Thursday, August 1, 2013


Around a quarter of a century ago Maori were allocated fishing quota under the ToW.

Most of the quota apart from part of the  Sealord activity has been harvested with Foreign vessels and the published track record of that endeavour has not often been good news.

25 years on with so many Maori youth struggling to find work why have Iwi not invested some of the millions in taxpayer settlements in catching the bloody fish themselves

Some Natives wanted to extend foreign flagged vessels option to catch their fish in spite of government moves to bring all quota fishing into a NZ flagged fleet with the accompanying marine laws, pay structures and practice and regulatory supervision.

Hon Nathan Guy has told them to shape up and comply, wouldn't it be a positive move for those who oppose every step the National led government takes to admit he is indeed a Good Guy.


Anonymous said...

Pity Maori can’t get rid of the tossers that manage their asset base.
Helen Clark’s mantra “By Maori, for Maori…” is really starting to work. NOT!

Paulus said...

Why should the Maori elite recipients let the many ordinary Maori get a share on their loot.
I would expect them to reopen the Sealord and other Quota Fish negotiations for more money under the Treaty.
Why can't they bareboat charter vessels from their Treaty settlements and train their own people ?
They are too lazy and whilst everybody else pays why should they.