Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Quitter Too????? (Updated)

It looks as though Australia's biggest bullshitter, most habitual liar and most recycled PM is about to become the country's most notorious quitter.

It seems he's off to the G20 in Russia to look for a job on the international scene.

Only trouble is, the G20 conference takes place a couple of days BEFORE the Australian election.

No wonder the Libs have held back on their negative advertising.  Rudd's doing it all for them - for free.

Update:       Now they want Julia back!!!!

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The Veteran said...

Hi Adolf ... I see that Sportsbet has paid out early on a Coalition win even though the election is 9 days away.

At this stage they are predicting the Coalition with 90 seats; Labor with 56, Katter with 1; Independent 1 (Wilkie) and with two electorates too close to call.

This would have to be a first for any betting agency around the world.