Thursday, August 22, 2013


At the concluding stages of the "peoples forum debate" at the Brisbane Broncos Leagues Club yesterday afternoon AES, conducted by Skynews and moderated very professionally by David Speers, Sky Political Editor,  a  frustrated Tony Abbott, The Coalition Leader, in the face of another verbose  statement by Kevvie the Clownin closing, delivered an aside "does this man ever shutup.

Now the beltway political newspack that has been hanging on every word  new/old/new again leader of Labor utters in creating "the  New Way battler" for the socialists reincarnation, all the while completely ignoring almost all of the actions of both his administration and that succeeded by  the widely despised Julia Gillard,  jumped in with accusations that The Mad Monk, had told the Prime Minister "to shutup" and proceeded to run with it.

Yes the comment was illadvised, and unnecessary but Abbot was clearly not alone in that room with one hundred 'undecided voters', selected by a polling company to ask their very ordinary and focused questions, who had had quite enough of KRudd's theatricals, as the remark was greeted with a smattering of applause and the  snap poll of the audience gave a narrow win to the Coalition leader by a few  votes, with nearly one third claiming to be still "undecided". A vote that mirrors much of the evidence provided daily by the succession of polls that indicate an outgoing tide for the incumbent as his dead cat bounce is eroding.

 Many Tribal Labor pundits are ruing the decision not to advance the polling date from Gillard's long stated date of Sept 14th to an election as fast as one could be arranged in the aftermath of the latest fatality among Federal Prime Ministers (it is after all a very dangerous job particularly for the ALP ones), when he concluded a three year vendetta with his dagger he had protested every day for all those years, he was not going to do use. That was until around mid morning on the day he launched "the New Kevin Rudd" to win on the last sitting day of the now prorogued federal parliament.

Of course Tribal Labor will claim rudeness, Tribal Coalition will say justified and very few of the voters will change their vote on the evenings entertainment.

Significantly as he stated during the 'debate' Abbott mixed and mingled for some time after,  to give those who had missed getting to ask their questions put and answered, at the conclusion of the broadcast, the self styled little aussie battler however, was gone in seconds.

As a forum for assessment of combatants in a political race that has, as is so common in the modern election mode becoming very "presidential",  was good as an opportunity to glimpse the persons behind the masks'.

That said taking words and phrases out of context creates fertile territory for an opinion shaper to mine for riches and unless the context is included, however unhelpful to the writer, it only proves the inherent bias in any claims.

"Does this man ever shut up" to the moderator standing between the two protagonists, is not "shut up Mr Rudd", at the concluding phase of such a "debate" but that is how some will see it.

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