Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Where The Lords Test Was Lost

I have been working the last two nights so listened to Mondays second innings debacle on Radio Sport and I have not seen any of the dismissals on TV. Listening to Talk Back hosts and callers on Radio Sport last night not one of them hit on where the test was actually lost. You have to go back to the start of day three for that. NZ were 303 (or thereabouts) for 2 with Williamson and Taylor well established at the crease - an opportunity to bat us into an invincible position. I was expecting the test match doctrine of bat once and bat them out of the game to apply - especially in view of the 270 overs still to go in the match. A score of 600 should have been a minimum and ideally 650 plus which would have seen a lead about 260 - even if we had to bat until lunch on the fourth day. Instead we had two strangles down the legside - Taylor and Anderson - and two dumb shots - McCullum and Southee - especially given the state of the game. These soft dismissals were compounded by Williamson getting bogged down once he got to 100 and only Watling came out of the days play with any credit. While 523 is a good score in the context of this game a lead of only 130 odd was a poor outcome and we finished day three pretty much on level terms which was an unsatisfactory position. In the England second innings Cook showed how winning test cricket should be played and why at his best he is along with Amla and Williamson one of the best test batsmen around. Stokes took advantage of some uncharacteristically loose bowling, especially from Southee who it appears may have lost the plot. In fact of the bowlers only Boult came out of the fourth days play with any credit at all after the first hour. Once the game turned and England were given a sniff of a chance any long term follower of New Zealand cricket would have been sensing the sort of outcome that we ended up with. The most disappointing aspect being the inability of the team to put their heads down and bat time - only Watling did this. I will be looking for a big improvement in this area during the second test as well as a better test bowling effort especially from Southee and Craig who both must be prepared to bowl longer spells including containment when necessary.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Michael Cheika Takes Rugby Back To Mindless Violence!

Many of those of us old enough to understand, still glory in what Kevin Skinner did to Japie Becker and Chris Koch in 1956.
With no TV replays,  referees who struggled to either understand or appreciate the dark arts of close contact areas of Rugby,  had no idea what the two Saffa  bully boys  were doing to the All Black front row as they dominated scrums in the first two tests, suffice to say Bekker and Koch were just being dominant. After they gave grief to the NZ scrum  in the first two tests Kevin Skinner was brought back from retirement to try and even things up and he did just that. Yes Skinner was the NZ heavy weight boxing champ but he also with his attitude and demeanour and his very skilled fists,  had the two SA props subdued in minutes. Chris Koch was felled, knocked out with a big punch missed by the referee but the impact was heard many meters back in the crowd, then KS went to the other side of the front row and sorted Bekker.

Richard Low was the last NZ prop to attempt to bring violence to the table and eventually even he worked out that thuggery and violence were no answer and should you meet Richard Low today you could be forgiven for wondering if you just encountered his brother.

What Cheika is defending Skelton and Latu for doing to Sam Whitelock in Sydney on Saturday night, an incident that was potentially career ending for the Crusaders Lock, was far more serious than Cheika's dismissive defence implies. In scrappy play Whitelock ended up standing with the ball after the whistle had blown only to be picked up and spear tackled by the two Cheika bovver boys and had Sam not been able to get his arms free to  break his fall he could have joined League stars Jarrod McCracken and Alex McKinnon with a career ending spinal injury. Not so bad for McCracken he can  still walk after Kearney's effort but the freak accident suffered has McKinnon in a wheel chair and contemplating suing the ARL.
It was unforgivable and an unnecessary move to violence as an intimidation tactic and has no place in modern rugby, I note Whitelock is missing next week with concussion issues, no surprise there.
Rugby will always have such  things occur in the heat of battle but it is difficult to find an Irishman who thinks Tana Umaga and Kevin Mealamu  innocent after they injured the Irish star and skipper  Brian O'Driscoll in Lions 2005 who suffered a similar assault, the big difference being that was a tackle badly executed in play but such finer points disappear rapidly when the outcome is career ending. Cheika's thugs being defended  by him and handed pathetic stand-downs that are to be appealed all happened after the eighth match in charge referee, had blown his whistle for a restart.
Just to illustrate the ludicrous mind gymnastics of the Waratah coach who in his defence of Skelton, Cheika claims it is hard for him with  his 2m plus frame to tackle low. Hoy you numpty the big thug had Sam grasped around his chest it was thug number  two who lifted the legs and it was all taking place seconds after the ref blew his freakin whistle.

Of course in earlier times Mr Latu would have had his face altered and possibly might have needed the services of an orthodontist and Mr Skelton would have been limping around as a spare wing/fullback in the days when no substitutes were allowed from the efforts of a Kevin Skinner,  a  Frank Oliver, a Mark Shaw or any of the other enforcers that were an integral part of rugby. Now we have moved to a more civilised era where Video replays and judiciary hearings have replaced the enforcers but it would seem that Mr Cheika has a different take on such niceties.
Of course Mr Latu also committed the now unforgivable error of taking a poke at Wyatt Crocket in the resulting melee, add in the no arms cleanout of McCaw from behind plus the unique tackling style of Fijiian winger Naiyaravovo,  and the tactical nous of Mr Cheika soon to take over the Wallabies is revealed as not very nice.

Footnote as to how serious the old retribution tactics could be very severe and not fair, All Black Lock in that memorable 1956 third test at Lancaster Park where moi was a spectator, Tiny White, scored a try but his career was ended in the fourth test at Eden Park when he was kicked in the spine while prone on the ground when a Saffa mistook him for Kevin Skinner who by then was probably the most hated All Black ever, in the eyes of the Boers.

If the ARU think Michael Cheika is the way forward then just watch how the more enlightened ARL and Football Australia continue to leave the fourth ranked footy code languishing in their benighted current state of idiocy over thugs being thugs.

Disclaimer, My attitude to mindless violence has no connection to my being ordered off for punching an opposition player  'Zombie', who gave a rabbit punch to one of my teammates, 'Scone',  while he was helpless and bound in a ruck c1961, that was well worth the walk of shame.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Chook chook chook, c'mon chooks, Morgan says Stupid Andy.

Gifting Northland to Winston has chickens coming home for the Little Bantam.

Free Range Egg available!

Then they made him the yard rooster!

Is that the ISIS symbol?

Next week "feather duster"?

feather duster on white door Stock Photo - 21055367 

Tonight Roy Morgan delivered cold shoulder to Angry for his Monday night dinner.

National 54% support party Maori two seats, Act One seat and Dunne One seat,  their Margin of error share means little.

NZLP 25.5%, Melons 10.5%,  The new MP for Northland very happy to have his seat as he heads towards needing it, down to 6%.

Government 56% opposition 42%, bloody cold for a BBQ eh Robbo.

OK one poll and its along way to 2017, plenty of time for the National party to keep doing their absolute very best to end the dream only to be foiled by an opposition on a hill bereft of grass and very muddy that with recent rains has them sliding toward the abyss.

After Seymour's Budget speech there must be a chance to expand the territory to the right of Key as he dives deeper into the middle pool.
Does Craig see the situation with his hopes and dreams still lolling on the grassy knoll.

Oh that poll was taken in the leadup to the budget so where to now.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Many of you will have read the column by Judith Collins in the SST where she urges consideration be given to the repatriation of the remains of servicemen who were killed in action or died on duty overseas post 31 December 1947 being the close-off date for interment in a Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) cemetery.

Some background.   The Charter of the CWGC forbids the repatriation of remains from CWGC cemeteries.   This policy covers all NZ personnel who died in WW1 and WW2 as well as twelve J-Force personnel who died in Japan.    There are 35 personnel killed in the Korean War buried in the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Pusan (UNMCK); 30 in Malaysia in a combination of military and civilian cemeteries and 2 in Singapore.    For all intents and purposes UNMCK has the status of a CWGC cemetery.   It is a national shrine and a permanent reminder to young South Koreans of the part played by New Zealand in the liberation of their country.    I suspect the governments of both New Zealand and Korea would be opposed to any attempt to repatriate these remains.

The situation in Malayia is different.    Sixteen soldiers (including 7 KIA in Vietnam) are buried in the British Military Cemetery at Terendak, Melaka (Malacca) which is also the resting place of Australian, Major Peter Badcoe VC, killed-in-action in Vietnam.    This cemetery is maintained by the British Government with assistance from the CWGC.    I have visited it a number of times.  It is clean and well maintained.   It is a restful place.    The remaining sixteen are interred in either the Kaumunting Road Christian Cemetery in Taiping or the Cheras Road Christian Cemetery in Kuala Lumpur.   These latter two cemeteries are not maintained to anywhere near the standard found in a CWGC cemetery or the British Military Cemetery in Terendak.

There are a further two interred in the CWGC cemetery in Kranji, Singapore.   As they were killed in 1954 and 1961 respectively it is not known how or why they managed to be interred at Kranji.  CWGC policy would forbid their repatriation..

There have over the years been requests from families of those interred in Malaysia to bring the bodies home.   These requests have been declined.   The last attempt was in 2007.  I have in my possession Cabinet Policy Committee Paper POL Min (07) 21/19 dated 12 September where the Clark Labour Government declined a request from families of servicemen buried in Terendak citing particularly the opposition by RNZRSA to the move.   It is the long standing policy of RNZRSA to oppose any move towards the repatriation of remains from overseas.

My understanding is that RNZRSA has now reversed its position.

I am of the view that the families of servicemen buried in the Kaumunting Road Christian Cemetery and the Cheras Road Christian cemetery should be offered the option of repatriation of their remains back to New Zealand and their re-internment at public expense.

The personnel in question in Taiping are:

Private George Amas
Private Robert Breitmeyer
Lance Corporal Percy Brown (aka Iwihora)
Private Bruce Hay
Private Tu Kawha
Private Toma Solia
Private Brian Tuxworth

and in Kuala Lumpur:

Corporal Allister Buchanan
Flying Officer William Devescovi
Private Michael Dunn
Flying Officer Douglas Nelson
Captain Lawrence Shannon
Trooper Adrian Thomas
Squadron Leader Alexander Tie

I do not support the repatriation of those interred in the British Military Cemetery at Terendak.   The cemetery is well cared for.   They lie among their colleagues.   Let them rest in peace.   I do however acknowledge the views of those who would say that it would be inequitable to discriminate against them in relation to the other fourteen.    I will concede it is a moot point.

The bottom line for me is that they deserve to 'rest' in a respectful and well maintained place.   Certainly the Taiping and KL cemeteries do not meet this standard.

I congratulate Judith Collins for being prepared to champion the call.  

I Thought He Had More Brains

John Roughan, that is.

Today he squanders a billion words lamenting the arrival of a capital  gains tax last week 'without any fanfare."

If they dig up this week's news they will see little sense of the significance of last Sunday's announcement of a capital gains tax.

Well Mr Roughan that's probably because the people you thought would kick up bobsie dye have more brains than you do.  They know it is not a new tax, just a change to the rules surrounding an old tax that has been with us for decades.

I guess what he's really saying is the media's campaign to create a cause celebre has failed - yet again.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Well It Interests Me Anyway.

This man wants to be Australian Prime Minister but he is flawed.

Pics from the Pickering Post

As more and more Australians work out that ex union thug Wee Willie Shortone is not the real deal and his star wanes, he is becoming a sniggering stock.

Both the philandering ex union boss and his missus Chloe are in urgent need of some wardrobe advice, then  Bill needs to convert those Moobs into pecs and while he is doing that get some muscle development of his little girl shoulders.

It is one thing to pick up a phone and get some heavies to give an almost life ending bash to an ex union colleague who refused to take the safe federal seat of Melton as a sweetener for silence, then while that poor bugger is languishing in hospital and rehab,  take that plum for your self.
When the opponent blocking  progress is variously pictured wearing budgie smugglers at the life saving photo opp, getting of his bike after a long ride with mates or scrambling to the top of Red Hill above the Federal Parliament and always in the picture of health for a fifty something who  has done a 'Lazarus" and understands what working up a sweat actually involves, changes are needed.

Tony Abbott who almost every journo in Aus had dead and only the funeral was undecided, has, by using every political skill he has accumulated to overcome a pack of newshounds with the scent of  blood in their nostrils regurgitating how he, Abbott, a committed Catholic, who had set out on track for the priesthood, once punched a hole in a wall as a student, gained the leadership of the Liberals by one vote over a 'Lib' in the wrong party Malcolm Turnbull, continually portrayed in an antagonistic media as a Misogynist, and most damning of all tossed the socialist luvvies out on their sorry arses.
He doesn't overcome all that crap by rolling over.
As Abbotts star slowly rises Bill Shorten's is sinking towards the horizon. What will prolong his inexorable political demise are the very restrictive rules that KRudd imposed for ALP leadership 'spills' after he finally sent Gillard to the knackers for taking his job off  him three years earlier and decided that was beyond the Pale, so with the help of the union enablers of the ALP set out to prevent such a thing happening again. In a union controlled party it is almost mandated Shorten must resign to be unseated and that folks aint about to occur anytime soon.

The mendacious prick is so increasingly arrogant and superficial, images that are so destructive and increasingly being published are of no moment but the tide is turning, I recall how when Juliar Gillard was the media's icon she was never portrayed from her waist down that has a monumentally large arse dominating the scene but as her image became increasingly tarnished camera angles slipped lower, similar with KRudd whose volcanic temper eruptions were suppressed but when blood was smelt they also became more widely published.

Why do I post on such matters, well folks they are our neighbours and not knowing how others in your street conduct themselves can come back and bite you, The West Island is more like family than neighbour and when they get sick as the are right now it is useful to try and understand and empathise.

Gold Medal Rio 2016 put the farm on it.

Went over to the Abyss to see how the dopy left were coping with Nationals most cunning operator since Muldoon fooled so many all those years ago to be greeted with the most amazing floor exercise in years of world gymnastic excellence.

Forget the lefty budget of Simon Says the venomous attack leading TDB was a protest that a public company management had taken steps to protect their Shareholder investment and dared to kill off a money losing TV show
Almost maniacal lefty Martin Martyn Bradbury protesting capitalism with messianic fervor since for ever, now protesting a capitalistic icon in NZ Media Works, now owned by Ironbridge Investments Australia, for ending a capitalist icon of Japan,  Mazda  sponsored tv reality show, Campbell Live. So suddenly capitalists have offended socialists and that has to change' meanwhile he  ignored the elephant in the market place, Red Radio NZ an acknowledged  haven for socialist sympathy driven journalists (advisedly),  funded entirely by poor bloody taxpayers.

When did the last hope for broadcast socialist dogma  lie solely with a free market aberration that has the lefties so exercised, or is it dawning that the whining carping of the moronic left is being ignored for now by too many.

Hello Martin Muppet, if a voice for the left is so important then take some of the ill-gotten gains of the unions that get burnt, year in year out on the moribund fossilised NZLP and start up a socialist radio network, instead of whining about freemarket operators who on discovering it is a losing proposition see the light and give idealogical  money losing socialist supporting media the DCM.

Bradbury's confusion has somersaults, back flips and whirling spins that would win a medal anywhere.
Do love them, hate them or do you just want them to do your bidding, sorry that is not how it works.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Congratulations Mike Hosking But

Newstalk ZB Morning host,  Monday through Friday 0600 until 0830, last night won The Paul Holmes trophy for Broadcaster of the Year at the  Annual Radio Awards.

Red Rad(io) does not enter as a commercial entity and I understand they also proscribe their on air people entering as individuals.

So Mike, well done, now take a long look at what constituted the competition, in a few words it was not much.
In the absence of a credible opposition in the Parliament, from what I observed from the Budget reply debate yesterday, it falls to media people such as Hosking to analyse, examine and question all the politicians on their policies promised and delivered. I think it was Whaleoil that published this morning, an off air extract of The Nation not meant for publication, where Lisa Owen welcomed Grant Robertson to an upcoming segment and it was all about allowing The Opposition finance Spokesperson,  to line up what he wanted to be asked on air about the Budget.
So it was nothing to do with Owen acting as an independent interviewer acting on behalf of her 'adoring', viewing public. No it was all about enabling the  amoeba in the spineless labour caucus to frame the interview. The revelation was also revealing in what 'Robbo' had actually gleaned from the Simon Says  Budget as points to attack.

So might I humbly suggest to the 2015 award winning broadcaster that he spend some time reviewing his performance and attempt to discover ways that he might explore, to confront the agenda driven employees of NZ Inc to challenge their rose tinted glasses view and perhaps get them to reveal things they do not want exposed to sunlight. Of course if they avoid such scrutiny have a look at some offshore efforts where they just ignore such contrived absence and ask the questions of an empty chair and inform the viewers as to what is already in the public record.

For gods sake you have been described as the 'forth estate', stop being the public relations department of the various pollies and do the duty we the mushrooms need to have pursued on our behalf so as to be able to make informed choices, come election time.
It is an onerous duty and democracy needs it performed if it is to survive.

Hypocrisy Writ Large! Weapons Grade Actually.

Stuff reports "Abbott Blasted Over Refugees" after the Aus PM flatly rejected a suggestion that his country, after ending the very costly, in money and human lives, people smuggling that  his predessors blatanty enabled and then milked for political advantage mercilessly, on the very real understanding that such a response only enables, encourages and facilitates the ghastly trade in human misery indulged in by 'people smugglers'

Your country is a signatory to the UN Treaty on refugees his accusors screamed.

One small problem with all that, Tony's accusors  were led by the Indonesian Foreign Minister from the nation that throughout the KRudd/Gillard years enabled that manipulative disregard for human rights to continue,  but wait there is more. Indonesia is the most populous Islamic nation in the world while the  poor bastards dieing in  the rotton hulks off Burma, fellow Muslims and being refused sanctuary in that corrupt nation with its professed national  religion of Islam,  being so vocal in condeming Tony Abbott, Indonesia is not a signatory to that UN Treaty.

Friday's Fulminations

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tax? Levy? Fee? What Is In A Name?

One of the minor items in Simon Says today, sees a $16 fee for inbound tourists and a $6 impost on outbound. The costs of increasing requirements at our air ports will be in part met from this user pays surcharge. Fly you pay Stay home and you don't pay, seems fair enough and yes I know it wont stop at $22 pp to travel.
One airhead media person, looking as always for the negative, bemoans the extra hundy for Mum Dad and their spawn to go to the Gold Coast gee that means a few less ghastly Aussie beers,  they will be better off just say Thankyou.
Of course anyone who has watched one of the many reality TV exposes on border control will have an insight into the excrement our Biosecurity and Immigration people have to endure from all the halfwits who pretend ignorance.

On another matter Simon Says enough on the Two Billion, I and others have been paying to  subsidise rich kids and smart citizens who joined up for Kiwisaver as a kickstart to savings. Savings my arse it was OPMs and it generated bugger all change to our reliance on the state to provide everything. One bit of good news the Ball is Over and the half Billion saved over the next five years will contribute to the relief of Poverty sorry hardship. However so long as we define the poverty level at 60% of the median income it will never make a blind bit of difference in fact it will be peeing into a strong wind.

The only truly bright spot in an afternoon I will never get back was watching the NZLP temporary leader and current poet laureate descend further into political oblivion with a clear entry for the worst ever budget reply speech. In 20 minutes of pathos and ongoing embarrassment that even managed to have his colleagues squirming and wishing they were somewhere else, Angry merely confirmed  the Old Aged Pensioner from St Marys Bay is the true Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. Hell he succeeded to make Material Girl almost a credible option and that is no mean feat.

My big regret and sadness comes with the tinkering around WWF that enmeshes so many more working folk in the net that is NZ welfare.
I hope for the day someone with cojones of a Roger Douglas ends this taxpayer top up of our basic wage structures, even a hint they might address it sometime in the future as it sends so many wrong signals to a swath of our commercial enterprise would be great.

There Is A Very Good Reason For That Figure.

in fact more than one!

In a reasonably constructed and delivered Leaders reply to Simon Says Budget, the recently elected Member for Northland focussed on neglect of the regions, quoting the 9.9 umemployment figure as evidence of Nationals neglect in his adopted homeland

Very sorry other little man but should you conduct a survey of a randomly selected  thousand of those without a job what be the number amongst that sample who would fail a drug test so necessary to be accepted for so many jobs today and in particular in those on offer in his new homeland involving forestry, driving and other machinery, health and safety if you will.
I wonder with the raising of benefit payments if such a poor outcome will only be exacerbated.

The latest rate of job seekers has dipped below 6% and here in The City of the Damned it is still above 5% with nearly 20 thousand apparently unable to find work. Meanwhile there is enormous opportunity and a visit to a supermarket quickly reveals a real influx of young people clearly here and working, Irish, East Europeans,  Asians  and they all seem by appearance and dress to be working.
So Mr man for all seasons what are the 18800 quoted in the latest figures I can find, on jobless here in Canterbury actually doing.
OK say 2% between jobs but with stand down rules that will be generous, and accepting that with fair and generous rules allowing those with a valid reason to be taking early tirement as sick, disabled and mentally unfit, that leaves remaining a large pool of bodies and more than enough tasks offering a job for them.
It becomes hard to remain charitable and accept they cannot find a job Mr mfas, it is much easier and reasonable to wonder if they have chosen 'workshy'  as a role in society.

Dean Moves Offshore

Barker San to skipper for Japan in Americas Cup.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

John Banks acquitted

I have always been confident John Banks was not liable for filing a false return.  And it's incredible beyond words how it ever got to where it did.

I have congratulated him, and his QC, and will sleep well tonight, as I am sure they will.

Now for the final act: The repeal of the legislation that allows private prosecutions.

The Dwarf Trifecta

Word has it UK Labour are about to anoint a new leader, one Harry Small.  Nevr heard of him.

Thus will Labour achieve the hitherto unattainable trifecta of world politics.

The Dwarf Trifecta.

NZ has Little, Australia has Shorten and now the dozy Poms appear to be putting up Small.

Can you just see the pommy tabloid headlines?

Upon his elevation:

Head and Shoulders Below Everyone Else

Upon a favourable opinion poll:

Small Rises

Upon an unfavourable opinion poll:

Small Stalls

Chatting with party conference delegates:

Small Talk

Upon missing underwear (remember Malcolm Fraser?)

Small's Smalls

With the party executive;

Small Minds

Upon a front bench reshuffle

Small Reforms

Upon his ouster;

Small Falls


for focusing on the things that really matter to Mr & Mrs Average New Zealander with their call for gender changing surgery (assessed to cost in the order of $70,000+) to be made available as of right and free of charge .    You can view the report here

No matter that Party Leader whatshisname said "its not a matter I've given a great deal of thought to".    No matter that a Party insider said the issue was a real distraction.   No matter that Stuart Nash, one of the few shining lights in the Parliamentary Labour Party, slammed the proposal and voted against it ... the damage is done.

Yet again is Labour exposed as controlled by activists who have no idea of the aims and aspirations of middle New Zealand.

And long may it continue.

Second Thoughts, Forget The Healthy Dairy Option


Went over to Whaloil and saw this "Face that sank a thousand dairies".

On that basis forget my suggestion to convert a dairy to an approved outlet, that image would struggle to sell cold beer to dehydrated navvies in a very dimly lit bar.

First up Ms Peters Tell Us The Compensation !

 Auckland Regional Public Health Service s'poke into every ones business' person is railing against "Dairys" and their location.
Now I rarely go near one as their product is poor value, due to supply costs that see the operators buying specials in bulk at the major supermarkets, it is indeed, only as a last resort.  Such an event became a diary entry yesterday as we wended our way home and SWMBO wanted an icecream in a cone, but very much an exception.
However as a sheer convenience for some of the more mobility restrained amongst us, the 'Local Dairy' is gods gift. That they follow good marketing protocols is merely a necessity and sweets, sugary drinks, chippies and other foods loathed and hated by the "food Nazis" will be a big part of turnover.
Yes having a socalled purveyor of all that is bad near a school could be said to access a market that the Gestapo is trying to target for extinction ie fat kids but do we seriously think for a moment it makes their problem greater, kids want something they will get it.
Should you want to prove me in error Ms Peters then buy a dairy near a bloody school that is in trouble for any of the myriad of reasons that befall them, and restock it with your ideas of "healthy product", run it how you see as the ideal commercial process from your perspective and I will warrant you will be in liquidation in a month.
 So Ms 'clever clogs' Peters  just stop your income justification before some irate pensioner who happens to live near a school runs you down with their mobility scooter.
Dairys are not called convenience outlets because they offer a free public toilet, they are actually convenient for many with limited options. That dumbarse parents cant see their spawn eating themselves to illhealth will not be solved by stopping a pensioner buying a treat or a necessity for whatever reason.

Oh and then tell the Successful Dairy owners and operators what compensation you will pay, where it will be funded from and how you will stop another outlet opening right on whatever limit you set from a school gate and stop it selling what the bloody buyers want.

Banks A Free Man again

Only this time it is official.

Last time a certain Justice Wyllie sitting as a judge alone convicted The Honorable John Banks largely on the testimony of the fatty German and his now estranged missus.

Amanda now the ex Mrs Banks who was with  John at a lunch at the Chrisco Mansion were not believed by the Idiot Justice who favoured the already convicted Kraut.

Following the convictions Amanda went digging and discovered the two US citizens who were also at the aforementioned repast and corroborated the Banks version that led to the CoA ordering a retrial.
That seemed a possibility until the very stained and tarnished Sgt Shultz lookalike  tried to add another luncheon to the diary but apparently that seemed a bit dodgy to the CoA who ordered and end to the sordid affair.

As the weekend games led to some life and death scenarios for the Super Rugby round robin teams, the Sanzar Referees panel have administered some smacks to the ears of errant officials with demotions and clear signals that their performance was substandard. It is an enduring failure that equally serious howlers as that delivered by Justice Wyllie will never be reviewed and some clear statements made that he was a disgrace to the system.

Notably missing in the credibility department,  it was a brave or a supreme idiot who favoured the Kraut with serious utu driving his testimony against Citizen Banks who should not have signed the dam statement but in the light of the very apparent fact it was a one off prosecution commenced by the equally flawed Litigious McCready and taken over by Crown Law the whole charade seemed more political than judicial at every turn.

Congratulations John Banks, glad it was not crippling as to costs as it would have been for so many other potential victims.


I see that a Swedish peace group has come up with an unusual way of trying to repel Russian submarines.

The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (SPAS) says it has installed an underwater "defence system" known as the Singing Sailor (click to see) in the waters off Stockholm.

Described as a subsurface sonar system, the installation features the words "Welcome to Sweden" in Russian, and emits the phrase "this way if you are gay" in Morse code. The animated neon sign features a man clad in white underpants and a sailor hat, gyrating his hips as pink hearts flash behind him.

Clearly it's designed to build on and resonate with the homophobic attitude of the Russian government which has considerable support within the military.

p.s.   re the flag above.   Before you go bananas let me reiterate that I am not adverse to changing the flag ... but the alternative will really have to ring my bell before I would vote to ditch the current one. To date this is the only one that comes close and the bell is but a faint tinkle.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Is the sellers main home the same as the family home?

Andrew Little should ask John Key this question in parliament:
"Will the exemption under National's Capital Gains Tax apply if the sellers main home is a family home owned by a trust"?
The exemption in the policy is for "the sellers main home".
That does not say "the sellers family home".

And the three exemptions mentioned in the policy do not include a trust.

How Can That Be?

TVNZ reports that the Marriage Guidance Service - woops, I mean Relationships Aotearoa - has gone broke.  Maybe it might have done better if it had called itself Relationships New Zealand.

How the hell can a charitable organization funded by central gummint go broke?

I had a look through the list of directors and there are no names I know but the list does give some clues.  The  fact there are no names I know is one of them.   I  wonder how many flash cars and unnecessary fat salaries were being paid to members of various extended families?

Central administration salaries have doubled in one year from half a million to over a million dollars.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Political flattery or political flatulence?

As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  That includes politics.  And Labour and Act should feel pretty flattered tonight.

Let's cut the crap: Despite the rhetoric and weasel-words, National is bringing in a Capital Gains Tax on residential housing.  Sure, it's not going to be on the family home (yet) but it's going to be implemented lock, stock and two smoking chimneys.  

I can see where this will lead, at election time John Key will taunt Andrew Little about expanding it to the family home and then use any slip-up to his political advantage.  Smart politics I guess.

But a CGT that's isn't uniform across the board is just plain dumb and ineffective and will make our already complicated tax system even more complicated.  It'll be great for people like me who have property investor and trader clients (who, by the way, declare their trading income and pay tax on it) but it's still dumb.  But don't allow me to convince you - here's the Prime Minister himself just a few years ago:
I hate capital gains taxes – I just don’t like them. The reason I don’t like them is that, in political terms I don’t think they work.

If government was prepared to do with a capital gains tax what had been done with GST – put it on “virtually absolutely everything with no exceptions – they work well.

Because, in theory, if you earn NZ$100,000 from going out there and having a job, and you pay tax on it, well fair enough. If you earn NZ$100,000 from buying a property, well you probably should pay tax on that – fair enough.

But this is where the problem comes along, and that is, that no politician has the guts to do that. Because they go, ‘well that’s a vote-loser.’ They turn around and say, ‘OK, we’re going to have exemptions – the exemptions are all private housing.
I particularly love this bit from that 2012 article:
The fact that three-quarters of housing was owner-occupied, and would therefore be exempt under those proposals, meant their argument that a CGT would discourage investment in housing was "nonsense."

"The theory is they’re going to sock it to rich guys who live in Parnell – so they’re going to really nail them. But actually, those rich guys in Parnell are way smarter than the left, because they’ve already worked out to buy a big house in Parnell [which] would be exempt," Key, himself a wealthy Parnell resident, said.

“So [those house prices will] go up faster, not go up slower.”
"It encourages people to go into housing; it doesn’t discourage them," he said.
Why should Labour feel flattered tonight?  Well, National spent about five years crying crocodile tears over Labour's plans to implement a CGT and they have copied them, but they're not Labour-lite.  They just do tax *better*!

Act party stalwarts can also join the Labour bigheads tonight.

Sir Roger Douglas has been trying to implement a savings scheme for New Zealanders since about 1970.  Here's the basic story:
We've had a few goes at compulsory savings: the 1975 Roger Douglas scheme that an incoming National government axed in a cynical vote grab; a referendum after the first MMP election in 1996, which became a referendum on its creator, NZ First leader Winston Peters, and was duly lost.
I read somewhere that if Muldoon hadn’t terminated the scheme it would now be worth more than $240 billion.  Based on that $240 billion projection each worker would have $111,200 of superannuation assets compared with the current $6,300 and $86,821 in Australia. The scheme would represent 146% of GDP whereas Australian superannuation (which is considered to be the benchmark for the world) represents only 82% of their GDP.

Well strike me down with a feather if the Greens haven't joined resident communist, Winston Peters, in wanting a compulsory savings scheme:
The Greens have unveiled a kids KiwiSaver policy to promote a savings culture and make family finances more stable.

The policy will cost $224 million during the first three years of operation, Greens co-leader Metiria Turei said.

"A $1000 kick-start deposit, top-up contributions, and matching savings contributions will create good incentives to save for our kids futures.

"With careful saving, most children could have saved at least $12,900 by the time they turn 18 - money they can then use to help fund a tertiary education, invest in their adult KiwiSaver account, or use to help with a deposit on their first home."

The savings plan will help make the finances of families more stable, she said.

But New Zealand First says the party is copying its ideas.
Well, actually both are copying Act and Labour from the early 1970s but we can forget that little detail.

So it's a weird Sunday night when the Greens start agreeing with Act ideas, and National continue implementing Labour's policies. 

One really good idea, and one really bad.  And as I say above, it's not me saying the CGT is a really bad idea.  

Thicker Than Vegemite

But not as healthy.

Andrew Little, that is.

The PM announces a major change in the taxation treatment of residential housing for ALL VENDORS but Little whitters on about foreign investors who apparently make up less than 7% of purchasors/vendors.

"For years the Prime Minister has denied there is a crisis, refused to admit foreign investors are pushing up house prices and said there is no need to dampen down housing demand. Today John Key has been forced to eat his words."

The only politician who appears dumber than Little these days is Shorten.   Maybe its all in the name.  If Little was Shortened he'd be easier for them to throw under the bus.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


I note the jury deliberating in the case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Bomber found guilty of all 30 charges against him (including 17 which carried the death penalty) has decided that he should be put to death by lethal injection.

I have previously indicated my opposition to capital punishment.   Far better that he should be locked up for life in a super max prison, kept in isolation, and allowed out of his cell for only 1 hour each day.    Plenty of time for him to reflect on his crimes.   Actually, this could be worse than a death sentence.    After 10, 20, 30 years whatever, he might be screaming to be put down.    It might be argued that death would be the easy way out for him.

Others will see it differently.

It Is A Part Off Your History, Idiot.

Andrew Little in a speech, gave a backhander to a company that points our way to a prosperous future, Xero a front runner in developing software that will remove the drudgery of notating figures for the book keepers.
Little in one of his moments of lucidity claimed Xero "will put accountants out of work", that's it, the science is settled, he is a  muppet and   incorrigibly thick.
The soft ware will more accurately and efficiently write, calculate, and deliver the lawful results that the Accountant will then use to plan for the client what they have done, done wrong, could possibly do better, and ensure they stay within the law and pay their dues.

One of the leading figures in the 1935 government, of the party Little temporarily leads, Robert "Fighting Bob" Semple saw  the benefits  progress can deliver to free minions from manual labour servitude when he mounted a Caterpillar Buldozer following his appointment as Minister Of Public Works, and drove over a wheelbarrow and shovel to demonstrate how he would harness technology.

The daft prick has absolutely no comprehension, Xero is the future and Little Angry just ignored one of the lessons of history.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Letter to the editor

I hope the Herald publishes it:
In your editorial of Friday 15 May you said that democracy would be better served if election broadcasting restrictions went. I congratulate you for taking this stance and implore you to keep it going.
The Broadcasting Act 1989 contains archaic and restrictive provisions that prohibit political parties from spending their own money on TV advertising either during an election period, or outside of it.

Instead, parties must go cap-in-hand at election time to a body that uses a convoluted formula to decide how much money each party can spend on their TV advertising. Many parties have complained on this unfairness over many years. It severly punishes smaller parties, and Act has been particularly critical of it.

Removing this restriction and allowing political parties to spend their own money is right, and democratic. The argument that parties could spend an infinite amount of their own money on TV advertising doesn't wash because of the cap on spending during election campaigns. If parties choose to spend all their maximum campaign spending on TV advertising, to the exclusion of billboards (for example), that should be their choice. But it is hardly democratic, especially during an election, for voters to be prevented from seeing more of one party on TV, and less of others, according to a formula set by the State.

The other very relevant factor is TV itself. As a medium for politcial advertising, it was great in the 1960's and 1970's. But TV itself is losing viewership to the internet and other electronic modes. Political parties should also be free to explore all of this advertising capability for themselves, within the campaign spending limits that currently exist.

So indeed, democracy would be better served if election broadcasting restrictions went. But the solution is not for parties to have an allocation of public funds for TV time. They should be free to use their own money in the way that they decide will best reach their potential voters. As you rightly point out, they may well decide Saturday night prime time TV is not ideal for their purpose, but surely only parties should make that decision.

Do You Understand It?

because I sure as hell struggle.

Always vg value with her revelations and research around welfare, stated in simple terms, Lindsay Mitchell muses as to what Whanau Ora is.

With Lynne Provost joining the confused we really need to have a wider understanding of the sinkhole that began when Helen Clark and  later co-leader of the only race based political party remaining in our Parliament, now retired Turiana Turia, hatched a curates egg while they were united buddies in the NZLP.

Lindsay revisits the riddle  wrapped in a mystery in an  enigma.

Messers Key, English and Flavell need to make a greater effort to divulge exactly what is delivered by the mounting millions because from my perch the stats on Maroi outcomes away from the glitter of the tax exempt beneficiaries, ie Iwi corporate entities, things still have a serious tarnish about them.
Crime, health, incarceration, drugs, alcohol, violence, diet, employment et al might have moved to better statistical outcomes but is Whanau Ora an answer or not.

Spare a Thought

While Greater Wellington is being rinsed a pocket of Eastern North Canterbury remains in the grip of a crippling drought. Now accepting I have railed against over egging a summer dry as drought and asked for such adverse weather events to be viewed against much more serious world events, what is happening in an area centred on Cheviot is now very serious.

The affected area is quite local from around  the Waipara river to the Conway and extending from the coast variably extending inland approximately 50 kms this land has been able to miss out on autumn rains. A friend who visited Cheviot to play golf from a more favoured area of the region was gobsmacked a week ago. Any land not subject to irrigation is a depressing grey colour with nothing growing even weeds are in trouble. One retired farmer lamented two months ago that in a summer dry vegetation on south facing slopes and gully floors remains green even if no growth is evident but this dry is universal to the point travelling field mice require a water container and a cut lunch.

While we here on Banks Peninsula only a minimal distance south have had rains measured in inches the poor buggers I am publicising have had millimetres in similar numbers. The week following Anzac day  delivered us four inches or 100 mm while a resident on SH1 south of Cheviot had 3mm.

A colleague blogger who flew over North Canterbury in February emailed me how dry the region appeared, I emailed back the it was very manageable so long as Autumn rains came, and for significant parts those rains have come but at low levels and very patchy, the whole area is hanging on by its finger tips but the areas providing the guts for this missive it is now past catastrophic and winter is here with light snow featuring in current weather predictions.

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