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Friday, November 13, 2009

Enough to Give You The Shits

Adolf is pleased to see Otago University students still have a refined sense of humour.

It takes real genius to come up with a student prank which makes tourists look silly; makes the pompous arses at DOC look silly; takes the piss out of our foolish politically correct fetish with 'environmentalism' and causes Japanese tourists to walk with their knees locked together.

No doubt the dunny at the top of the steep rock face was a long drop.

Monday, July 13, 2009

What Would We Say? What Would We Think?

During the past twenty four months there has been a rash of child murders, gang-related murders, tourists killed, meth related violent crime, racial murders and attacks in New Zealand.

What would happen if the US, Europe, Australia and China issued a continuous stream of adverse travel advisories over a twelve month period, warning their citizens to avoid anything other than essential travel to New Zealand? On the ground the country is unsafe.

If Fiji's experience is anything to go by, then roughly 90,000 ordinary working NZers would be put out of work and would be back to living in what we dare to call poverty.

You see, roughly half the numbers of people who worked in the same industry in Fiji two years ago are out of work today. No dole for them.

Here, we currently employ 182,000 people in the tourism industry. From the department's website:

Tourism Employment:

Tourism supports 108,100 direct and 73,100 indirect (181,200 total) full-time equivalent jobs (9.7% of the total workforce in New Zealand)

What would you say and what would you think of countries which deliberately and falsely persuaded their citizens to refrain from visiting here?

When you've answered that question, you might realise what long term damage we are doing to our reputation in the Pacific. The children of the thousands of Fijian unemployed will grow up with lifelong animosity towards New Zealand and Australia.

And what good have we achieved for Fiji? None.

What benefit have we created for New Zealand? None

What damage have we done to New Zealand? Immeasurable.

Interesting to note today, other Pacific Island countries seem to be quite relaxed about giving the Bainimarama regime all the time it wants to bring about the changes which all sane people know are necessary before elections are held. It is very difficult to fathom out why NZ and Australia appear hell bent on demanding elections at any price straight away, no matter how flawed such an election might be.

The Forum suspended Fiji in May for its failure to hold elections.

The leaders of Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu said over the weekend they support Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s plan and will lobby the Forum to lift sanctions.

Clearly the fuzzy-wuzzies have more brains and common sense than their thuck as pug shut Kiwi counterparts.

(Before all the leftist PC hand ringers start screaming, go and read some history of the Second World War in PNG.)