Friday, August 9, 2013

It's The Throw Away Line.......

...which so often tells a story.

Here's Senator Graham Richardson, digressing slightly, while reminding Labor supporters that Mr Abbott will be Australia's next PM.

His mood will not have been helped by Sydney's The Daily Telegraph and its notorious "kick this mob out" front page editorial on Monday. The other News Corp Australia tabloids are taking a less strident line but are also "agin" the government. His exchange with Rupert Murdoch this week may have made him feel better but it did little to aid his cause. News Corp will be here every day until this election and beyond. On the other hand the truly chilling thought for the true believers is that there is no guarantee that Fairfax Media will be publishing newspapers into the future. All newspapers are declining in circulation but none more so than the Fairfax mastheads. It may well be that Murdoch is the only game in town in the near future. Labor can't beat him nor can it join him - best to live with him.

He might as well have been referring to The Herald.

BTW, did you notice the implicit but open admission that Fairfax papers are propoganda organs for the Labor Party?

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gravedodger said...

Richo and his forays with Alan Jones on Sky News Aus can be well worth a visit for those of us with a foot in both nations.