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Two serious American contemporary writers have made large as to how many of us view the United States, particularly around the law, politics, graft and corruption.

Mario Puzo whose novel on the Mafia and the mythical but totally believable Corleone family that inspired Francis Ford Copula's movies and the more recent crime/law genre books by John Grisham.

Puzo's 'Godfather' and one of Grisham's novels, 'The Pelican Brief' come to life in the rotting corpse that is The New South Wales Labor party.
It is all unfolding as ICAC, the independent commission against corruption finally starts releasing its various reports on what is known as The Obied Affair.

Edward Obied came to Australia  from Lebanon as a 10 year old, c1950, and has built from scratch an empire that is in a word, Impressive. Not all is known as to how he became a little bit  rich but there is a fertile field of material that could spawn several tales based on how he became seriously rich.

Perhaps that was the inspiration behind why NZLP President Mike Williams was so sure he could dig dirt on John Key when it became clear Key was going to end the Clark era, with his fruitless visit to Melbourne in the leadup to the 2008 NZ election. Being a socialist and all he would have had an inkling as to NSW Labor funding and power broking, even then.

Eddie as he would like to be affectionately known occupied a seat in the NSW State Upper House but although never holding high office was known to be the real power in Sydney and the rest of the State as was Richard Daly in Chicago around the middle of the 20th century. Daly's Democrat machine was an important cog in the election of the first Roman Catholic President one J F Kennedy.
However Eddie's wife Judy describes their "family" as an honest christian one but I am unaware of Tui Billboards in Sydney on which to publicise that quote.

Apart from 8 of Eddie's children there are a bunch of around a dozen very seriously powerful recent figures from the ranks of who's who in NSW, including son Moses Obied, ICAC has fingered as corrupt or complicit in corruption who would grace any Grisham novel, only these are real people and the money swirling around the cesspool is serious multi millions.
Another one of Eddie's spawn, Gerrard I think his name was, in evidence to ICAC was unable to explain where his income came from, Gerrard lives in a 2.4 million Sydney home and was described as the "manager" of the various Obied family trusts.
None of the children of the Godfather has an identifiable income earning job, outside the family structure.
Australian Tax Office and the police fraud squad are going to be very busy trying to unravel the maze of Trusts and business entities being exposed by Mr Imp and his ICAC inquiry.

Why does this warrant a post well The NSW Labor Party, that current Liberal Premier Barry O'Farrell finally exposed to sunlight with his election victory a couple of years ago following a series of Labor Premiers who only served at the behest of the Godfather, has tentacles that stretch all the way down the Hume Highway to the Federal Capital.
Obied boasted at various times that he:
Installed Kevin Rudd,
Shafted him and replaced him with Julia Gillard,
And was involved with the Resurrection of the born again KRudd.
 This is the same little Vegemite man who is attempting to sell his labor Mark ll as a NEW Labor Government to a doubting Australian Federal Electorate, and whose connections to Obied are not known to the electorate.

Another interesting event took place last week when Rupert Murdoch suddenly posted his number uno operator to Australia to fire up the Murdoch media operations to destroy poor little Kevvie, perhaps to also snuff out the Labor broadband roll out that threatens Murdoch's Foxtel effort in conjunction with Telstra.

I wonder if any of the cast of The Dirty Dozen have tied up the book and movie rights to this intriging saga as it may be a way to recover any of the Loot that gets confiscated as it continues to unravel.
Precious little chance there though, I guess.

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