Saturday, August 10, 2013


Successive governments pursuing the politically correct to the detriment of the sensible, instead of adapting, modifying and improving a system the passage of time dictates is unacceptable, are creating a massive problem requiring increasingly bizarre solutions.

Once, those who might struggle to cope in an increasingly difficult world were found work in a "sheltered workshop",  educated in a "special school", lived in an institution safe from the seemingly insurmountable pressures and harsh conditions an increasingly preoccupied world accepts.
Today, imo we are failing in attempts to  provide somewhere safe for the vulnerable.

Buzz words such as Institutionalised, mainstreaming, rights abuse, and normal life were employed to justify what was often merely a ploy to save money by closing places we knew as 'institutions'. Some were government run, others religious and various charities.

Yes those "safe" refuges were often under resourced, had predators taking advantage of the vulnerable, and failed manifestly to actually deliver what most saw as an ideal place for those struggling to cope, to grow and find a stimulating and comfortable place in society, even if in reality a somewhat parallel one

All too often examples are exposed where those close to a patient with a serious mental condition have extreme difficulty in accessing "help" as they watch helplessly, someone they love deeply, spiral into an "episode", the system seemingly paralyzed until things go over a precipice, then "an ambulance goes to the bottom of the cliff".

I  am aware of a case some years ago when a good mate was in such a  situation and the timing was crap.
 In the immediate aftermath of another fatal shooting by the AOS, my mates wife spent over a week trying to access help for him as deterioration continued, to no avail until it really went 'south', and when the ninjas turned up the potential for another death loomed large. t Much fear and mayhem ensued, there must have been a better way.

Put simply the system is not coping

Other instances occur when vulnerable people are exploited in simple things such as safe secure affordable shelter, food, care and entertainment that the rest of society sees as the right of all.

One instance that rears its ugly side has become known to me, a growing problem of placing some of those rejected from the mainstream being homed by the Health authorities in secure care facilities set up for the aged, ie resthomes.
They are just not suited either with staff, facilities, training or  practice, so normally decline to accept younger patients who are in this category.
The solution being followed in increasing instances has the health authorities failing to provide full medical histories to rest homes, successfully hoodwinking them into accepting these sometimes extremely difficult patients to the detriment of safety for staff, other patients and those called in to attend to the needs of these patients who have nowhere else to go.

I am not advocating the re-establishment of the worst of the now closed facilities that were used as an out of sight out of mind solution in yester-year but there is a vastly growing need today, for secure, safe, stimulating places for those society is apparently creating in increasing numbers with apparently  nowhere to fit in, rest homes are not that solution.

Eventually 'sweeping them under a convenient carpet will end in tears.
 So  maybe adapting and re instituting the once rejected system of the past is a solution even if it is at odds with modern thinking of the well intentioned.

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