Thursday, August 29, 2013


I am delighted to report that 'Crusher' Collins will be joining No Minister as a guest commentator.   When I extended the invitation I expected a reply along the lines of  'thanks but no thanks, the Cabinet Manual/time and space/etc prevents me from doing so'.    Well, I got the first word right. 

Judith and I go back a little way.   Along with all other Kiwi Vietnam veterans I owe her a debt of gratitude for the work she did in exposing the lie perpetuated by successive governments that "ANZAC forces generally served in Phouc Tuy Province where there was no aerial spraying" (Reeves and McLeod Reports 1999 & 2001).     She persuaded the Health Select Committee to conduct the Inquiry and the rest is history.    That a first term Opposition MP was prepared to devote her time and energy and political capital to help right a huge wrong when many others had failed is something I will never forget.

Judith Collins, love her or hate her, I'm sure her posts will attract measure of both.    You will certainly be left in no doubt where she stands on a particular issue.    Whale Oil and Kiwiblog ... eat your hearts out.


PM of NZ said...

That'll be fun. I look forward to your resident leftie Milt conversing with Crusher.

Shane Ponting said...

Why do I get the feeling this blog is about to match the standard on censorship of comments.

Judge Holden said...

ROFL. Cwusher will get a lackey to draft some lamo talking points about how just plain wonderful the government is. Can't wait. Be sure to clear the streets of any dissidents before she arrives, Vet.

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see you score one but I want a real, not pretend, fiscal and social conservative. This looks good like thick make-up - don't get too close.


Psycho Milt said...

PM of NZ: much as I'd also look forward to that, if a Minister of the Crown had the free time to engage in comments banter with bloggers there'd be something terribly wrong with our system of government.

Shane: given that our unwritten comments policy is that the authors get to delete whatever they want on their own blog, anything is possible.

The Veteran said...

Holden ... it would be easy for me to delete any of your posts on my blog. I don't. I suspect Collins won't to that either unless you engage in 'over the top' personal abuse.

I suspect none of my co-bloggers would want to see here the level of censorship exhibited on your Party blog 'The Standard'.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

PM of NZ
Milt, as always, will engage intelligently, with well marshalled facts and cogent argument - delivered with a dark sense of humour.

Never mind that sometimes he's wrong

PM of NZ said...

AF and PM: I would never be one to cast aspersions, or stones for that matter, but I do note that neither denied PM being slightly right of centre.

And like others often note, Milt always gives great commentary.

Judge Holden said...

You guys should get James Dale Davidson to guest blog here. He shares most of your political views, doesn't like facts either, ascribes to the same conspiracy theories, his writing style matches GD's unreadable hyperbole and his unpleasantness would match Adolt's.

A perfect fit.

The Veteran said...

Holden ... you said "Cwusher will get a lackey to draft some lamo talking points ...."

I suspect not. I mean she wouldn't want to be seen as going down the same road as Cunliffe who stole Robertson's material and passed off using it as a 'technical' hitch.

Judge Holden said...

Yeah right. I suppose you think she drafts all of her ministerial correspondence personally also.

The Veteran said...

Holden ... your feeble attempt at the patronising put-down is expected. Thank you for not disappointing.

Has it ever occurred to you that some of us might actually know how the Beehive works?

Has it ever occurred to you that some of us might have served both National and Labour Cabinet Ministers?

Now I can accept that on your side of politics some Ministers might have a certain aversion to doing their own work ... or any work. Gueez, your great Brown hope was so lazy in reading his Cabinet Papers that he was rolled by the Greens into accepting that 'strange' proposal to limit ones ability to shower.

But understand this. Judith Collins writes her own newsletter 'Collin's Comments'.

I suspect she will do the same with her blog commentaries.

And I further suspect she will take great delight in tearing her opponent's arguments to shreds although, in your case, it won't take much doing.

Judge Holden said...

I'm sure Collins drafts all her own Cabinet papers, speeches and press releases. And briefs herself on matters relevant to her portfolio Actually, that would explain a lot.

Which Ministers have you served and when? Obviously not Collins as she doesn't need staff, but who?

The Veteran said...

Holden ... those who know me know the answer to that and I am not of a mind to indulge you of all people as I'm sure it will engender a sneering response.

But here's a taster. The Labour Party Minister I served was an ex President of that Party. We had some great debates and some great times together during visits to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines and Indonesia. I have huge respect for him/her.

No more.