Thursday, August 1, 2013


As the MSM here indulge in a feeding frenzy over a cockup in Parliamentary Services, who apparently took an email from the PM's CoS to the extent of giving Henry phone records of Andrea Vance to the Henry inquiry, against a backdrop of much rorting of public funds and disregard for electoral law in and around the Beltway, the NSW ALP branch seems to have a bigger septic tank to swim in.

ICAC, the Independant Commission Against Corruption in NSW has come out with a pretty damaging report on serious corruption against among others, Eddie Obied and Ian MacDonald, former State politicians for corrupt practice in the mining industry. Figures of benefits ranging as high as A$70 000 000 to individuals.
Here in lil ole NZ we thought NZ$800 000 for a pledge card ruled out before and subsequent to its issue by the Clark Cabal, and NZ$158 000 of political funding rorts by an aging Tangata Whenua albit sartorially splendid leader of NZ First, as serious.

Pfft the toxic fumes surrounding NSW ALP are serious money hence the allusion in the headline.

If you owe the bank a grand you have a potential problem, however if you owe the bank $10  000 000 then it is likely it's the bank that is worried.

Skynews Australia were all over this last night as KRudd is flailing to keep the muck from sticking to him as it all unfolds.
Much of the support in his knifing of Juliar Gillard came from that NSW bunch and the ultimate irony, those same born to rule thugs were  front and center when Gillard dumped KRudd in the runup to the 2010 Federal Aussie elections.

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