Sunday, August 4, 2013


The fact that my predictions concerning this weeks elections result in Zimbabwe were right on the money is no cause for celebration.

Mugabe won the Presidential race with 61% of the vote against Morgan Tsvangirai's 34%.    The House result saw a massive victory for ZANU-PF winning over two thirds of the seats (enough for them to unilaterally amend the Constitution) with their main rival, MDC-T, reduced to a rump of just 50 seats and the breakaway MDC faction wiped out.

So what to the future?    Some further predictions:
  • The remaining 200 or so white-owned commercial farms will be appropriated by the State. Farm production will continue to deteriorate.
  • The indigenization process will gather pace resulting in the exit of western investment replaced by Chinese money and expertise.
  • Unemployment will remain at 90% +/-
  • The countries infrastructure will continue to deteriorate
  • The Reserve Bank will reintroduce the Zim dollar (backed by the countries diamond reserves)
  • Inflation will, once again, run rampant
  • Mugabe will exit stage left to be replaced by ?  
All in all, 'dark' times a beckon.

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Paulus said...

Recently a NZ now ex South African professional returned from Zimbabwe, from where he originally lived.
Whilst there he saw Mugabe on TV thanking the people of Zimbabwe for the birthday gift to him of a newly found Diamond Mine.
This mine is larger than the South African Kimberley Mine one of the world's largest.