Thursday, August 8, 2013


And we are only halfway into the second term
The National government is ailing.

Stupid inane rubbish is entering the patients digestive tract.

Cutting snapper quota for the plebs in the fishing grounds of 80% of the population, while allowing commercials carte blanche,
Continuing with apartheid politics,
Pussyfooting around welfare,
Seeming inability to explain in simple language what the GCSB legislation actually is,
Allowing the Henry enquiry to fester and inflame passions.
Down grading the Young Nats attempt to debate needed Industrial law reform at conference,
And now refusing to accept there is enough f#*king law aroung Gang behavior and tactics, the muppets now think we need more f#*king law.

Why not show a bit of intestinal fortitude, call in Peter  Marshall and introduce a broken windows approach to gang behavior.
Yes, the still being challenged local law seems to have impacted on Wanganui but the problem exists elsewhere

How will this latest brain fart impact on Joe Citizen wearing an insignia on his lapel;
A small silver cross will inflame the religion of peace.
A red cross similar outcome,
what about a St John badge, a RSA badge, a Masonic badge, or even a small indication the wearer supports the NZLP or god dammit the idiot GP

FFS yoof gangs only need a teeshirt of a certain colour, the rest of their ID is attitude
As with continued attacks on the poor bastards trying to make a dollar selling booze while allowing shitfaced idiots to over indulge, throw up, piss and or cast other unmentionable matter at will, to carry on untouched by the law for their totally objectionable but apparently ok behavior., te gummint is going to crack down, LOL, on what an intimidating, tatooed stinking gang member can wear while some scared shitless citizen cowers .

Yes Mr Key I am just a tad angry this morning perhaps the meds are not working, but as politics is all about perception your good work is being swamped in the wake of a 'Gin Palace' heading out into the Hauraki Gulf for a day of fun and that boat is going to come home sans some of your hard earned support.

Thank god it is Friday soon, R& R awaits. There will be no bloody Gang members where I am going.
C Ya.


The Veteran said...

GD ... you are getting somewhat ahead of yourself re your comment on the Gang Insignia legislation ... the Bill quite specifically excludes the organisations you refer to (although why anyone would ever want to be seen wearing a Labour Party badge escapes me).

So, to assist in getting your BP down to 140/80, here is the list of prohibited insignia as defined in the Bill ...

Gang means any organisation, association, or group of persons

(a) that is known by a name that is the same as, or substantially
similar to, any of the following:

(i) Aotearoa Natives:
(ii) Bandidos MC:
(iii) Black Power: 25
(iv) Devils Henchmen MC:
(v) Epitaph Riders:
(vi) Filthy Few MC:
(vii) Forty-Five MC:
(viii) Greasy Dogs MC: 30
(ix) Head Hunters MC:
(x) Hells Angels MC:
(xi) Highway 61 MC:
(xii) Hu-Hu MC:
(xiii) Killerbeez: 35
(xiv) King Cobras:
(xv) Lone Legion MC:
(xvi) Lost Breed MC:
(xvii) Magogs MC:
(xviii) Mongrel Mob:
(xix) Mangu Kaha: 5
(xx) Mothers MC:
(xxi) Nomads:
(xxii) Outcasts MC:
(xxiii) Outlaws MC:
(xxiv) Rebels MC: 10
(xxv) Red Devils MC:
(xxvi) Road Nights MC:
(xxvii) Satans Slaves MC:
(xxviii) Sinn Fein MC (not being a branch, or an associated
organisation, of the political party known 15
by a similar name):
(xxix) Southern Vikings MC:
(xxx) Storm Troopers:
(xxxi) Taupiri MC:
(xxxii) Tribal Huk: 20
(xxxiii) Tribesmen MC:
(xxxiv) Tyrants MC; or

(b) identified in regulations made under section 5

The reality is that Gangs control 99% of the illegal drug industry.

In addition they are heavily into prostitution and a bunch of other criminal activity.

There is nothing remotely good about ganga and Muldoon was a fool for thinking he could somehow break the mould ne engaging with them.

Their Gang Patch is precious to them. They have probably committed robbery/rape/murder to get it.

I don't want to see Gang Patched members on in Government premises intimidating people by their very presence. This Bill addresses that issue and may, just may, help get the message through that they are societies outcasts and will be treated as such until they have the nous to break their ties with the gang, reintegrate into society and live a normal life.

The fact that Labour/Greens/Maori and Mana are against thje Bill is all the more reason to support it.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Steady on GD, or you'll give yourself a hernia!

Lindsay Mitchell said...

For a change, I enjoyed a good laugh listening to TV3 news this morning reporting the police applauding the legislation because it would show the gangs "who was in charge".

But I was doubly rewarded when I heard that gang members flouting the law would face a fine of up to $2,000 or a term of imprisonment.

Like that ever deterred them.