Thursday, August 1, 2013

Question for Thursday

I haven't read the beltway stuff, but the release of the Vance phone records has me intrigued.

Vance is a journalist employed by Fairfax Media.  I presume Vance's phone is owned and paid for by her employer.  They would get the bills, and the records. 

She has a "pass" to allow her access to the media gallery in parliament.  But how does Parliamentary Services get her phone records in the first place?  Is it part of the "deal" with the press gallery - a security thing?

Can anyone enlighten me.

Happy Thursday! 


David said...

You will probably find that there are a number of extensions in the press gallery that come through the Parliamentary Services PABX. As such they may pay a small line rental but probably don't get billed for toll calls or cell phone calls because I suspect that there is no call-by-call charging system.
Subsidised by the taxpayer? probably!
Should this make details of calls made from her extension number in the public domain? absolutely!

There's nowt so precious as a reporter (can't bring myself to describe them as journalists) being held to the same standards as they would apply to others.

Nick K said...

OK. I presumed they were mobile phone records of hers which is where my confusion lies.

Paulus said...

In would expect now that Vance will become a Pariah to her Press Gallery colleagues.
They will avoid her like the plague in case they get implicated in their own (wrong) doings.