Sunday, August 4, 2013


Finally Hansen and his co selectors have seen the light and removed Weepu from the All Blacks - an action that is well overdue in my eyes. I have made it clear in comments at various blogs over the years that I have never rated Weepu as any better than the 4th or 5th rated half back in the country throughout his All Black career.

What is surprising is that his replacement is the tyro Perenara who may well develop into an excellent player but he is nowhere near there yet. Last nights match and the previous weeks semi final showed the gulf between the two best half backs in the country and the next best Tawera Kerr Barlow. There is no doubt in my mind that the two best half backs are Smith and Ellis with a fair sized gap back to the rest.

I just cannot understand why the selectors do not want Ellis - any comments I have heard from the selectors about his exclusion have just not stacked up.

The removal of Weepu from the scene does leave one gap - who will lead the Haka now. Liam Messam seems the obvious choice and if it is him I hope it helps him take his super rugby form to All Black level.


JC said...

We went off the rails way back in 1996 with Marshall. The coaches fell in love with the idea of a Meercat peering over the ruck and assessing the opportunities before passing.

Fortunately Marshall was good enough to get away with it but Weepu was simply too slow and really redesigned the AB game around his limitations.

What Hansen has signalled is a return to the Bachop/Laidlaw game where the HB shoots the ball out as quickly as possible to the 1st 5 and let that man make the decisions.


pdm said...

You are probably right JC although Marshall was very good when he first came into the AB's under Laurie Mains. He probably stayed or more accurately was kept on too long.

Weepu was never at Marshalls level.

Liberty said...

The world Cup is getting closer and there is no place for old farts in the team.
There is another one that needs to go.

Tinman said...

What a pity they didn't keep Weepu and dump the whole concept of the All Blacks franchise.

pdm said...

liberty - I think there are more than one to go by World Cup 2015. The following are past their `use by date' at All Black level now:

By 2015 I think it is safe to say that by 2015 Mealamu and Nonu will be in the same category with both McCaw and Carter marginal.

the conservative said...

I could never understand why Weepu was kept on for so long; possibly something to do with his goal kicking ability (as a back-up kicker). But generally his play is far too slow. Ellis is way better, but he didn't get the nod either, so who knows.

Liberty said...

"could never understand why Weepu was kept on for so long"
Someone had to do the Haka :)

Liberty said...

You are right. Clean the lot out. Give the new boys time to bed in and work as a team.

gravedodger said...

Andy Ellis has moved on, he along with Freun, Vieanu, Dagg and his No 2 Willy Heinz have created a music video under the group name "The C City Boys", now No 1 on Itunes and all proceeds go to Cystic Fibrosis NZ.
Who is Weepu anyway?

pdm said...

the conservative - I have never rated Weepu as better than the 4th best right throughout his AB career. Liberty and my post heading give an indication of why.

gd - I saw that appropriate insome ways as just a few minutes ago we had confirmation of an extended family members death. He was a cystic fibrosis sufferer who had a life expectancy of 8-10 years at birth but made it into his 40's. RIP `possum'.