Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Told You So

Way back in May last year, I predicted people smugglers would use larger, better quality boats in which to send their illegal immigrant clients to New Zealand.

I was right.

The latest deal being marketed in the barios of Indonesia is a US$5,000 fifteen day cruise to NZ.  From the Sydney Morning Herald:-

Another idea is a route from Indonesia to New Zealand by boat - a journey the smugglers say will cost $US5000 and take 15 days.

Russel Norman, Metiria Turei and John Munto will be there at the dock to welcome them.

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The Veteran said...

And it continues to unravel for Mr Rudd with the PNG PM denying Rudd's claim that these economic 'refugees' will be resettled in his country.

Instead he is running the line that Aust, NZL and others will end up taking them as part of a Pacific Solution.

One can rightly ask 'has he bothered to consult with our Govt over this?'

I have no objection to us taking genuine refugees as long as they are included as part of our announced annual quota.

But queue jumpers, which most of these persons are, aren't welcome and the bleats from the Greens and Mana Parties can be safety ignored along with most of their other policy positions.