Friday, August 16, 2013


There are many very different aspects between the electoral systems here and The West Island where Federal Elections are set to happen on September 7th.

To keep Labor, the ALP, on the Treasury benches in Canberra, the ALP faced a daunting task of gaining seats across the Nation just to maintain a chance.
 Independents in seats regarded as Liberal/ National, or Coalition, had sided with Julia Gillard who after successfully knifing Rudd three years ago in the runup to that election saw her having to form a minority administration with them and they have been punished for that folly, most if not all their seats are set to fall to Abbott's Coalition.

States have their own parliaments some single houses some bicameral and there is no state election coinciding with the federal.

Last State election in Vegemite's home State, Queensland saw the Labor party decimated so one could be excused for thinking the only way forward would be up,  for the left.

Perhaps that was what prompted the reinstated, Federal PM KRudd to make a massive captains call and replace party selected candidate in the marginal Federal seat of Forde with a previously defeated Premier Peter Beattie at the 11th hour.

It is shown in latest polling to have failed spectacularly, not only is Beattie facing a significant and embarrassing defeat at the hands of sitting Liberal MP Bert van Manen, but worse news is that Rudd's hoped for improvement in the ALP vote across his home state is evaporating, making it unlikely Labor will make any badly needed gains in the Sunshine State.

West Australia was bashed with Gillard's Mining tax, Gillard's Home state Victoria has a couple of seats going to the Coalition, things can become a bit tribal in Aus politics, NSW has the double whammy of the massive corruption being exposed by the ICAC findings against many of the Labor elite there, plus in Western Sydney seats, Jobs and the influx from the Boats are causing serious erosion of ALP support.
With a couple of seats in Tassie looking lost, Labor is again facing a growing defeat as the dead cat bounce Rudd created with his utu inspired return to the Lodge, the Prime minister's house in Canberra a few weeks ago, that the Beltway Press corps whipped up to erase the apparent damage Gillard had created in the ALP, leaving it at the time of that latest Coup with projected dire outcomes for a very long list of her MPs. Within a week polls had the upcoming election close to an even outcome again.
It is now being revealed as a growing failure as a rescue mission,  the bounce has not continued (dead cats can do that, surprising eh) and erosion of support is returning as the real Kevin Rudd is daily being exposed with much of the baggage that gained Julia the opportunity she grasped so successfully.

Now an increasingly desperate KRudd is starting to wave his arms more and his considerable support among journos is working against an out going tide. A minor gaffe by Abbott where he suggested a candidate in a West Sydney marginal  " had sex appeal" in a descriptive thumbnail that included smart, feisty, competent and very hard working was the headline for more than a day at the expense of daily bad news on the economy, jobs, polls and now serious inhouse disruptions being rumored as the ALP Party planners and strategists become more frustrated and disillusioned by Rudd's well documented bullying and maniacal follow me strategies that fly in the face of so much of the efforts to win the unwinnable against the odds.

The Beattie outcome is just another IED on the election trail.

The Aussie Bookmakers that many see as a better guide to the real view of the likely outcome are widening in the Coalition's favour with The ALP going out to around A$7 and The Coalition shortening to A$1.10.


AngryTory said...

And best of all Tony Abbott isn't a milquetoast pretend right-winger whose never seen a Labour or Greens policy he didn't want to steal. Abbott is the real deal: union hating, bludger hating, supporting the real "Aussie Blokes" and the companies who so far have made Oz the lucky country!

No rail loops, free school meals, or cheap houses for Abbott! And absolutely no benefit breaks for bludging Kiwis either (good thing to!). But real school reform - privatisation - real union reform - finishing the job NSW ICAC started - and finally shutting down or selling of the communist ABC! No wonder the MSM journos are shitting themselves.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

That picture is the best yet example of Rudd's political judgement - or lack of it.

The Ruddlerite camp knows the game is over.