Thursday, August 8, 2013


Congratulations to the restaurant owner who decided to ban kids from his premises after 7.00 pm.   You can read about it here.

Many of you will have experienced the situation where you have taken wife/mistress out for a 'romantic' dinner to have the table next to you occupied by a family of ankle biters with one in a highchair who proceeds to throw his/her food around (hitting you) and another crying his/her way through the meal which they didn't like.

For the owner it's a commercial decision.   Clearly it will piss off some families who will cross it off their list of eateries.   Equally, it will attract other patrons who want a guaranteed quiet meal.   The last few years have seen a proliferation  of 'adult only' friendly resorts where you can go for a quiet holiday without being surrounded by screaming kids.   This move mirrors that .... may it gather pace.

Disclosure ... the Veteran is the proud grandfather of 5 grandchildren.   Each one of them a gem to be treasured and admired ... in small doses.  


Anonymous said...

Even more irritating are the noisy bar customers in restaurants. They obviously are more important to the bottom line than diners who have come for a fine meal out. There are many restaurants that have been crossed off my list because of the inability to hear my spouse from the other side of a small table because of their noise and the that of the TV blaring out the evening footy game.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"..because of their noise and the that of the TV blaring out the evening footy game."

Not quite fine dining, if I may say so.

My worst experience was taking The Cook to 'The Top of the Town' at the Auckland Hyatt on the occasion of our wedding anniversary, only to have Winston Peters and three of his crones chain smoking and yapping incessantly into their cellphones the whole time - no more than twenty feet away.

You and I were paying for it.