Thursday, August 22, 2013


That was the title of the post I was working on.    It followed the spectacular 'own goal' scored by Shearer in Parliament over the supposed non contact with the Government in respect of the GCSB Bill (now Act).

I did not see how Shearer could survive that and I was proved right.    An inherently decent man but lacking the ability to communicate, consistently undermined by those wanting power at any cost with Robertson leading the charge.

And now he is gone, rolled, history, with some poor cleaner having to mop up all the blood from the caucus floor.   

The Labour Party could do a lot worse by bringing back Phil Goff.   A safe pair of hands with vast experience of Government.   He was never going to win the last election made even more difficult by the inept management of Trevor Mallard.   He deserves a second chance.


The Veteran said...

I see the nice Mr Shearer said he is staying on as Labour Leader until they elect a new one.

While his his 'loyal' Deputy, Grant Robertson, said that he was now Acting Leader.

Gueez Wayne ... this c*u*t*r*u*k of a Party can't even get that right.

Marc said...

I don't think Phil Goff can ever come back from the "Show me the money" debate - a millstone forever; and he is also donkey deep in the matter of the leaked MFAT documents which has still to come to its final guillotine ending. If it is shown he was indeed involved, he has no future credibility.

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