Tuesday, August 6, 2013


As the 450th day since the milk was contaminated approaches, here is an update on the casualties.

Total number of patients showing symptoms from the outbreak since May 2012 has hopefully flatlined at zero.  This comes as a huge relief to the thousands mobilised to deal with the expanding tragedy.

Total fatalities have also seen no increase in the 450 days since the dirty pipe pooped in the millions of tonnes of milk products manufactured, distributed, onsold and consumed since May 2012.

That total death toll still stands at an alarming big fat zero.

The Peoples Ministry for Food Safety and Panics has called on all citizens to continue to monitor home preserves and old stocks of stored canned foods (in the disaster relief packs under the stairs) for telltale signs of Botulism contamination as they continue to constitute an ongoing danger to us all.

Fonterra units have rallied in the face of the measured way the ever responsible MSM have continued to carry the unfolding mass poisoning, possibly the most significant single incident since Jim Jones followers unwittingly drank contaminated Coolaid in Jonestown Guiana 35 years ago - another chilling coincidence.

Russel Norman and David Shearer in a joint impromptu "news"  conference expressed the hope that the worst was behind NZ unless they can manipulate the muppet media to go again with their feeding  frenzy in the unlikely event nothing else turns up.


Anonymous said...

David Shearer attempting to make some political mileage on facebook. He might understand geopolitics/a la UN but he's buggered when it comes to the domestic economy. Short-sighted and totally away with the fairies. Says this at about 2.35pm today on his page

"The Fonterra situation shows the 'she'll be right' attitude simply doesn't cut it in the global marketplace. We must be more vigilant than that. This issue is bigger than politics. But Fonterra is not bigger than Parliament."

I beg to differ Davy boy

Edward the Confessor said...

If all you can do is crow that Fonterra hasn't killed anyone yet, you're really pretty clueless. What high standards you have.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Ed the Con

Fonterra has killed far less people (none) than have died at the hands of the Greens.

Edward the Confessor said...

Apart from boring and obvious smears and a downplaying of Fonterra and the National Party's negligence, you're kind of lost here aren't you fellas?

The Veteran said...

EtC .... cheep political point scoring that doesn't cut the mustard. I'm sure the enquiries that are sure to follow will reveal all but in the meantime your gloating over the damage done to our economy and reputation does you no credit.

Shearer, to his credit hasn't attempted to make political capital over this thus far ... guess he is leaving it up to the Edward the Confessors of the world to do the dirty work.

Edward the Confessor said...

Sorry Vet, are you referring to Gravedodger and Adolf's attempts at smears and political point-scoring? I agree it's appalling and not that smart given that this happened on the Nats' watch.

Roustabout said...

For those who just don't get your logic, how do you conclude that the actions and/or inactions taken by a private corporation are somehow the responsibility of the current governing political party?


Edward the Confessor said...

Several ways. The Government regulates or chooses not to regulate the food industry. The Government's economic strategy has led them to rely on a single good into a single market, and has left us terribly exposed. The dairy industry has been allowed, through lax government standards to cause massive environmental damage with the quid pro quo being supposed economic benefits. How's that working out for ya?

Liberty said...

There would not have been food scare under a Green Marxist government.
The Greens would ban trade with china because Russell had his flag taken of him.
Besides there would be very little to export. Under the Green anti farming program.
Dairy farmers would be restricted to a house cow.

gravedodger said...

Guys n Gals, in Edward the Confuser's world, Fonterra would be The Peoples Democratic Milk Producers Co-op and would be so f#*ked as a commercial entity it would not even provide anough product for New Zealand workers.

Edward and his mates in Government would access Danish and Dutch product at subsidised rates from the Stores in the government offices around the country.

Paulus said...

This kind of botulism is soil bound so how does it get into a secure food chain ?
Very puzzled.