Saturday, August 24, 2013

All Its Egos in One Bastard

The Australian Labor Party, that is.

Rudd won  the last debate on points but lost the politics in a big way,  He chewed out the make up lady before hand and she went public on Facebook.   The media totally absorbed itself for three days with Rudd's disgusting behaviour. His performance in the debate was forgotten.  Now two reputable opinion polls show Rudd won't even win his own seat.

On the other hand, Abott was  a total gentleman when being attended to by the same makeup lady - and she said so.  Abbott has been the victim of three years personal attacks, false vilification and lies spread by Labour and its Luvvies from the ABC and Fairfax, culminating in Gillard's appalling 'misogyny' speech in parliament.  Oh how the media raved about that.

So it is little wonder the following quote resonates across the land:-

People who think Rudd is a great guy meet him and find out he's a prick  People who think Abbott is a prick meet him and find out he's a great guy.

Australia's politicised media have much for which to answer.  The first major saving made by the new government should be a major reduction in funding for the ABC.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful heading for your post - this month's Internet winner.

Heisenbug said...

Major reduction in funding? I think they should either sell the ABC or just shut it down, along with SBS. This is the age of the internet; there's absolutely no valid reason for a government propaganda arm to exist.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And now the only question remaining is:-

Will Rudd lose more seats than Gillard would have lost?

The answer is becoming more ominous for Labor by the day.