Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shearer Resigns

If the warlords don't getcha, the caucus will.

Some questions:-

  • Who put him up to that appalling snapper episode?
  • Will Labour be stupid  enough to  elect a poofter leader?
  • Who would National least prefer?  My guess would be Cunliffe.
  • Is Shane Jones a dark horse?
  • What chance has John Key of controlling his own caucus when they all are rolling on the floor shrieking with laughter?


Anonymous said...
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The Veteran said...

So Judge ... who are you supporting ... pray tell?

I opined in another thread that Phil Goff was the real deal ... nothing ersatz about him.

Psycho Milt said...

Don't know about Judge Holden, but I'm personally sorry to see Shearer go. I say "personally" because my personal opinion about what I want from a prime minister doesn't take into account stuff the Labour Party has to take into account, like the contender's prospects of winning elections.

From the pov of a political party, the ideal leader is an accomplished, supremely self-confident bullshitter and adept liar - someone who can fool more people more of the time than his competitors. From that pov, Key is a first-rate leader and Shearer is about as bad as it gets.

My pov is the reverse of that. As someone patently incapable of bullshitting plausibly and visibly uncomfortable when trying to present a story he knows isn't true, Shearer is just about my ideal candidate for PM. I'd like to have some means of knowing when a politician's lying to me other than "his lips are moving." I think it's a shame so few voters are of like mind.

AngryTory said...

Look at iPredict. Look at Krudd in OZ.
Another two terms for Key - at least.

Perhaps now he'll have the courage to actually enact some right-wing policies.

Jami-Lee Ross's anti-striker bill would be a start.
Chris Christie's full anti-union legislation would be rather better.

Then there's WFF, Student Loans, School Meals, the Rail Loop, "affordable" housing - fuckloads of policies to repeal, and full school & hospital charterisation (like the UK), benefit reform, tax reform to enact!

let's see some ACTION!

AngryTory said...

Key is a first-rate leader

Key was elected as a prettier face on Helen Clark's policies - and that's pretty much what he's done for the last two terms. Shearer can't get any traction because any policies he brings in - rail loop, school meals, affordable housing - are instantly enacted by Key!

Especially when you consider the governments Maori policies, Key's government is to the left overall of Clarke - so where does Labour go?

adastar said...

> Will Labour be stupid enough to elect a poofter leader?

Same with that Negro Jones or that front bum Jacinda. Will these people ever learn?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Of course it might make a considerable difference if the said poofter had some ability and was not a smarmy duplicitous back stabbing prick with no real world experience..

No matter, he would still have a 10% PV handicap delivered by Pacifica, fundy Christians and Waitakere women and their men.

Anonymous said...

Pretty clear now there's another two or three terms for National. There's absolutely no-one in Labour who is credible as a PM until you get down to someone like Chipkins - and he'll need another 10 years before he's ready

The Veteran said...

Gueez adastar 8.42 ... real CLASSY post NOT.

Milt ... don't necessarily disagree with your assessment but the reality is that 'nice' guys just don't cut the mustard when the chips are down.

Look at 'Gentleman' Jack Marshall, Bill Rowlings, Jim McClay, Geoffrey Palmer and now David Shearer.

Acknowledged decent blokes all and now but footnotes in the pages of history.