Saturday, August 31, 2013

When Is A Guru Not A Guru?

When he  displays all the virtues of a prize fuckwit.

Not only a guru, according to the fevered few at Fairfax but a FINANCIAL guru to boot.

Now let's see.

He stopped paying the bank loan payments on his mansion in the Wairarapa.

He married a gold digger from Brazil who did him like a dinner when she buggered off.

He made millions in Argentina and Brazil, two countries where the corrupt prosper, but couldn't make a quid in NZ where one is required to actually do some work.

He took a swipe at the management of NZ which is one of the few OECD countries which is doing well economically.

You be the judge but this guy sure as hell looks like a fuckwit to me.

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Judge Holden said...

He's pretty much like a successful version of you, Adolt. You believe the same things, support the same political candidates, have the same ethical standards and are generally offensive individuals. He's just ripped more people off. He should be a hero of yours.