Thursday, August 15, 2013


Now sadly, today it seems entirely reasonable.

James Parker a teacher who climbed to Assistant Principal at a Northland primary school was today sentenced to preventative detention with a 7 year non parole period.

The predatory bastard was investigated earlier but charges did not eventuate and it has been said Parker told his victims he would "lose his job" if they blew the whistle, however his Principal stood by him but the subsequent 74, yes appallingly, 74 offences  he pleaded guilty to, cost the boss his job as well.
Bloody well done there.

Now I am philosophically totally opposed to capital sanction and have often debated in my mind the merits of 1000 year sentences dished out in the US as was given to the squalid arsehole who kept three women imprisoned for 10 years , caused the death of at least one baby when the slave became pregnant, in  Cleveland Ohio.

Now I see some merit in such a sentence, it means absolutely and unquestionable that Ariel Castro will die in gaol. No money or resources need to be invested in bleeding heart efforts at rehabilitation, no parole options with the accompanying garbage reports and behavior monitoring, no wasteful claims by troughers he has turned his life around, no conversions to a god of convenience, just mind numbing, oppressive, hopeless, incarceration for the rest of his life.
The other 950 or so years just reinforce fact he is there for all time.

Now for a piece of dogshit like Parker , smart enough to become a teacher, cunning enough to ingratiate himself into a community where young boys went to his rural home for sleepovers, plausible enough that for years nobody asked any questions and sick enough to damage god knows how many vulnerable boys some of whom will be a burden on the rest of us as they struggle to cope with their fucked up lives, 1000 years has an appropriateness about it that in a very small way assuages the feeling of total disgust I feel when the offending, let alone the scope and the sheer numbers involved is considered.

Rot in hell Parker and I hope that hell includes something that reminds you everyday something equivalent to the  inevitable suffering you have inflicted on your hapless, trusting young victims.

I was going to suggest another 10 years as an example and a warning to others but that would be OTT and could have me seen as a bigoted old fart with a harsh punitive streak and that would not be accurate or fair.

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Mark.V. said...

If he had commited just one offence he would be looking at a sentence of maybe seven years, as it stands he is getting a free pass on his other 73 convictions. the problem is concurrent sentences. He should have received a sentence of seven years for each of his 74 convictions, to be served cumulatively.