Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I've been around politics for long enough to know it's never over till it's over but all the portents are for a comprehensive victory by the Liberal/National Coalition in the Australian election now less than three weeks away.    

As Rudd reverts to his erratic self of old, I suspect many Labor faithful might be increasingly of a mind to say "Come back Julia, all is forgiven'.    For all her faults at least she was the real deal; Rudd is an driven enigma.

If I were to revert to my Australian heritage I guess I would be a Nationals voter to provide a reality check to the Liberals.   I don't agree with policy on the hoof and that is what Abbott appears to be indulging in with his hugely generous Paid Parental Leave scheme to be funded by a levy on business.

Having said that Rudd is dishing out tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars daily in policy promises without a thought to where the money is coming from.   Their budget projections are a shambles and their promise of a return to surplus in 2015 is exposed as a pipe dream gone south. 

Back to Rudd ... I received an interesting communication from a retired Australian Brigadier colleague forwarding an e-mail from a RAAF Wing Commander reproduced below:


This is a typical Politician who thinks He Owns Everything.

I made an enquiry
via my  RAAF connections, apparently Krudd & the first sheila's trip to an was via a RAAF KC30-A A330 Tanker a/c  specifically tasked for just him, wife & media visit to Afghanistan.

The trip went via Perth and was a very quick over & back task.  What a complete waste of taxpayer funds for a photo op with the troops, when we have a massive cutback in defence spending.

This trip will not have come out of No 34 VIP Squadrons funding for Prime Ministerial travel.  The KC30-A Tanker belongs  to and funding expenditure is allocated by No 33 Squadron at RAAF Amberley.

In effect he is stealing funding from defence operations for his own political purposes. Is there no end to this prick’s selfishness, self aggrandisement, waste and contempt to the Armed Services and the Australian Tax Payer?

And this while most of my retired military friends are living impoverished lives on their Labor Party deliberately reduced (Defence Forces Retirement Benefit Fund) superannuation indexation.  In my case it is minus $550 a fortnight since I retired and I was a Wing Commander; most of the retired guys were Warrant Officers or lesser ranks and really struggling after serving their country all their working lives.

It’s a bloody disgrace! About $560 million would repay it all back which is about 2 weeks worth of illegal immigrants under Rudd!


Well, in just a few days he (and another 14,504,560 voters) will get to have their say where it counts. 




Noel said...

Yeah and the new guy after the election will carrying on with the same practice.

Reminds me of my first trip to Vietnam. On board was the Chief of Air Staff and his wife. The loadmaster was going around asking everyone not to use the toilet which fronted the two palletised airline seats.

Because the replacement flights were always in October the Whenuapai to Singapore legs were nicknamed by the lesser mortals as Senior Officials Christmas present buying junkets.

I never did understand why his wife also had to sup at the taxpayer trough.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... always of a mind that you did your homework.

You are 100% wrong with the ascertain that nothing will change re DFRB Indexation should the Coalition win the election.

Have a look at http://lpaweb-static.s3.amazonaws.com/Policies/FairIndexationOfMilitarySuperannuation.pdf
for confirmation.

Anonymous said...

Not purely an Australian thing.
Didn't we have someone attend a basketball game without regard to our military?

The Veteran said...

Anon 8.13 ... fairly good at cryptic crosswords but you have me stumped. Pse elucidate.

Anonymous said...

"Anon 8.13 ... fairly good at cryptic crosswords but you have me stumped. Pse elucidate"

Hard to know, but I think he's referring to the time the Prime Minister attended his son's basketball game somewhere in the United States. Apparently he thinks John Key flying to the United States by commercial airline at his own expense is the same as Kevin Rudd and his wife travelling to Afghanistan by RAAF aircraft at government expense.

The Veteran said...

Anon ... got it. TY. Really clutching at straws then.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No Vet. Clutching at green grass which sinks much faster than straws.