Monday, August 19, 2013


I will not attempt to describe just how the Australian voting system works and the fact the Senate and the lower house of representatives are elected using different systems.
That said, and most will have picked up on the fact amongst the very sparse coverage given here in Godzone by a MSM increasingly dominated by infotainment, Preferences form a decisive part of the eventual outcome.

Now just as here, The Aus Greens purport to oppose mining and in particular that stain on any national facade, the very dirty, environment destroying, big business controlled, blight on humanity, COAL MINING!!!.

Some of us, and our numbers are growing exponentially, see Green Parties and the NZ clone in particular as duplitious, cunning, crafty and in spite of protestations to the contrary, totally focused on destroying enough of our economic fabric to give rise to an opportunity to rise from the ashes of that disaster to save us all and the rest of the world.
They show a remarkable ability to falsely claim that their "green jobs" are the only way but never quite get forced to actually list such ignorance based dreams in terms understandable to a thinking listener.

In the convoluted machinations involved in getting elected in the upcoming Federal vote there are moves afoot to gain some manipulated positions.
Last week Coalition Leader Abbott, in a move to consign the Aus Greens to a position of irrelevance along with where the Labor party is headed on present polling, made a captains call for Liberal National, Coalition,  voters to place the greens last of their preferences.

Today it is being reported that the Paragons of Virtue in that Melon Party who have for the last three years been propping up the much loathed Gillard minority government at the price of extracting maximum barriers to mining in The lucky Country, and in the process destroying many jobs,  have reached "AN ACCOMMODATION" with mining magnate Clive Palmer reputedly the biggest player in Coal mining and export in Australia and now making an effort to gain a political presence with his Palmer Party, to trade preferences.

So you see those cuddly nice simple folk that Jeanette FitzSimons so successfully used to pull the wool over the eyes of the misguided to gain a pretty solid 10% of the votes, who are now in the thrall of an unelectable Australian Communist and his Teletubby mate from that Giant party of the idiot left in NZ, Mcgillycuddie Serious, who continue to perpetrate the total myth they are harmless caring people of integrity, would never in a million years cosy up to a fracking mad oil exploration company, would they.
Bet your entire future the duplitious bastards would, in a flash if it suited.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Just a few corrections.

1. Tony Abbot has instructed the Liberal Party to refrain from giving The Greens its second preference vote in the 150 lower house seats only. Not in the SENATE.

2. The House of Representatives essentially is a FPP election in which the party which wins more than half the electorates forms a government, irrespective of which party has a Senate majority. Electorates throughout Australia contain roughly similar numbers of people.

3. Preferential voting allows the party to recommend to which party its supporters should give their second preference votes. If no party achieves a majority in an electorate, the party with the least primary votes is eliminated and its second preferences are distributed until one party achieves a majority with first and second preference votes.

4 The Senate is a house of review and consists of ten senators from each state, irrespective of population. It does not initiate legislation.