Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Or maybe eventually the funding stream will dry up as it should, that could bring it to an end

Anthropological Global Warming, Man Induced Climate Change, Extreme Weather Patterns Becoming More frequent, Peak Oil, Fracking Endangers Planets Future, CO2 Rising to dangerous Levels and so on and so on. Just more empty headlines.

Headlines that are the ultimate simplification that sustains the troughers who have made a lifes work and all too often an accompanying fortune for too long. Unprovable for or against with a degree of certainty but conveniently vague enough that they can be employed to bolster any selected argument, fertile fields for con artists everywhere.

On Saturday Morning swmbo usually listens to the food and garden show on Radio Live.

A regular contributor is the widely discredited numpty, ex Niwa guru, failed weather forecaster, and eventually "let go" to pursue his inanity, Jim Salinger.
His theme last Saturday  was the unusually warm July/August weather pattern over much of NZ, following a June that seriously threatened to derail the recovery from last years big dry. Unsurprisingly, it confirms for Jimbob "idiot" Salinger, irrefutable evidence we are totally F#@ked.
 In June my little brother, on the land I grew up on, was dealing with snow up to two meters deep on country that has that as a very rare event, a cousin on Highway 70, the inland Kaikoura road was dealing with snow much deeper than that.
A July early August with prevailing West North West wind flows giving a welcome warmth that has plants confused and grass growth that has me mowing two months early.
In the meantime storms across the Australian Bight have had Melburnians and Tassies wondering where the global warming has gone  as that same weather pattern has wind flows that eventually move East but deliver to them freezing polar blasts that have unseasonal snowfalls in the Snowy Mountains give over a meter of snow to the Australian Ski Industry.
Those winds that are so benevolent this year are a more normal equinoxial flow around September.
From what is in the understanding of most who are forced to work within the constraints that changing weather has, does and will continue to deliver, makes life a challenge and the overwhelming response is, deal with what you can change, accept things you cannot change and have the faith in what you create as an outcome, wont bankrupt you

In 20 years farming in The Wairarapa, October cold snaps were a particular threat to Animal welfare mainly with Beef Cows at risk of Metabolic disease killer attacks where management solutions were very difficult to deliver as the major food component was fast growing spring grass with low levels of magnesium.
Weather is random, can be kind and benevolent but can equally be a disaster looking for somewhere to lashout.

So my short answer to the rubbish Salinger was promoting as evidence of impending disaster, it was merely an unusual weather pattern that delivered a welcome respite to at risk farming in New Zealand and at the same time it is delivering the very opposite to Victoria up into the Snowy Mountains.

We are not all completely stupid Salinger but sadly many who do not know any different will accept your rubbish as fact.
On Saturday you conflated weather and climate and I seriously wonder if you understand that while taking a cheap shot for your obsession.

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