Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Almost a month ago news broke that a bug had been found in stored unsold product by required  testing,  prior to a move to introduce the stored product onto the market.

The balance of the Whey Powder at risk, tonnes of it,  had been sold to food manufacturers well over a year ago and not one single alarm was sounded by any of the extensive monitoring that most manufacturers employ to prevent a catastrophic disaster.

The media latched onto a story without any regard for the salient facts and produced headlines about the end of the world scenario "BOTULISM".

The bug that started all the hysteria was one of the many in the clostridia family that have a potential to produce some nasty toxins causing fatal outcomes such as tetanus, botulism etc.

To produce the toxin the C.bug has to be capable, have moisture and a lack of oxygen,
Those requirements are a greatest risk from food preserving; meats, fish, and some vegetables being common across the world.

Now it is revealed that the C bug found was a relatively harmless one and the cluster fu#k is now a total fu#k up that has cost jobs, allowed several paranoid mothers unwarranted anxiety, at least one Fonterra executive his job and god only knows what the exercise has cost in dollars, time and the reputation of our lifeboat in trade terms.

Yes a botulism contamination had a potential for disaster of unthinkable proportions but with the product out in the markets, being consumed by the most vulnerable, and absolutely no symptoms or even a hint of it in the nearly 18 months of exposure it is now revealed as not much more than a beatup.

For all those who just cannot wait to put the boot into Dairy Farming,  the other desperate group floundering in the political wilderness, and the army of armchair experts with little or no knowledge, it was mana from heaven.

Economic terrorists is far too kind a sobriquet for all the numpties.

Now those same muppets will make another attempt to make hay by changing their attacks to   another angle but rest assured Fonterra is still the main target and the government and MPI as secondaries.

In the absence of a single case of illness that could be remotely connected to Clostridium among the many thousands of potential victims told me once the timelines were established, plus the very vague contamination site (the bugs live in the soil not milk pipes that were damaged or poorly cleaned) was only media generated hysteria.

Well done idiots, I wonder how many Clostridium bugs were traded today; fruit, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, then there were kids just eating dirt  on the back lawn.

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shelldrake 10A said...

I bet not one single news outlet will see it that way.
This has been one sad scaremongering episode. I wonder what these jerks do for meaningful employment