Monday, August 19, 2013


  Can't even win the dog over.

From an Aussie m8 and she's a Queenslander.

This morning more bad news from The Australian, their latest Poll has the Vunderkind slipping further into the morass


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

This picture sums up Rudd and Australia.

Everybody is looking away at something else more interesting while the dog pisses on his leg.

gravedodger said...

There was an even worse one last nigh on Skynews of KRudd speaking with a cotiere of campaign workers as a backdrop and the total disconnect until clearly someone clearly called for applause from off camera, even more marked.
Words such as deflated, bored, brain dead all came up as options.

I know the beltway msm make every effort to denigrate Abbott with constant references to myths such as mysogeny, anti woman bias, does that go anywhere to explain what I see as an OTT reinforcement of his long standing crusade for PPL in the face of the extremely straightened Federal budget circumstances.