Saturday, August 3, 2013

Goebbels Is Alive And Well

He appears to be advising the ALP.

Illegal immigration by boat is the burning issue of this election which now is tipped to be called for September the 7th.

Funny thing is, you know, it's difficult to find in the Fairfax media or on the ABC.any mention of  the DAILY flood of boat people arriving because they are too busy publicising the handful being flown out to PNG.

Since Rudd announced his 'boat people fix' a few weeks ago the number of people arriving in rickety boats has outstripped the capacity of PNG to EVER process them.

Of course the PNG PM is happy.  He got Rudd to agree to hand over control of Australian aid money to PNG officials.  Now get this.  Even with Ocker supervision, half of the aid money  of the last few years has 'disappeared without trace.

The PNG PM just got his retirement fund handed to him on a plate.

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