exercised by National's not infrequent selling to the wealthy of special access to the prime minister in return for donations - the ethics of which frankly stink.

Where was Mr Armstrong when Labour did precisely that which stinks at its last annual conference?

The second:-

The great bulk of Maori voters, however, will assume that Key's helping hand with the Maori Party's finances has left the party seriously in debt to National.

Utter nonsense,

The third:-

Given that most of its supporters likely struggle to get by financially from week to week and given the competition from Hone Harawira's Mana Party, fund-raising for the Maori Party must be a thankless task.

Really?  He doesn't know much about the Maori Party.  The Maori Party is the party of middle class intelligent and wealthy Maori.  It's Hone's mates who run around on the bones of their sorry dumbarses.

the fourth:-

The trouble is Flavell has accused Harawira of selling out Mana's soul to in return for cash from Kim Dotcom. It is difficult to spot the difference between that and the Maori Party's dinner.

Oh come on, Mr Armstrong.   The Maori Party has gained more tangible benefits for Maori from it's  thus far brief association with National than a gaggle of fat and useless Labour Maori MPS got for them from Labour in decades.   And you conveniently forget Schmitz is a convicted fraudster and cheat who pays his staff less than their legal entitlement.  To conflate him with John Key is reprehensible.

Monday, April 14, 2014

An Unfortunate Photo......

.........of an unfortunate criminal on the run.

I knew I'd seen  something like it somewhere before.

An Unfortunate Cliche ........

....... from an unfortunate leader.

Cunliffe has accused the National Party of 'dragging the chain' on bowel screening.

I mean, reeeally!!!

It's time the voters of NZ pulled the chain on the Labour Party.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Just wondering if Mana now stands for "Motherf.... And Nazi Alliance"

It never ceases to amaze me what money can buy.

If Hone thinks Dotcom is the answer it was a bloody stupid question.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

If A Week Is A Long Time........

.....then five months is an eternity.

I see Whaleoil this morning is suggesting National might win an outright majority in September, thanks to the antics of Harawira and Schmidz; the crass incompetence of Cunliffe; the decline of Peters and the job killing nutiness of the Greens.

This is quite a turnabout for Whale as not long ago he was berating National for having no coalition partners and therefore risking loss in September.  I always thought this was a bit over the top, given the existence of ACT, the CP and the Maori Party.

Here are a couple of suggestions.

What would happen to the electoral position if a national electorate MP with a large majority announced, say five weeks out from election date, he or she was leaving National to join the Conservtives or ACT? (A la Jim Anderton)  That might just upset a few people on the left.

I wonder who the possibles might be?

Those with eyes and ears might have noticed the Maori Party's devastating rejection of Herr Sdhmidz and all those cuddling up to him.  Remind yourselves how many Labour/Greens people made the trek to Berchtesgaden  and you'll see how foolish is the oft asserted manta 'off course the Maori Party would go with Labour if it held the balance of power.'

The toxic crook from Coatesville may well turn out to be the saviour of John Key's third term.

Friday, April 11, 2014


I'm taking a break from postings through until the end of the month.   Mrs Veteran and I are in Oz, starting off in Melbourne and ending up in Brisbane, in between fending off Australians, snakes, mossies, kangaroos and things.  

Will be attending both the ANZAC Dawn Service and the parade in Brisbane before ending up on the good ship Miramar on the Brisbane river which is the after-match watering hole for Kiwis in Brisbane.

Nice to see a narrowing of the exchange rate.    

Thursday, April 10, 2014

"That, to my mind, is a very unsatisfactory answer"

That's how the Speaker of the House described the Minister of Justice's refusal to answer questions about the dinner she attended with officials of Oravida and a Chinese border control official, in particular her refusal to identify the agency the Chinese official works for or whether it is an agency that "has influence over whether or not Oravida's products can enter China."

Having pronounced the Minister's refusal to answer unsatisfactory, the Speaker pointed out that "the public will judge that for themselves."  Thanks for that invitation, Mr Speaker. I judge there must be absolutely career-ending reasons why a person wouldn't want to answer those questions.

Kevin Or David - Take Your Pick

Here's a little quiz.   Of Rudd and Cunliffe, which did the following?

  • Invent a personal backround to enhance his political image
  • Invent policy on the run without consulting his own party
  • Earn the visceral hatred of his staff and colleagues
  • Preside over a massive decline in opinion poll ratings
  • Engage in incessent personal attacks on his political opponent
  • Tell lies on most if not all days
  • Pick his nose in parliament.
So far Cunliffe hasnt been caught on camera digitus proboscum.

The latest word on Rudd today is that he tried to persuade Israel to do a peace deal with the Ayrab terrorists in Gazza with Australian troops positioned on the border.  Luckily for the Australian troops, both Gillard and Netanyahu told him to fuck off.

Bendigo Bank Bombs

A mob of Mossies wants to build a mosque in Bendigo. 

Not surprisingly, a mob of locals opposes such a move and opened a bank account at the Bendigo Bank in which to deposit donations in support of its campaign to stop the mosque.

The other day the bank terminated their account giving as its reason for so doing that the account holders did not hold the values of the bank - or some such socialist doublespeak.

It turns out the tolerant representatives of the R of P leaned on the bank, threatening to take their mosque finance deal elsewhere.  The fools at the bank caved in to the religion which in Australia promotes murder of non believers, execution of homosexuals, subservience of women, paedophilia, forced marriage, honour killings, genital mutilation of children and death for cartoonists.

Don't believe me?

Go and have a beer with some of the coppers from Sydney's western suburbs.

Of course there's never a word of any of these appalling things from Fairfax or the ABC.


I'm not a League man but that doesn't mean I can't acknowledge the game at its best as an exciting spectacle producing both passion and commitment from its supporters and particularly the South Auckland community where it enjoys a substantial following.  

League's focus is on the Club compared with Rugby where the focus, at the top end of the sport, is at the international level.

That brings me to the Warriors which by all accounts is a tremendously well resourced Club.     The reality is that in its two decades existence it has (with a couple of notable exceptions) promised much and produced very little.    Part of the problem is, I think, the hype that surrounds the Club typified by the likes of TV commentator Stephen McIvor who prefers warm fuzzies over hard analysis and home truths.   A by product of the hype is players who seem to believe rhetoric over reality.

It's not helped by an out-of-form Captain who appears to be lacking in leaderships skills and diverted from his task by the continued speculation that he is angling for a switch to Rugby with the attraction of the international game.

But all that pails into insignificance measured against the debacle surrounding the sacking of Coach Elliott.    First the management lie that he resigned and now a very public spat between the Club Chair and Sir Owen Glen as to whom is telling the truth.    The likely fallout from that can only damage the Club further.

Something is going to have to change and change fast least the Club implodes on itself.   That would be a disaster for the NRL and the New Zealand League community.   

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Academic Hocus Pocus

Here's yet another head stuck in the sand ivory tower academic looking for a soapbox for his latest nutso theory.  And what better soapbox than an anti gummint daily newspaper?

According to this rooster, thousands of people are leaving NZ because of some nebulous leftie concept called 'inequality.' 

The OECD has issued alarming advice for governments to take "urgent action to tackle rising inequality and social divisions". New Zealand has left these issues unaddressed for too long, and we need to acknowledge it is one of the reasons why our people keep leaving.

The only evidence offered for this wild assertion is an average net immigration figure going back to the arrival of the first Maori canoe.  Never mind the fact that these raw figures do not indicate people's reasons for leaving.  Funny that.

In the average week since 1979, about 880 New Zealand citizens have departed, but only about 450 have returned. This matters because it suggests we have trouble retaining people, and might be somehow letting them down.

What a load of bullshit. Of course anyone who is awake will realise in recent years more people have moved to NZ than have moved out.

Well that's sort of buggered the fine theory.  He'll have to look elsewhere for next year's grant.

A Few Questions.......

Is Cunliffe challenging Jones for leadership of NZ First?

If Schmitz's assets are frozen, where is all the money coming from?

In what way will civil action by movie moguls accelerate his extradition?

Does Cunliffe remember how many purchases of NZ land and buildings were approved by Labour when he was a minister?

How many votes did Labour lose to National when John Key saved the NZ film industry from extinction at the hands of the CTU and its rabid Australian mates?

Has Matt McCarten worked out yet how to get dead people to vote?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Cunliffe in his whinging whining best is not a pretty sight.     Bemoaning the fact the the Prime Minister is getting more exposure alongside the 'Royals' than he.     It may come as a bit of a shock to Cunliffe but that's what happens when you get to be Prime Minister and you are the Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal and fragmented Opposition ..... but hold on, it transpires that John Key gets to interact with the couple on six occasions and David Cunliffe four.

So, hardly much about hardly very much at all unless one were to be crass enough to note that, in chasing the headline, Cunliffe was at pains to point out that he wasn't of a mind to make a political issue out of it ... really, what then was he doing and is the Pope a Protestant?

Many of us well recall that when Willie Apiata was invested with his VC at Government House the Labour Government of which Cunliffe was a member excluded from the invitation list the then Leader of the Opposition and any of his MPs.  

This Government is too forgiving.   I would have banned contact with anyone from the dark side of politics less Prince George catches something terrible like foot in mouth disease which clearly infects the (temporary) Leader of the Labour Party. 

Dangerous propaganda

No wonder the Minister of Tourism, one John Key, delegated a subordinate to deliver this piece of weaselry:

Associate Minister of Tourism Todd McClay said yesterday that New Zealand was still one of the safest countries to visit. These incidents were "abhorrent" but "fairly rare", he said.

God forbid we should warn tourists fondly imagining they'll be safe here that the country is in fact crawling with violent wasters who are a serious threat to their health.  Having some thought to their well-being might lose the country money, after all.

We've spent upwards of 30 years rapidly growing our waster population, and it's well reflected in the number of tourists getting dealt to.  If we don't start publicising that fact to tourists, their own countries will.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Absolutely Brilliant

So good, I had to steal it from Whaleoil.

Some wonderful subtleties:-

Metiria Turei - the unseen co-leader of the Green Taliban.

Hone Harawira - the fascist buffoon.

Another Fine Mess.

Title of a film made in 1930 starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.
Many of their films included a line "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into."

It is not a very big leap to conflate Laurel and Hardy with the obese German and the Racist from the north a bit of whitewash wouldn't correct.

The first Labour Government had no problems with its image.
It represented hard working citizens and every one disadvantaged by a failure to access  sufficient income to make their way in life.
Most of its leadership came from the "working class"  almost without exception via the trade union movement. Many also were foreign born from the UK and Australia in the main.

Today that party has lost its way from being subsumed by an educated elite who have never in the estimation of those cloth capped old reprobates "had a real job".
Riven by factions, including gays, lesbians, stars of the tele, the odd unionist, a few remnant maori protesters and Damien 'Connor and if Kelly has her way in Whangarei another to represent the transgender mob.
Oh Cunliffe claims to have got dirt under his fingernails, and Goff worked in a Freezing Works, Mallard went on The Tele attempting to pick Asparagus, Annie King was a Dental Nurse etc but todays track to the NZLP MP status is via a political studies Qual, interning with MPs and or the modern Trade Union ranks ignoring that menial bit of actually working among the peasants.

The only real vehicle remaining for the hard left socialist is the Mana Party, hence Bradford, Minto,  Bradbury et al, hitching up their wagons.
Now in a desperate move to access funding they are flirting with the Internet Party Founder, one Kim Dot Com aka Kim Schmitz who is a resident but not a citizen so is precluded from standing for election but at the same time is desperate to find a path to political power giving the capacity to overturn his inevitable extradition to the US on serious charges.
A further Laurel and Hardy fact is the ragtag bunch of malcontents attached to Mana and the invaluable asset in the form of a sitting member, with the added security of an electorate seat when the whole personna as represented by Schmitz, the intended Bride is the antithesis of their far left mantra.
He doesnt pay workers,
Fires them when they question that status,
Pays wage rates well below minimum rates when viewed against time worked,
Has an apparent access to gazillions of dollars in defiance of attempts at sequestration,
Lives a lifestyle that would in normal times be seen as anti every socialist belief,
Is a convicted criminal although that has always been a badge of honor among Labour stalwarts,
And another that is possibly regarded as a positive, runs out on accommodation provider  leaving debts.

It has often been alleged that politicians need to swallow dead rats, how will they go with all those?

Laurel and Hardy yes but it is far too serious to laugh at to my way of thinking anyway.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


I am not one for conspiracy theories.    I'll take monumental 'cock-up' over conspiracy almost every time.    And so it was with a certain degree of amusement that I heard a retired USAF three star General expound his theory that MH390 was at a 'secret' airfield in Pakistan where it was being prepped for some dastardly mission against mankind (read the US).

It was with that attitude I have just finished reading 'JFK The Smoking Gun' by Colin McLaren, published last November ISBN 978-0-7336-3044-6.    McLaren is touted as one of Australia's finest detectives who travelled the world on high end investigations during the 1980s and 1990s.   He spent four and a half years on his cold case study and forensic analysis of all the testimonies and police reports to uncover the 'truth'.   It is powerful reading.

His thesis is fascinating.  No argument from him that Oswald fired two of the three shots that hit the President.   He concentrates on the third shot, the significance of which was first established by Howard Donohue, a ballistics expert and gunsmith,  and documented in the book 'Mortal Error' released by St Martin's Press in 1882,     Donohue worked for more than two decades in trying to solve the case but gave up after a threat of a lawsuit from the Secret Service.

McLaren takes the investigation to a new level.    He details the forensic analysis that shows that two of the three bullets that struck the President were full metal jacket rounds  while the third was a frangible round with a hollow pointed lead cap designed to explode on impact.     The two full metal jacket rounds were proved to have come from the Carcano rifle fired by Oswald.   McLaren focuses on the third round.  

The follow-up car to the President's vehicle was mainly populated by Secret Service agents.    Among the weapons in that car was a Colt AR15 (more popularly known to many of us who served in Vietnam as the M16 ... I carried one).   This weapon fires a 5.56 frangible round.   It was the first and last day this weapon was to be used by the Secret Service.   It was in the hands of a newbie Agent who had been assigned to the staff as a driver and not as a protection officer.   The reason advanced for this is that the majority of the team had been (and contrary to SOPs) out drinking until late that morning ... in short, many were suffering from hangovers.

McLaren describes in detail (supported by actual photographs) how, after the first shot, the Agent who was sitting on the headrest of the back seat bent down and picked up the AR15 and how, with the pursuit car starting to gather speed, he appeared to have lost balance and fired the rifle.    A telling comment is recorded from Senior Agent Emory Roberts who was riding in the right-hand front seat of the car.   Just after the shooting he turned round and said to the Agent holding the AR15 words to the effect 'be careful with that thing'.   

His thesis is backed by testimony of a myriad of witnesses many of whom (including US Senator Ralph Yarborough who was riding in the third car with Vice-President Johnson) were not called to testify before the Warren commission.    They all spoke of  a third shot coming from ground level and from behind the President's car.   Many recall smoke and the smell of gunpowder.

McLaren goes on to describe at length how the Secret Service ran interference with the investigation designed to protect one of their own.

The two shots fired by Oswald at the President  may or may not have proved fatal.   The third one certainly was, it blew half his brain away.   Who fired it?    McLaren identifies the person as Special Agent George Hickey.   

A cock-up that morphed into a conspiracy?   Read the book and form your own judgement.


Friday, April 4, 2014


There she was, Sue Moroney, Labour List MP, climbing into Paula Bennett following her revelation that several thousand persons receiving the Job Seeker support payment had their benefit cancelled when they left the country without first advising WINZ of their intention to do so.     "More beneficiary bashing" she said, echoing the criticism of the Greens and various advocate groups.

Ms Moroney conveniently ignored the fact these rules were in place when she was part of the Government.    The only thing different is that data matching is catching out those skipping the country for whatever reason without telling WINZ.    You're not going to get any argument from me that those receiving the Job Seeker support payment should be able to travel overseas on compassionate grounds (and that is provided for in the legislation) but equally, it is non-negotiable that overseas holidays when you are supposed to be available and looking for work in NZL is a big fat no, no.

It is mystifying to me why Labour would choose to make this a cause célèbre.   This is not something likely to resonate out there in voter land.   To the contrary, taxpayers will applaud the fact that persons choosing to rort the system are being caught and held to account.

Perhaps the answer can be found in Ms Moroney herself.    Since she was first elected to Parliament in 2005 she has managed, by dint of her own 'hard' work, to increase her National Party opponent's majority each and every time. 


Comment of the Year

Self explanatory - from Whaleoil

Not to miss an opportunity, Cunnlife has apparently added to his SOE empire - Kiwirail, Kiwiinsure etc, we now have Kiwitravel. To help all the poor didums that need to book their human rights overseas travel at the best tax payer subsidised price. Cunnlife said, "Mate, this will help all our poverty stricken mates take a much needed break so they can see their mates in Australia or other countries. Its mate-ship at its best". "Labour will introduce Kiwitravelinsurance so that our mates won't suffer if they get sick or whatever while on their essential overseas travel." "We reject utterly the harsh unfeeling approach of Paula Bennett on behalf of this failing National Government. Its just not on mate!"

We have to do Better.

Flight MH 370 just disappears in one of the two most intensively monitored air spaces in the world.

I agree with the Herald lead article that it should never happen again.

When Aus PM Abbott announced the track into the Southern Indian Ocean was the most likely end of that flight my first thought was the Americans "know" and their close ally is releasing what they possibly knew as the real time scenario and the release was tempered with major security constraints

Nothing since has diminished that belief.

Military capability and the valid reasons to protect just where such ability currently rests, leave China, America, India all having to know where airborne objects that could be a threat are but not wanting others to know what they know prevented and will continue to prevent divulging of information that reveals such capability.

Some random thoughts;

Why does the Black (orange )box recording the telemetry have to be onboard the plane.
Likewise the CVR.
With modern digital transmission and recording systems have the capability onboard as a second system but transmit the two streams to recording capability in secure land based facilities.

Why has it never advanced to allow the onboard recorders to be ejected on impact deploying large easily trackable footprint for recovery.

I understand why the transponder may needs to be able to be "turned off when the plane is maneuvering in and around the airport for radar interference reasons but it is a mystery why it can be disabled while flying.

Not having any public available information on the fate of MH 370 is well beyond frustrating and an impediment for those directly mourning the 270 presumed dead but the very seriously expensive search mission must be coming to a level where continuing becomes problematical and that is a further potential for sadness and regret.

Not knowing is not prurient or seeking to revel in the misery of others, as a world that flies without feathers the dearth of information is debilitating.
First born has just flown to Europe and the relief when the email confirmed safe arrival was so much more than welcome, we really do need to do better.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

You Bloody Great Sook.

Kerry-lee Charlton had a baby.

In Dunedin Hospital in January.

She and her Partner Shawn Hurring parked their car in a 30 minute park outside the front door.

The City have issued an infringement parking ticket for $70 that these two citizens feel is unfair.

It would have been a lot bloody unfairer if someone having a cardiac arrest couldn't park as close to that door as they did!!!.

Good old Shawn had time to return to feed the fricken meter but not to move their car occupying the 30 min park for half a day.

The council representative claimed had he paid the meter and MOVED his car to longer term parking a waiver was very likely.

I hope, most likely in vain, that someone will do a bit of digging into the background of these two entitled bludging pricks, I warrant it will be revealing in soooo many ways.

You Poor Dear, Seek Counselling , Dover Might Know Someone.

A Wellington commuter from Silverstream, just had to include that, was caught short on a train stalled by fallen electricity wires and could not seek relief as those carriages have no toilet on board.

Forced to relieve herself into a plastic bag in view of 20 passengers the poor dear was traumatised to tears, had to carry her little bag off the train and did not want photos as she would be recognisable from a previous TV appearance.

When you gotta go you gotta go as Dover Samuels decided in a hotel lobby a few years ago, he solved his dilemma with the aid of a pot plant.
Dover was alleged to be slightly inebriated, I bet he didn't succeed entirely and I doubt many would have remonstrated had that woman sought similar relief. No suggestion she was intoxicated and there are many medical reasons for such problems arising.
I have another bet she would not have been the first to pee in a Wellington commuter train carriage either.

I am not one of the heartless bastards suggesting she should have been encouraged to step off and risk electrocution, that would not have been a fair punishment, totally OTT.


and sadly the evidence keeps piling up.

No not referring to the fact the scumbag POS, number one suspect for the killing of Amy Farrell, whose corpse was found in the boot of her car in a supermarket carpark in Woolston, being on parole. That is just one more incomprehensible sad outcome of clear deficiency around parole and bail interpretations by cogs in the wheels of justice who are totally disconnected from the too often tragic and disastrous outcomes from their well intentioned decisions.

This post is on the decision from the judicial arm of the National Rugby League overnight, in the sad matter of the apparent totally crippling injury suffered by Alex McKinnon one week ago last Sunday.
Three Melbourne storm players performed their task and tackled McKinnon the ball carrier.
 The result, the ball carrier in Melbourne Alfred Hospital spinal unit, two surgical procedures to stabilise two fractured vertebra and now breathing unaided. Prognosis poor, irreversible damage to his function around future mobility very probable.

One Tackle in the estimated 9000 made so far in the NRL 2014 comp, however clearly the single one with the most tragic result in years. Not just tackled, not just injured, not game ending but possibly career ending and maybe will leave Alex a quadriplegic.

The tackle in sports such as Rugby Union, Rugby league and other ball carrying games has one function, to end a carry, In American Football it results in total stoppage and later resumption after the officials have ruled on where and how legal the tackle completed was judged.
In League it results in a play the ball ordered by officials and in Union the tackled player is to place the ball and play continues often with no stoppage.
The tackle is to stop a phase and success is judged on completing it, to force a new play, hopefully allowing the defence to reorganise.
Therefore the tackle can be brutal, painful, body damaging but rarely thankfully, crippling.

Much debate around the impact of the tackle collision and its clear damage to the brain, now accepted to be cumulative, leaving ex players with significant loss of brain function. That is another matter.

In the McKinnon case one of the three Storm players involved in the now tragic tackle was charged by the NRL judiciary with a dangerous tackle and after a prolonged process was found guilty and stood down for 7 weeks. The other two were not charged.
Jordan McLean who did little more or less than every one of the thousands of players involved in the games 9000 tackles in 2014,  could not bear to watch the repeated replays from 8 camera angles introduced as evidence of his alleged infringement.
Unless McLean is a psychotic thug he will be traumatised to a point where he may never play again.
That effort by the panel  will on its own make absolutely no impact on the tackle area of a game with potential to cause life changing damage to all who take the field to play every week.
One indisputable outcome in my mind is that in a decision based almost totally on their collective guilt and responsibility emotions, has elevated a tackle that would rate at the very lowest rating and would in any other outcome not have rated a hearing to one of the most severe sanctions delivered this season.
As a New Zealand part time follower of the game, that decision is no more biased and preposterous than all the simpleton based efforts when the NRL judiciary rules on indiscretions of NZ reps in the lead up to  internationals against the Kangaroos while totally ignoring the elevated violence from  state of origin games that are in reality trials and "match practice" for the Kiwis after SoO.

That emotional "must be seen to care" kneejerk reaction has done nothing for McKinnon, the game of Rugby League or the danger inherent in all contact sport and that is why in my estimation, the shambles that is the NRL judiciary has reached rock bottom and with minimal impact, they were very adjacent before this latest charade.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Difficult to comprehend how the man pictured above can get his foot into that mouth but he apparently does, with sublime ease.

He claims his 8% poll rating will rise "when people get to know him better"!!

With only charitable intentions in mind here are a few pointers;

Raises white ants for a hobby.

Reported to the Securities Commission in 2006 after torpedoing Telecoms Share Price.

In consort with the Ginga green performed a similar destruction of the issue price for Mighty River Power and severly denting all energy shares on the NZX.

Sticky fingers in the dodgy contretemps around the Hawkes Bay DHB shenanigans with colleague Annette King.

Wrote up a piece of imaginative fiction and used it as a CV.

Attacked the PM for living in a leafy suburb while MP for Helensville, ignoring his own residence in Herne Bay while MP for New Lynn. Later attempted a rewrite, it was really a  "do up", only  purchased so his missus could breastfeed his spawn near her work.

Ambitious very early, played Jesus in a school play.

Regarded by contemporaries at Otago university as a "conservative" raising the eyebrows of many who saw a natural affinity with National, by throwing his lot in with Labour
Had a Road to Damascus revelation on the road to the skifields, working in a fast food takeaway. Locals bought fish and chips and skiers bought hamburgers, seen as a distinction between "rich and poor". LOL nothing to do with convenience, eating while travelling and all that.
This from a kid just making a dollar to help out his family, by working while rich pricks played.

Was instrumental in the formation of Dairy Giant Fonterra, later amended to doing groundwork, getting smaller and smaller as an involvement, finally settling at somewhere near a few hours analysis

Manages supurbly to tailor his little homilies to fit with any current audience.
"we will attack those capitalists to a union group, we will give full support to enterprises struggling under the yolk of corporate cuddling to a small business group and fulsome praise for corporates that he accepts are where the funding for NZInc comes from, when they are the audience.

What you see has a barely passing reference to what you will get.

After giving wholesome and total support to David Shearer in his travails as Labour leader he loyally and selflessly stepped up when  Shearer faltered.
Had a loyal lieutenant, one Greg Presland, assist with gaining funding through a Secret TRUST and then promised to send their money back to two donors who did not want their identity revealed when the excrement hit the rotary.
No proof needed, he is an honorable man who occasionally attends church and has never told a lie.

Do we have our very own George Washington?

Rated by his Parliamentary colleagues by a whopping 32% plurality in the caucus vote for leader.

Has a way with words that leaves his closest supporters gasping, a classic from the HB DHB debacle,
 "nasty little nest of self-perpetuating provincial elites".

And on his annointing as Labour leader;

"I'm not expecting to have [Key's] trousers around his ankles on the first meeting". on his election as leader in response as to how he will confront the Prime Minister at the next question time. 

If this man who would be king, is the answer, then a massive rewrite of the question is in order.

John Key has been named as "The Silent Assassin", would I be rude in suggesting David Cunliffe is "The Mixed Metaphor".

Still trying to be helpful and all.

Where The Grass Really IS Greener

The Aussies are slowly waking up to the fact they are being beaten hands down by their long derided Kiwi cousins in the one sport which really matters - economic management and growth.

Much of the blame can be sheeted home to the Greens who bludgeoned a shonky lawyer PM into adopting a disastrous carbon tax.  In all the major industry closures of recent times the carbon tax has been a factor as the cost of energy sky rockets..

NZ Labour and their union bosses decry NZ as a 'low wage' economy but they forget the most important angle = a low paid job is better than no job.  Thus, for the first time in decades, more Australians are moving to NZ than Kiwis are moving to Australia.

From the link comes the killer quote:=

It is not for nothing that some now refer to New Zealand as the Saudi Arabia of lactose. This year the country’s export earnings per capita from dairy will be more than Australians will earn from iron ore.

And just as telling:-

Ten years ago Australia had a respectable 15 per cent share of the global dairy export market, and New Zealand enjoyed a not dissimilar share.
But while Australian milk production has been slipping by 1.7 per cent a year on average, annual production in New Zealand has been growing at 3.5 per cent.
This year Australia will supply just 7 per cent of the international traded market, but New Zealand will enjoy a 36 per cent year.

Well done New Zealand.

 Don't let the Greens and Labour fuck it all up in September 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An Alternate POV

I have no doubt climate change happens, how else to understand ice ages, mini ice ages, periods of drought year on year in some regions, the Sahara once being verdant Savannah and forest, the dust bowl in the US Midwest in the thirties so graphically depicted by Steinbeck in The Grapes of Wrath etcetera etcetera

I do however have a massive problem accepting that CO2, a really significant promoter of vegetation growth as a contributor to current climate change.

I can't embrace;
(1) Emissions created by humans when set against bush fires and  forest fires ignited by lightning and then adding in volcanic activity that has all been naturally occurring for millennia  that make current emissions fairly minor and of no consequence.
(2) The intensive drive by a UN creation to be alarmist and irrational as a sanctioned propaganda exercise with extreme predictions that have continually and regularly failed to materialise.
(3) The obscene riches accumulated by snake oil salesmen such as failed US presidential candidate Al Gore by creating then taking advantage of Carbon trading scams.
(4) The tactics adopted by the scammers and their fervent pseudo religious believer adherents.
(5) The concurrent adoption by the socialists as a source of the funding they so treasure and love through various taxes using climate change as the basis
(6) The well scheduled release of the accompanying propaganda assaults from the various churches of pseudo climatology. Ron L Hubbard would have been involved boots and all
(7) and the denigration of any who dare to question, challenge, refute or even just discuss the mantra all add up to a valid cynicism and therefore rejection of any obligation to support the scammers and their "settled science"

As for New Zealand being a world leader to prevent catastrophe don't make me laugh, nearly all the preacherati here have the complete destruction of our productive base and therefore our way of life that is the envy of the world as their main motivating driver

I know you wont get a message resembling mine in our media so if you have any wish to indulge yourself go to The Pickering Post where Larry and a mate  of his Viv Forbes have excellent reading.