Friday, August 30, 2013

The Last Nail

Just when you think they can't do anything dumber than they have done already, Kevi Rudd hands Labor some new 'last nails' for his and their political coffins.  This time, he appears to be taking advice from Phil Goff, that notorious leaker of confidential briefing papers.  (BTW, is that Julia swing the hammer?)

Yesterday Rudd made his treasurer and finance spokesmen line up with him  at one of his Ruddite press conferences in which he waived confidential briefing papers from Treasury and the Parliamentary Budget Office.  Rudd claimed these papers showed conclusively that Tony Abbot was lying about his election promise costings, to the tune of $10billion.  He launched a diatribe and homily on the untrustworthiness of  TonyAbbot.

Unfortunately for Rudd the political mandarins of the two gummint departments are made of stern stuff and they did not appreciate some recycled lemon making public their private briefing papers.  (This is a first for Australia.)

They frowned severely over the  fact that Rudd had falsely represented to the public that the briefing papers were costings of Liberal Party policies.  They were not.  They were costings of estimates provided by Rudd and his mates. 

Their jaws dropped when they saw Rudd had manipulated the figures by converting the papers from  accrual accounting to cash accounting, thus producing his now ridiculous $10bil black hole.

So, in  a further first for Australia, the mandarins themselves went public in the middle of an election campaign and ripped the PM to shreds - making it absolutely clear the only person in the place with a dark stain of untrustworthiness on his character is Kevin Rudd.

Hell it only took twenty four hours for Rudd's spectacular revelation to bite him on the arse.

Here is the statement from Treasury,

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