Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This week - how to make an awesome news story just using toilet rolls and egg cartons

Kiwiblog author David Farrar and celebrity gossip columnist Patrick Gower are crafting a news story from Labour's leadership candidates travelling around the country at - gasp! - taxpayers' expense!  How can this be possible?

How indeed.  Well, I refer readers to this recent news story, which one has to imagine both Farrar and Gower are aware of:  MPs unite to keep travel perk in-house. Exerpts:

MPs on all sides are joining forces to defend the right to set their own unlimited travel perks - despite a Government promise to transfer them to an independent body.
Mr Key has accepted the changes and says National MPs will vote for the amended bill when it came before Parliament again.

Those damn Labour MPs!


The Veteran said...

PM ... it might have been more 'helpful' if you had highlighted the complete article rather than exerps to wit ...

Labour MP Ruth Dyson, chairwoman of the select committee that gutted the bill, said it had decided the Speaker was the appropriate body to set the allowances.

Travel to and from Parliament was part of an MP's job, she said. She hoped the public would understand that "we travel to Wellington because we're elected to Parliament, not because being in Wellington three days a week is where we would like to be".

Note the bit about travel to and from Parliament. The Labour Party leadership beauty contest/talkfest/roadshow ain't Parliament.

Psycho Milt said...

So the Chair of the relevant select committee has some politician-weasel blather as a fig-leaf for the MPs' unanimous decision to continue troughing - so what? Bottom line is this bit: "...allowances that give MPs unlimited free travel within New Zealand."

All of them have this perq, all of them use it, none of them is willing to give it up. If DPF has a problem with that, he has very good access to the National Party troughers involved - he could start there.

The Veteran said...

PM ... it may be stating the obvious but the National Party caucus elects its leader ... done in the caucus room in Wgtn.

Spot the difference.

Psycho Milt said...

Extending the franchise is more expensive than limiting it, yes.

When National MPs have ceased booking up any travel to the taxpayer beyond their trips to and from Parliament, Farrar and Gower will have a point - until then, they're full of shit.

Shane Ponting said...

I don't expect turkeys to ever vote for an early Christmas, irrespective of whether they be red turkeys or blue turkeys.