Tuesday, August 20, 2013


along the road of waste, rorting, irresponsible outcomes perpetrated on long suffering ratepayers.

Nigel Ward of The Waiuku Post has contacted the Whale after wading through the three volumes of the Auckland Plan and finding one gem where a neat two million bucks is set aside to "inspect the nine thousand or so pools".

Ward has offered in writing to do it on contract for a measly one Million.

As for me it is a load of complete bollocks, yes a pool fence might save a vulnerable ankle biter here and there but it becomes farcical when such idiotic blanket bylaws have a fully fenced pool standing alongside an unfenced stream, irrigation ditch, accumulated stormwater, or any of the myriad bodies of water that accompany life for all of us and present a clear danger 24/7.
A danger that can only be countered by vigilance, discipline and training of the vulnerable and responsible, sane, sensible behavior from parents.

I think the ASCC should take up Ward's offer, hell there might be someone who will do a better job for $600 000, Waiperera Trust, Destiny Church, The Mob even Little Lenny's chauffeur on his day off.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

While I agree with the thrust of his argument I see he doesn't appear to have allowed any costs for getting his people from the office to the pool. Little things like motor vehicle costs etc. Just a $50k salary and a few bob for computers.

He may well find the 'on costs' of employment add another $50k per employee to his fifteen minute budget.

Noel said...

Prior to amalgamation into Auckland Super City rural Franklin residents used declare it wasn't a swimming pool but a fire fighting reservoir avoiding the fencing rules.

Anonymous said...

commented to the whale ?

In other words no-one else took him seriously so he pissed and moaned to the blogosphere's biggest village idiot

The Veteran said...

Anon 6.15 .... didn't know he had complained to The Standard.