Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Of course the obvious bleeding question might be how did it get that far.

Chester Borrows MP from  Wanganui and aa deputy speaker became embriolled in court action culmulating in his being found not guilty yesterday when Justice Kit Toogood came good and did what plod might have done when it happened.

According to published footage on media outlets, a bunch of ferals waving placards blocked Mr Borrows driving his sign written car with now Deputy Prime Minister as a passenger attempting to leave a function. borrows moved slowly and eventually one of the morons came into contact with his car and yesterday he ended up in court on charges of dangerous driving.

Now maybe I missed it but what about charging the ferals with; obstruction, blocking a right of way, nuisance, inciting disorder, threatening behaviour, for gods sake plod was standing right there "watching".


The Veteran said...

I guess the Police in taking the prosecution felt they needed to be seen as squeaky clean that Burrows was the Deputy Speaker and had been previously the Courts Minister and a sworn member of the Police but nevertheless, I still think the wrong person(s) were in the dock.

When protest turns to deliberate obstruction designed to prevent a person going about their lawful business then the protester(s) cross the line and you can argue that the Police (who were present) had a duty of responsibility to arrest the protesters under s42(1) of the Crimes Act.

For their part the Police appear reluctant to appear heavy-handed in their handling of protesters and certainly they tread a fine line when policing protest action but the tools are there and can/should be used when the situation so dictates ... this was one of those times.

Keeping Stock said...

It wasn't Justice Toogood sorry Gravedodger. The judge in question was Judge Stephanie Edwards. Her decision though was bang on the money.

George said...

Should have done the 'protesters' for slander, libel and anything else that came to mind at the time.
Jail time for attempting to stop some-one going about on their lawful occasions.
At least now we know who they are and that 'male' with a sex toy?
Really ???

gravedodger said...

Ta for That KS.