Thursday, August 22, 2013


The casualty numbers from the worldwide Health Crisis following the release of clostridium contaminated whey milk powder continues the downward trend that has health officials throughout the world and in particular among our trading partners and their supplying dairy industry, breathing huge sighs of relief.

Number of illness cases notified as attributed to the botulism alert continues at a reassuring zero.
Similar good news of the total number of fatalities another big fat zero.

Meanwhile as we have had to deal with another world ending threat, from the passage through the Parliament of a tidyup bill to make a 2003 act promoted by the Labour Government with cross party support more clearly lawful, workable, better overseen, and eminently much more transparent legislative tool to enable law enforcement to cope with the ever expanding electronic based threats we inevitably confront, the LSM have allowed real news to go by unscrutinised.

Unless you read the reasonable, informative, reliable and focused rural view with a blue tint from Ele at Homepaddock you are probably totally unaware that not one but two auctions have seen New Zealand's "gastank filling industry" dispose of large amounts of Dairy Product at prices unaffected by the crisis and in fact, in  the latest at increased prices.
The LSM employing its normal service where investigative and current news delivery are submerged with press releases originating from many of the brightest and best journalists now employed as public relations advisors, have completely ignored the very pertinent and welcome news as they track a few malcontents wrapped up in a moment of glory supporting a bunch of drones intent on one aim.
Bringing down the most consistently popular Prime Minister in my lifetime for no other reason than John Key is a one man roadblock to any chance of a fragmented and inane socialist bunch of noddys returning to the treasury benches.

Another in a stream of very positive and economically sustaining good news stories that has been all but ignored as we concentrate on the real issues of; dead fish both the  snapper and a flounder in the House of Representatives, sheesh how inaccurate is that descriptive, leadership chaos in the NZLP, confusion in the minds of many who is actually the leader of her Majesties Loyal opposition  and of course the main news, the second Bledisloe Cup Test at the Cake Tin.

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