Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sphincters Quiver......

...... at the bloated propaganda arm of the Australian Labour Party and The Greens as it slowly dawns on the socialist luvvies that their gravy train is about to be derailed.

Of course, I'm talking about the ABC which shamelessly has pursued a pro labour anti liberal agenda for years.  So bad has been the overt bias in recent times that no senior figure from the Liberal Party would appear on any of the ABC's front line current affairs shows.  (Shades of John Key and that idiot Campbell.)  When Julia Gillard announced six months ago there would be an election, she gave the ABC an extra $10mil to help tide it over the campaign.  Such is the blatant corruption of Australian centre left politics.

Now all the hairy arsed smelly hippie types (39% of ABC staff vote Green) are moaning  because someone, somewhere has suggested cutting their funding by five percent.  Well folks, that's a tidy sum of money, $50mil in fact, because this outfit soaks up a cool BILLION DOLLARS of taxpayers' money.

Pulling $50 million or even $100 million out of its triennial funding would have devastating consequences for the ABC, while making piddling inroads on our looming structural deficit.

Adolf would not piss around with five precent.

On the first  Monday after  the election he would call in the current chairman, a biased leftie bullshit artist without equal, and inform him he is 'down the road.' 

A new Chairman or woman would be given clear instructions that for 2014/15 funding would be restricted to $800mil and would reduce by $100mil per annum and then be capped at $500mil with a biannual review to check for further savings.

He/she would be instructed that the ABC should immediately cease running an on line newspaper in competition with Fairfax and Murdoch.   All funding for this particular activity should cease.  (Note well, Murdoch owns just 33% of the Australian print media but commands 72% of its readership.  This fact is conflated by the ABC' lieing luvvies into 'Evil Murdoch owns 72% of the media.')

On a similar vein, the practice of operating up to twenty different radio stations should  cease.  These are competing unfairly with commercial radio networks.

You see, the ABC does not make a profit.  It just holds out its hand each year for more money and each year for the last six, Labor has given it more than it asked for.


gravedodger said...

State owned media is so 19th century.

The internet has proved it so.

Tory Knob said...

Yeah, I get all my news and commentary from No Minister. That's why I'm an totally ignorant retard.