Monday, August 19, 2013

My life is complete

It's not that I've always worked toward this goal, rather I wondered how offensive you had to be to justify a ban.  I always presumed you had to say something really bloody offensive. But it appears not according to this rather innocuous comment over at the Standard earlier today in post number 87,520 about whether you could/should trust John Key:
You lot tried the old “this election is about trust” back in ’08 and it failed miserably. 

Since then, you have kept going on about dodgy John etc. Yet the Nats poll results have not worsened at all.

But I guess you are right and the people are wrong. One day they will wake up and the government will be returned to its rightful place with the Left.

In about 2020.
So there it is in black and white.  We all now know what it takes to get banned from the Standard.

The truth.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Don't worry, the more they ban people, the more it becomes an echo chamber and they are convinced that they are the only true voice, yet continue to be confused as to why they are not polling higher.


gravedodger said...

Read that rather revealing moment and can only assume lprent went ballistic.Imagine cleaning the mess his spittle would have made.

The rant that accompanied your banning was funny as it was silly, to be fair the whole response to the post was not going as planned clearly.

Anonymous said...

The sooner "commenting on the Standard" is taken as an indication of potential paedo tendencies - and so every poster is summarily fired from their government sinecures the better!

Unknown said...
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lprent said...

Annoyingly blogger ignored my current google login (but has a link to sign out?). It put my comment about as "Unknown"

This interface seems to be losing its API. Time to upgrade it?

lprent said...

It isn't hard. All you have to do is behave in a manner that is on the list of things to avoid in the policy. I guess you have been too lazy to read it? That figures.

It is almost entirely mechanical eying the 1000 or so daily comments looking for policy violations. Helps weed out fast people who'd waste everyone's time unproductively.

One of them is to attribute intelligence or an opinion to a machine or an ulterior motive to the site. If you try to make your comment ambiguous as to who it is targeted at, then the moderators will default to assuming that you are trying to talk to the machine.

After all if you were talking about a person or organisation then you'd say who they are. To do anything else is to simply invent nothing-in-fact strawman that you can ascribe anything to without contradiction.

So charitably, we assume you're trying to talk to the machine. As a programmer I view people (like yourself) who talk to machines as being complete idiots and who should be treated as such. They either learn and adapt or they leave.

This should hardly be a surprise to you as it has been a policy that has been in force on The Standard since early 2008.

Both then and now we treated it as a way of filtering the terminally stupid (think of it as "evolution in ACTion") out of the local discussion. Those are the people who don't read the site policies and therefore it is unlikely they will read what anyone else says either. So they are unlikely to bring anything to the discussion.

And we expect them to whine. You have no idea how enticing that looks to others. It just helps attract people with some ability to think and argue to the site.

I couldn't care less if they are left or right, highly intelligent or kind of slow. They just have to be able to argue with others and to not trip over their inability to adapt.

In your vacation, can I suggest whining in tune with Pete George may make your life complete. Do it on KiwiBlog to bring the greatest pleasure to the greatest number. But I see that you have already started?

I guess I'd better watch for the usual influx from KB

[this comment is a repost]

Mark said...

Lprent, geez pal you really come across as a complete tosser. Maybe you and Little can work on your anger management together.

gravedodger said...

Prentice you tosser, explaining is losing why don't you just say;
sing our songs , to our tunes, don't bring up embarrassing history and above all don't upset me.
There thats fixed then.
Btw the most revealing thing about your banning policy is the Roll of Honour.

Banning my colleagues comment that I caught quite by chance,live, only highlighted the total hypocrisy of your precarious perch on the edge of reason.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Like all socialists, Iprent mistakes quantity for quality.

Just like the Labour causus.

lprent said...

Grave: Yes I can see why *you* might consider that "explaining is losing".

However many other people actually spent their time learning and thinking. Therefore they can explain their thinking clearly. We tend to view the rather simple bovine stupidity you use to explain the world as being more suitable for steers than humans.

I like explaining, especially to fools too lazy to examine their own silly platitudes.

David said...

Surely this lprent character is a fiction. No-one is really so arrogant, full of their own self-importance or so convinced of their own infallibility, ....... surely.

My pick is that there is indeed a programme (lets call it a machine although that would not be strictly an accurate use of the term) that has been loaded with platitudes and no intelligence (artificial or otherwise) and trots out garbage at the drop of a criticism.

Either that or it is an amalgam of the Green Party and Labour Party employed drones taking turns.

gravedodger said...

David believe me. it exists as a legend in it's own mind, an isop specialist in fact, a little known fact he often sees a need to repeat ad nauseum.
For me, another "intellectual" giant with a delete button and a banning policy all too often found on blogsites where criticsm is regarded as toxic, never constructive or enlightening, only threatening, therefore some form of destruction of the comments must be employed to prevent such anti party thoughts germinating.

Oh and since your aura of infallibility will see you back here, Prentice, you are still a tosser, among the bovines I spent my working life amongst they all showed more intelligence than you offer through your petulant, pedantic responses when you find things going against your chosen beliefs.

Of course the poor sad bastard cannot just push his button here, sort of out in the weather somewhat, eh.