Thursday, June 30, 2016


Bugger the polls and only in Oz could someone come up with the idea of dangling two pieces of rotten fish, one featuring a pic of Malcom Turnbull and the other embellished with Bill Shorten's face, and dangle them over a crocodile pool to see which one took Burt the crocs fancy as a means of predicting which Party was going to win Saturday's election.

Seems Burt preferred Malcolm over Bill.


'Andrew Little isn't fit to run a bath, much less a political Party'.    Ouch and double ouch.

On someone who is fast becoming the Jeremy Corbyn of New Zealand politics.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


In my second degree of separation circle is a young man with wife and two children who was told last August he had weeks to live, melonoma.

With the assistance of many, he soon managed to access Keytruda, three weeks for $13 000 to be cleared in the suppliers bank account before delivery every 21 days, do the maths.

I am informed the results were outstanding to the point where he was out hunting and shooting by years end but his Medical team advised recently there was no more benefit to be gained from the drug that had raised hopes so dramatically.

It would be very interesting to know at what price Merk Sharpe Dohme  have settled with Pharmac for access to  New Zealand with their wonder drug.
The company that required a dinner meeting with the temporary leader of the NZLP in a blatant attempt to subvert  our world leading protocol in retort to the drug barons ( the lawful ones) in their manipulation of drug pricing.

Let's TalkAbout The Important Issues

As Australia approaches a pivotal federal election of both houses in three days time, politicians home in on the key issues for the future of the country.

The national debt increases at an alarming rate, hundreds of thousands of people are out of work, electricity pries are sky high, major businesses fold each week, Islamic terrorists murder thirty to sixty people every day,.

So which one is the focus as the campaign comes to its denouement?

Why, both sides and the media can talk of no other issue but that of allowing Adam and Steve to get married.

I kid you not.

No wonder James Delingpole wrote not too long ago that "Australians have handed in their testicles"


Gueez ... when you're in a hole stop digging.     The fallout from the Panama Papers continues although not perhaps in the way the Little man envisaged.

The time line ....

In April and following publication of the Panama Papers the government commissioned John Sherwan, ex Chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers and acknowledged tax expert, to lead an inquiry on the rules governing foreign trusts operating in NZL.     Little responded by claiming that Sherwan was not a fit and proper person to conduct the inquiry because he had previously advised the Bahamas government on how to preserve its tax haven status.

Sherwan responded by saying that Little had it wrong; that he had never tended such advice to the Bahamian government and requested that Little retract his statement.

On 10 June and with no sign of any retraction Sherwan sent the following letter to Little's office ....

The suggested response is not acceptable. It does not recognise the severity of the incorrect statement made by Mr Little.
It's reasonable to expect a person in Mr Little's position to understand the impact and damage the statement he has made would have on me personally and the potential they have to negatively impact my business now and in the future.
I have been fair and extremely patient. It is close to two months since Mr Little caused me and my family considerable stress and humiliation.
My efforts to address the issue in a fair and timely way were responded to by procrastination and vain efforts to fob me off, whereas they could and should have brought a prompt resolution to this matter.
The statements made were patently wrong and damaging to my reputation and I now require an unqualified retraction which will go some way towards mitigating the damage that has already been caused.
A correction along the lines you are suggesting would be unacceptable.
I now request the statement I sent to you yesterday be issued with the following additions: 'I apologise to Mr Shewan for any embarrassment I have caused him through my statements'." 
Please advise Mr Little's position by 5pm today.

On 18 June and shortly before kick-off in the NZL vs Wales Test Match Little released a statement retracting his comments but with no apology.

Yesterday afternoon (28 June) Little, in responding to questioning, said he was not apologising to Shewan because he (Shewan) had never asked him to do so.

Yesterday evening Shewan responded by releasing his 10 June letter and, in doing so, effectively called Little a liar.

Not much more to say.   What a f****p.   His colleague MPs will be rolling their eyes in disbelief as to how this has played out.    The old saying of 'when you're in a ditch, stop digging' has never been truer.   Grant and Jacinda will not be displeased.


Leader of Labour,  Little
President of the Party Nigel Haworth,
Deputy Leader Annette King,
Is it best practice for a serial failure in the person of Matt McCarten to continue to destroy your once great outfit.

Word is you have no money apart from a potential if somewhat until now largely absent
union support.

In the interests of  retaining some semblance of a functioning democracy can someone in the increasingly dysfunctional pretend charade take the Little man into a back room and forcefully impess upon his stubborn, pigheaded, so wrong and damaging mind set that when in a hole stop digging, when found in error immediately apologise, when threatened with legal repercussions over an offensive remark take every opportunity to appease the wronged.

The customer is always right even when demonstrably wrong.

I accept that Little and the one voice in his ear continuously, McCarten  after years of union tactics where dissent is easily ignored and shut down in intimidatory open meetings with votes by show of hands and rhetoric dominated by loud threatening speech making with no opportunity for an opposing view is accepted practice. However in politics where message and perception rule the discourse, a change in sop is imperative.
The Hagamans gave an extraordinary generous opportunity for Little to make it right, it is very difficult to understand what was to be gained from intransigence.
The way Little went after Shewan on his appointment to review the Panama papers with allegations of whitewash and bias only to in recent days use the resulting report to try to reignite  dead embers was indication of serious incompetence but to then refuse a clear request for retraction and apology from Mr Shewan is either gross stupidity or serious mental impairment.

Wont someone with a few functioning brain cells in Labour either gag the idiots or at the very least write new lines, as at present it is so depressing and for a functioning loyal opposition, damaging to the point of disaster.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How Did They Work That Out?

International ratings agency S & P has downgraded great Britain's sovereign debt rating from AAA to AA.     That's a pretty savage downgrade.

Funny thing, I thought.  The ninth largest economy in the world votes to shrug off the debilitating and corrupt EU but the ratings agency gives it a beating.   I would have thought it was the EU that needed a kick in the pants, rather than Britain.

Still, this is the same Standard and Poors which told the world that AIG was fine, just weeks before the mortgage insurer collapsed under the weight of Democratic Party inspired mass home loan defaults, triggering the Global Financial Crisis.

If I had to choose between lending to Britain or to what's left of the EU, it would be the Brits every time.

Monday, June 27, 2016


He has no option.   Tom Watson, Labour's Deputy leader and up until now, loyal to an echo, has told him that he has lost the confidence of the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Never mind that Corbyn is the darling of Labour's left wing activist base and their surrogate stalking horse 'Momentum'.    If you lose the confidence of your parliamentary colleagues the activist base matters nowt ... sure you can hang tough and claim that you have a mandate from the wider Party; you can even call for a new election, stand and win, but it will be a Pyrrhic victory.    A hopelessly divided parliamentary team and it's a recipe for electoral disaster.

The Tories too have their issues but I suspect they are savvy enough to sort out their leadership wrangles behind closed doors.  

Hat-tip.   Stick the name Dan Jarvis in your memory banks.    Jarvis is 44 YO and MP for Barnsley Central.    Ex Major in the Parachute Regiment, served in Kosevo, Iraq and Afghanistan, decorated.     Tipped by Labour insiders as someone to watch and was, for a time, Shadow Youth Justice and Victims Minister under David Miliband.      My contacts in the UK military speak highly of him.  


My better half has a severe back problem.   It prevents her from walking long distances.   Pending corrective surgery she has been issued with a disability car parking permit.

You would be surprised (or perhaps not) at the number of able bodied persons who think nothing of parking in the blue spaces reserved for those with disabilities.   Now if someone were to let their tires down ......!!!!!   But that wouldn't be right either.

Another example of peoples disregard for society.   Sigh.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sore Sour Losers

So the socialists who lost the Brexit vote want another referendum?

What will they do if they get their wish (which they won't) and the second referendum gives an even more emphatic win for the 'leave' vote?

Hell, in NZ these people would demand another election every time Labour yet again is defeated.


Well, almost.   However, I see that Jeremy Corbyn has just fired Hilary Benn, Labour's shadow Foreign Secretary, for supposedly encouraging fellow Shadow Ministers to resign were he (Corbyn) to ignore a vote of no-confidence in him.

If the reason as advanced is correct then I hardly think that arguing in support of what would be the right thing to do is a sackable offence,   Mind you, Corbyn and Benn have serious history.   A delicious irony given the fact that Tony Benn, Hilary's father, was perhaps the most left-wing Labour Party leader in modern history.

So it's not just the Tory Party that has problems.   UKIP too.   Their sole MP, Douglas Carswell, a member of the official 'Leave' campaign, has come out strongly against Fara(n)ge being given any role in the Inter-Party Committee being formed to help negotiate Brexit.   Farage was sidelined by the Leave campaign as too extreme.

Blood sports continue apace.

Updated Mon 9.16 (Golf Course closed, too wet)

Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet is in disarray ... resignations aplenty

Lord Falconer, shadow justice secretary
Chris Bryant, shadow leader of the House of Commons
Heidi Alexander, shadow health secretary
Lucy Powell, shadow education secretary
Vernon Coaker, shadow Northern Island secretary
Ian Murray, shadow Scottish secretary - and Labour's only Scotland MP
Kerry McCarthy, shadow environment secretary
Seema Malhotra, shadow chief secretary to the Treasury
Lillian Greenwood, shadow transport secretary
Gloria de Piero, shadow minister for young people and voter registration
Karl Turner, shadow attorney-general

and the last person standing is????


I see the Stephen Kinnoch, Labour MP for Aberavon, son of the former Labour Party Leader, Neil Kinnoch and tribal Labour to the core has joined the call for Corbyn to step down (or be sacked).   He said that with Corbyn at the helm Labour was likely to lose somewhere between 30 and 60 seats come the next election.   Who am I to disagree with a Labour Party insider.


I have been asked many times both on and off blog why I don't ban idiots from the extremes of both ends of the political continuum. The answer is simple (for me anyway).   'Idiot' posters define themselves by what they say.   Far better that their idiocy is played out in the public arena for all to see rather than shut down and out.

I blog on things that interest me.   I do not expect readers to necessarily agree with me ... that goes with the territory.   Some of those who post here regularly disagree with me ... Egbut and Noel to the fore in this; but that's their right and that's what blogging is all about.  One would prefer that is done respectfully but everyone (me included) will sometimes have a 'bad hair' day. However there is a line where those who comment on 'My' blog cross at their peril. Call me a liar and you're out.

My observation is that idiot posters from the hard Left tend to be plain nasty whereas their idiot colleagues from the far Right tend to be defined by their stupidity.    One of my PolSci lecturers used to put it this way ... that there's really no difference between the far Right and and the far Left ... they are joined at the hip.  Both are authoritarian; both are dismissive of dissenting opinion to the point of violence.    You see that on this blog.   It is right these posters are given the opportunity and space to condemn themselves out of their own mouths.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Looks like 'our' flag referendum vote came a year or two too early.     With Brexit a reality I suspect that it can be taken as a given that Scotland will exit the Union.

Here's the New Zealand ensign with the Cross of St Andrew removed.    Like it?   I don't.

And Now On The Lighter Side

Yesterday afternoon The Cook returned from shopping with the cr radio blasting at a thousand decibels.   "Funny' I thought.  She doesn't usually turn it on.  An orchestra was playing that rousing Sousa march, Stars and Stripes Forever.

'What's going on?'

"The guy on ABC Classic FM was all upset" she said.

 Verbatim:   "I've just heard the terrible news from the UK so we'd better have something to cheer us up."

You'd think the socialist luvvie (They are ALL socialist luvvies at the ABC) could have played Rule Britannia.


I don't think so, when the dust settles Northern Ireland and Scotland will re-establish their total reliance on the wealth created in England, in their feeble minds they sold to England years ago.

The only  reason  Ulster has remained beyond the reach of Dublin is The UK.

If Scotland has any delusions that they could replace British welfare from Europe and the dwindling oil reserves of the North Sea, in the now immortal words of Daniel Kerrigan in " The Castle", tell him he's dreamin".

Of course the Pound has taken a hit and the London financial markets have fallen.
For weeks Cameron, Osborne and the whole coterie of those who saw their reflected glory in Europe have been doing all in their power to threaten such an outcome.
Lets wait and see what eventuates, I believe it will not be as the doom merchants declared.

Oh and by the way Milt that is my belief system at work nothing to do with The Daily Mail, Pravda, The Peoples Voice, just opinion and belief.


Not from where I stand.

Born in 1966 educated in prepschools, then on to Eton and Oxford.

Age 22 entered the cloistered world of Conservative Party politics totally removed from the realities of working and being rewarded for achievement.

Rising to lead a Conservative Party that had endured the 'Blair' years and defeated the dour Scotsman Gordon 'Broon', about as significant as The All blacks defeating Namibia.

Then in a classic error of judgement decided to hang his hat, frockcoat and handkerchief on the referendum to exit the now quite dysfunctional bureaucratic nightmare that is "Brussells" in a fraught wholesale support position for UK to 'remain'.  Ignoring the alternative of stating his belief that the UK should stay in The EU and then allowing others to campaign,  Saint David with his total belief in his rightness stood on the scaffold and was somewhat surprised when it became a place of doom.
At least he had the intestinal fortitude to recognise how compromised he was and resigned, but Saint, I do not accept that.
Just another political animal who chose to deny the truth that electors have in their midst people who have risked all with a bank only to be cut down.  Started a business and suffered the slings and arrows of numpties in power make things difficult even to a point where destroying the dream is the outcome. Entrepreneurs watching Politicians withdrawing created wealth from commerce to donate to consumptive vote buying enterprise that destroys the ability of the target people to get up and do something to improve their lot. Dabbling in social change not to solve problems but only eventuating in further destruction of the fabric of a society, thousands of years in its creation to have it rent asunder in a couple of generations.

Cameron's legacy will be the ending of EU domination of The UK and only time will reveal whether his stupidity was a step to sainthood or an albatross such as still hangs around Neville Chamberlains neck.

Friday, June 24, 2016


The opinion formers who lecture daily to the proletariat, most of whom become increasingly frustrated with the abomination they call news,  are abandoning their infotainment in droves, as they  have made a pigs arse of yet another democratic issue. Infotainment from publishers, through management and editorial down to the numpties masquerading as journalists have no freakin idea which way is up.

The last UK General election was a total rout of the Pollsters as they failed spectacularly to predict that outcome.

The talking heads are still failing to understand what is making Donald Trump still a contender although status that is starting to slide.

Today will be known as The United Kingdom Independence Day, well subtract one day for them having one more sleep.
June The 23rd 2016 is the day UK voters regained their sovereignty.

It was sad enough back in 1973  when Ted Heath who was considered by many to be  in the wrong party, turned the UK's collective back on a commonwealth that had shed blood twice in the preceeding half century fighting many of the nations now wooing Heath and his minions to join a free trade area made up of Germany, France, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium and Italy,  along with Denmark and Ireland.

As a free trade bloc there were clear economic advantages for the UK but having been spurned at the bloody alter by de Gaulle in 1963 and again in 1967 one might have thought the UK was not really wanted so that fact just made the abandonment of the Commonwealth all the more insulting. France however managed to gain associate membership or at least favourable trade terms going forward for its overseas posessions.

As the megalomaniac bureaucrats gained power and basket case economies were added "Brussells" as it became known became a self fulfilling bureaucratic nightmare, trade continued to blossom at the expense of taxpaying serfs.
No wonder many UK businesses, many now with considerable multinational investment and management, have been on a binge of bullying and lying to perpetrate their nice little number.
That someone can take on "Brussells" and win in UK courts only to be buried by another Court with little authority from the voter being sodomised has finally become understood by ordinary "Brits".

The "Six" began as a counter to a burgeoning Japan and the monolith that was the USA. The nine became the EEC European Economic Community, now labelled the E U, European Union, and Farage and Boris Johnson have just tossed a brick through Cameron,s window and it is just announced he will be gone by October, if not a whole lot sooner.

Some Moron on Red Radio started to say how around 1600 hrs, "it was a disaster" before I could reach the off button.
No Numpty the disaster was back in 1973 and has progressively gotten worse since. Didn't The Greece turmoil  tell anyone anything.

It is broken and needs a total overhaul so that the money trees growing hydroponically will die. The sooner the Voters of Europe wake up to reality the easier it will be to fix.
I hope Mr Key is listening and absorbing the lessons as some of his headlong drive to make NZ in his image will also need to take stock.

I had a good day.


Brexit has won 52% to 48%.   The people have spoken and the people are right (even when they are wrong).     Clearly this was a vote against the political establishment in much the same way as those supporting the Trump and Sanders campaigns are, in effect, giving the fingers to both the Republican and Democrat party establishment.

It's not a time for gloating as that idiot Nigel Farange did in jumping the gun and claiming victory in a rant rather than a speech.   To describe Brexit as as victory for 'good' and 'decent' people is to suggest that the 15m who voted for 'Remain' are neither ... but that paled into insignificance when he claimed they won their victory 'without firing a bullet'.   Not sure the family of Jo Cox would agree.

Farange is an idiot and right now cool heads are needed as the UK is sailing into some quite unchartered waters.    Plain why the official Brexit campaign wouldn't have a bar of him.  

Interesting times ahead for the UK and Europe and beyond.


For those who don't have Sky or Foxtel, there is the excellent and right up to the minute BBC website.

So far with less than 10% counted, 'leave' is leading.

Interesting to note the closer a constituency is to the Chunnellthe more likely it is to vote Leave - or so it seems at this stage.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


A little bird tells me that the nice Mr Cosgrove (the man who makes Mongrel Mob enforcers appear Christlike) has been spectacularly unsuccessful in hawking himself around the boardrooms as his gift to New Zealand business ... so much so that he has reached out to National MPs and movers and shakers for support in helping him to find a new job.

Understand that hasn't happened either and that he is now working on securing a cosy little deal with Phil Goff as his Chief of Staff if/when Goff becomes Mayor of the Super City.   God help Auckland twice.

Guess What?

Now in Australia you can buy bottled 'diet water.'


I kid you not.

I guess it goes with the solar powered torches.

Great Spectator Sport

Election campaigns, that is.

Last week Malcolm Turnbull hosted twenty prominent Australian Muslims to a Ramadan dinner at the prime ministerial residence.

There was just one problem.  One of the guests turned out to be an Imam who loudly and frequently has called for the execution of homosexuals.  The dinner was a couple of days after the Orlando massacre.  In the understatement of the year Turnbull conceded 'it wasn't a good look.'

However some wag summed up the whole sorry mess in a tweet.

"Malcolm, how the hell do you think you're going to vet 50,000 refugees when you can't even vet twenty dinner guests.?"



Ok, we all know that Winston Peters is a perennial headline chaser but his criticism of John Key for not joining him in urging British voters to vote for Brexit is WSP at his mischievous worst.

One one hand he declares his support for Brexit in a speech to the House of Lords and reaffirms it in an interview today and on the other he criticizes President Obama for 'lecturing' Britons that they should back remaining in the EU.   Is Peters so dumb that he can't see a certain inconsistency in his position? ... answer, doesn't care.   He knows his adoring fans don't worry about their Messiah's inconsistencies.   He's spoken, that's sufficient.

As for his argument that Brexit will open up new trade opportunities for New Zealand and Peters shows yet again he doesn't understand market economics.   Europe remains where it is ... 33k from Dover.    The 'chunnel' doesn't shut down. Europe will continue to sell to the UK ... subsidies and all.   It's British farming and farmers who will suffer.  New Zealand will continue to struggle to achieve market access for lamb, beef and dairy products.   Not much will change.

Perhaps a more simple reason ... cant, hubris, unreality and ADD are clear signs of aging.    

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


In Northland gullible Maori are being scammed by a Maori
Incorporation 'Nga Uri Whakatupu Ngati Hine' who are charging $250 for a fake Warrant of Fitness citing as their authority the (non-existent) Native Waka Motor Vehicle Act 2005'.    In defending the scam Phil Saleh said that a Maori Incorporation is essentially a 'State outside of Government' and that gives them the right to make their own laws.

Even if this were legit (which it ain't) just why anyone would pay $250 for something costing $50 beggars belief.   The answer is simple ... people purchasing these 'warrants' know their vehicles haven't got a shit show in hell of meeting real WOF standards.   Ricky Siosoua is a mechanic in Rawene who has come across four cars sporting fake warrants, some of which weren’t even close to roadworthy.  “As soon as he opened his door, his door fell off,” says Mr Siosoua. “I mean, that tells me a lot.”

Drivers of these vehicles are putting themselves, their families and all other road users at risk.    Any vehicle caught with one of these fake warrants should be immediately impounded by the Police.

But the really sad thing in all of this is that fact that it is Maori who preying on gullible fellow Maori.   Not sure that the likes of even John Harawira would approve ... although perhaps he does on the basis of cocking a snoot at 'colonist' laws.

Monday, June 20, 2016


From an outsider looking in and it appears to me that the Brexit star was in the ascendancy until that 'nutter' killed Jo Cox and became, rightly or wrongly, identified with the Brexit campaign and then, to compound their problems, along comes Nigel Farange, lose cannon and leader of UKIP, who the official Brexit campaign spurned as too much 'off the wall' with his message here that has the moderates in the Brexit campaign rolling their eyes as a huge own goal.

FFS ... these are images taken from Europe.    The people depicted do not enjoy right of entry into the UK.

Farange's message resonates with the nutters.   It was a nutter that killed Jo Cox.   Spot the connection.

Extremism can damage legitimate campaigns.   I suspect the Brexit campaigners are about to find that out to their sorrow.    I suspect too the GOP will regret at leisure allowing their Party to be captured by Trump.   America deserves better ... much better than the lessor of two evils.  

Medical Misadventure

It's reported that a dozen or so people were rushed to hospital from a labor Party function in Perth.

Nobody seemed to know what the problem was but symptoms included profound nausea and lethargy.

Now the ailment has been diagnosed as Irritable Bill Syndrome.

Image result for bill shorten

More Xenophobia From The Herald

What's missing from this story?

Di Chinese migrants have for brains than Kiwis?  You'd think so if you relied on The Herald for your information.

"It's cheaper for them to buy and then build rather than buy an existing house," Law said of the buyers, 97 per cent who are recent Chinese migrants.

  (Hmmmmmmmm.  Like those 97% of scientists?)

One has to ask why are NZers not buying these sections?  Something is fishy here. Something stinks to high heaven, even.

BTW someone should tell the illiterate Gibson the phrase is 'bare land' not raw land.  I have yet to see land which becomes cooked after it is built on.

Sunday, June 19, 2016


I get a deal of pleasure watching Landrover 1st XV College Rugby.   The skill level on display is quite outstanding and that combined with youthful passion and pride makes for great entertainment.  

The future of our national game is secure with this great college player base.

I was privileged to watch the Kings vs Grammar match.   The annual match is one of the oldest in New Zealand schoolboy rugby.   The rivalry is intense.   The game did not disappoint the crowd which would have to be nudging on 5,000. Kings did Grammar like a dinner 25-7 to win at home for the first time since 2011.    I can admit to being a tad biased.   Virtus Pollet.

Lip Larger Than Wallet

It looks as though the NZ Opposition leader is not confident of his ability to handle two defamation cases simultaneously.

But today, in a short statement, Mr Little admitted that he was wrong.
"In April, I made statements concerning advice provided to the Bahamas government by John Shewan, the person appointed to review the disclosure rule concerning foreign trusts in New Zealand. 
Those statements were based on a report in a Bahamas newspaper," he said.

"After meeting with Mr Shewan, I accept his explanation that while he advised the Bahamas government on tax matters he did not advise them on how to maintain their tax haven status."

So we have a fool who shoots his mouth of on the back of a tropical newspaper report and he wants to be Prime Minister?